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Light is a Level 3 Skillchain (or Renkei), made out of the Fire, Light, Lightning, and Wind Elements.

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How to Make This Skillchain

Weapon Skills, Blood Pacts, or Blue Magic w/ Chain Affinity with the proper attributes must be used in a specific order, in quick succession, to create Light:

Weapon Skill Combinations

NOTE: For any Blue Magic interaction listed below, Chain Affinity must be active at the time of spellcasting.

Combinations are listed by weaponskills in order of level obtained, under the headings of the weapons that open the skillchain. The notation "<>" denotes that the skillchain in question is reversible, meaning that if the weapon skills are performed in the opposite order, Light will still be the end result.


Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Hand-to-Hand -> AxesDragon Kick <> Mistral AxeDragon Kick <> Decimation
Hand-to-Hand > PolearmsDragon Kick <> Wheeling Thrust
Hand-to-Hand > Great KatanaDragon Kick <> Tachi: Kasha
Hand-to-Hand > ClubsDragon Kick <> Hexa Strike
Hand-to-Hand > ArcheryDragon Kick <> Arching ArrowDragon Kick <> Empyreal Arrow
Hand-to-Hand > MarksmanshipDragon Kick <> Heavy ShotDragon Kick <> Detonator
Hand-to-Hand > Blue MagicDragon Kick <> Cannonball


Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Daggers -> AxesShark Bite <> Mistral AxeShark Bite <> Decimation
Daggers -> PolearmsShark Bite <> Wheeling Thrust
Daggers -> Great KatanaShark Bite <> Tachi: Kasha
Daggers -> ClubsShark Bite <> Hexa Strike
Daggers -> ArcheryShark Bite <> Arching ArrowShark Bite <> Empyreal Arrow
Daggers -> MarksmanshipShark Bite <> Heavy ShotShark Bite <> Detonator
Daggers -> Blue MagicShark Bite <> Cannonball


Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Swords -> AxesSavage Blade <> Mistral AxeSavage Blade <> Decimation
Swords -> PolearmsSavage Blade <> Wheeling Thrust
Swords -> Great KatanaSavage Blade <> Tachi: Kasha
Swords -> ClubsSavage Blade <> Hexa Strike
Swords -> ArcherySavage Blade <> Arching ArrowSavage Blade <> Empyreal Arrow
Swords-> MarksmanshipSavage Blade <> Heavy ShotSavage Blade <> Detonator
Swords -> Blue MagicSavage Blade <> Cannonball

Great Swords

Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Great Swords -> AxesSpinning Slash <> Mistral AxeSpinning Slash <> Decimation
Ground Strike <> Mistral AxeGround Strike <> Decimation
Great Swords -> PolearmsSpinning Slash <> Wheeling ThrustGround Strike <> Wheeling Thrust
Great Swords -> Great KatanaSpinning Slash <> Tachi: KashaGround Strike <> Tachi: Kasha
Great Swords -> ClubsSpinning Slash <> Hexa StrikeGround Strike <> Hexa Strike
Great Swords -> ArcherySpinning Slash <> Arching ArrowSpinning Slash <> Empyreal Arrow
Ground Strike <> Arching ArrowGround Strike <> Empyreal Arrow
Great Swords -> MarksmanshipSpinning Slash <> Heavy ShotSpinning Slash <> Detonator
Ground Strike <> Heavy ShotGround Strike <> Detonator
Great Swords -> Blue MagicSpinning Slash <> CannonballGround Strike <> Cannonball


Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Axes -> ClubsMistral Axe <> Black HaloDecimation <> Black Halo
Axes -> Blue MagicMistral Axe <> Ram ChargeDecimation <> Ram Charge


Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Polearms -> ClubsWheeling Thrust <> Black Halo
Polearms -> Blue MagicWheeling Thrust <> Ram Charge

Great Katana

Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Great Katana -> ClubsTachi: Kasha <> Black Halo
Great Katana -> Blue MagicTachi: Kasha <> Ram Charge


Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Clubs -> ClubsHexa Strike <> Black HaloBlack Halo <> Hexa Strike
Clubs -> Archery Black Halo <> Arching ArrowBlack Halo <> Empyreal Arrow'''
Clubs -> MarksmanshipBlack Halo <> Heavy ShotBlack Halo <> Detonator
Clubs -> Blue MagicHexa Strike <> Ram ChargeBlack Halo <> Cannonball


Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Archery -> Blue MagicArching Arrow <> Ram ChargeEmpyreal Arrow <> Ram Charge


Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Marksmanship -> Blue MagicHeavy Shot <> Ram ChargeDetonator <> Ram Charge

Blue Magic

Weapon Skills Weapon Skills
Blue Magic -> Blue MagicCannonball <> Ram Charge

Magic Bursting With This Skillchain

The following spells can be Magic Burst with Light:

* Requires Burst Affinity to be active during spell casting. ** Against Undead mobs you can Magic Burst with cure spells.

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