Rapid Shot  

  • Occasionally reduces the weapon delay on ranged attacks.
  • This trait will not stack with itself when obtained from a subjob.

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Job Trait

Rapid Shot
Corsair 15
Ranger 15
Blue Mage 38

Armor That Enhances Rapid Shot

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Armor Level Slot Jobs
Beater's Mantle 30 Back All Jobs
Hunter's Beret 54 Head RNG
Mercenary's Dastanas 70 Hands WAR RDM PLD DRK BST RNG SAM DRG BLU
Scout's Jerkin 75 Body RNG

Blue Magic That Affects Rapid Shot

This trait can be activated by equipping two of the following spells.

Level Spell Point Cost
12 Feather Storm 3
38 Jet Stream 4
63 Hydro Shot 3

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