Resist Sleep  

  • Increases resistance to sleep spells and effects.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent afflicted by sleep effects when they do affect your character.

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Job Trait

Resist Sleep I
Paladin 20
Blue Mage 30

Resist Sleep II
Paladin 40

Resist Sleep III
Paladin 60

Armor That Enhances Resist Sleep

Hold cursor over item name for picture.

Armor Level Slot Jobs
Insomnia Earring 50 Ear All Jobs
Elegant Ribbon 51 Head All Jobs
Immortal's Cape 60 Back All Jobs
Cactuar Ribbon 70 Head All Jobs
Koenig Handschuhs 73 Hands WAR PLD
Kaiser Handschuhs 73 Hands WAR PLD
Flawless Ribbon 75 Head All Jobs

Blue Mage Spells That Affect Resist Sleep

Equipping any two of the following spells will trigger the Resist Sleep job trait:

Level Spell Point Cost
1 Pollen 1
30 Wild Carrot 3
58 Magic Fruit 3
64 Yawn 3
75 Exuviation 4

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