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General Information

  • Ninjutsu is the Ninja's magic skill that allows them to choose to cast from a large list of mob debuffing and character enhancing spells through the consumption of reagents called "tools" made specifically for that purpose.
  • Available only through the Ninja job, but is obtainable though subbing Ninja.

  • A full spell listing with explanations is located on the Ninja page.

Job Skill Caps

Magic Skill Skill Rating Level 37 Level 60 Level 75
Ninja A- 114 203 269

Armor That Enhances Ninjutsu

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Armor Level Slot Jobs
Ninjutsu Earring 35 Ear All Jobs
Ninja Hatsuburi 56 Head NIN
Ninjutsu Torque 65 Neck All Jobs
Stealth Earring 70 Ear All Jobs
Koga Kyahan 72 Feet NIN
Astute Cape 73 Back All Jobs
Ninja Hatsuburi +1 74 Head NIN
Koga Kyahan +1 75 Feet NIN

Other Info

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