ZAM 2010 Premier Site Q&A  

In Part 2 of their Premier Site Q&A sessions, the Square Enix Development team answered two questions from the ZAM team.

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1. Recently, Evolith stones became obtainable from Brown Treasure Caskets in various areas of the game. Since this primarily excludes Treasures of Aht Urhgan and Wings of the Goddess areas due to caskets not appearing in them, what other plans are there to further increase how Evoliths will be obtained?

Our original vision for the Evolith system was to allow for easy and stress-free customization of equipment, and we are aware that the system in its current state has not quite achieved that.

The last version update saw a number of changes to bring the system closer to this vision, and we intend to continue improving the variety and increasing attainability of evolith, including but not limited to addressing the particular areas mentioned.

2. What expansion in the weapons and armor that can be etched for Evolith attachment can we expect to see in the future? Will any existing weapons and armor that currently cannot be used in Synergy be usable in further expansions of the system?

Our first priority is to address those aspects of the system that are currently causing frustration to our players. As one example, the next version update will make it possible to remove individual apertures or pieces of evolith one at a time.

More expansions and refinements are planned for further down the line. As Evolith and Trial of the Magians both feature customization of equipment, we intend to build upon each system in such a way that each will offer players its own unique enjoyments and benefits.

As for equipment, yes, certain existing pieces of equipment will be made customizable in the future. All-new pieces of customizable equipment will also be added. As the level cap increase ushers in stronger characters and new game dynamics, we will do our best to strike the right balance and timing so that players will be able to enjoy a wide range of equipment in the ever-evolving world of Vana'diel!


1. 最近のバージョンアップで、さまざまなエリアの茶色のTreasure Casketからエヴォリスを入手することができるようになりました。 「アトルガンの秘宝」、および「アルタナの神兵」で追加されたエリアではTreasure Casketが出現しませんが、何か他にエヴォリスを入手する方法を検討しているのでしょうか?

Answer: エヴォリスは気軽に付け替えてもらえるコンセプトで企画しましたが、当初の想定とはまだ合致していないと考えています。

前回のバージョンアップで導入した施策は当初のコンセプトに近づけるためのひとつです。 ただしこれで終わりということではなく、質問に挙がっているエリアも含めて、エヴォリスの入手手段や新しいエヴォリスなどを段階的、かつ定期的に導入できるよう準備検討中です。

2. 今後、エヴォリスで強化することができる武器や防具はどのように拡張されますか? 現在、錬成で強化できない武器や防具を強化できるようになりますか?

Answer: まずは必要以上のストレスになっている部分の調整を行っていきます。 次回バージョンアップではその一環として、定着したエヴォリスや紋様を1つずつ消去できるようにする予定です。



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