Port San d'Oria  

Type: City
Region: San d'Oria
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 75
Connected Areas:Airship Jeuno - San d'Oria
Northern San d'Oria
Quests for Port San d'Oria
Mobs found in Port San d'Oria
Items found in Port San d'Oria

Zone TypeCity
RegionSan d'Oria
Level Range1 to 75
Entry Requirementnone
Escapeno escape
Fellowship NPCYes
Final Fantasy XI


Port San d'Oria is minimalistic in its design, compared to the rest of the city. The airships that come in from Jeuno provide a steady flow of trade goods, tourists, and adventurers. The large cargo rooms that sit just off the dock provide storage for all the commerce, both "above board" and below... A tavern, the Rusty Anchor Pub, and a single store attract business from both locals and visitors alike. Within the walls past the dock, the North Auction House can be found, as well as a Mog House entrance and an entrance leading to Northern San d'Oria.

Points of Interest


The Map of the San d'Oria area can be purchased for 200 gil from NPCs in many cities.

Screenshots from Port San d'Oria:

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# May 31 2006 at 10:48 AM Rating: Decent
i am trying to find the pickpocket named Esca. Does anyone know her <pos> please!
Regeina"s magic shop
# Mar 31 2006 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
I went to Regeina's to get cure||, im a level 14 red mage but she didnt have it so where do i go?
Special Event?
# Feb 21 2006 at 7:36 AM Rating: Decent
299 posts
I came running out of Moghouse and spotted a moogle near the steps. Is there a Special Event going on? I didn't read anything about it. What's this moogle's purpose any idea?
Connected to Bastok?
# Sep 12 2004 at 1:52 PM Rating: Decent
53 posts
I see that this site lists Port Bastok as being connected to Port Sandy and I was wondering how this works. Is there any way to travel between both ports? As near as I can tell there is only one Air Ship in each city.
Thanks for the help!
RE: Connected to Bastok?
# Feb 02 2006 at 11:36 PM Rating: Decent
I doubt it's connected. I'm sure that its when you travel to Jueno that you can get to the other Ports.
# Aug 05 2004 at 9:39 AM Rating: Good
ok if you need to turn in the coupon just trade it with the NPC that shows up on your map.

you get 50 gil
# Jul 29 2004 at 11:32 AM Rating: Good
do you get gil when you turn in the coupon? or do you get some item? if gil, would it be enough to rent a chocabo? how fast to chocabos go? around how much do they cost when few people are rideing them?
where do i cash in the adventurers coupon?
# Jun 13 2004 at 8:12 PM Rating: Decent
just started playing. i guess i wasn't too attentive during the opening sequence crap. i think i've talked to everyone in sandy, but i can't find anyone that'll take the coupon. help?
RE: where do i cash in the adventurers coupon?
# Nov 26 2004 at 5:56 AM Rating: Decent
35 posts
Here you will find the right place for questions about "Adventurer Coupon".

--> Adventurer Coupon

Have fun on servers !!!!

Edited, Fri Nov 26 05:59:30 2004
# Jan 20 2004 at 9:52 AM Rating: Decent
Where is a good place to buy spells at for a Black Mage? I found some of my spells in San d'Oria Port, but not all of them. I am only level 7, but there is the Blind and bind spell I would like to get, specialy the bind one :)
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 20 2004 at 12:57 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) kill somw orc spell casters they sometimes drop thoughs spells :)
RE: Spells
# Jan 20 2004 at 12:57 PM Rating: Default
kill somw orc srell casters they sometimes drop thoughs spells :)
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 06 2004 at 8:18 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) lol... some people really are newbs... airship pass is jeuno only, worldpasses are to be used when creating a character, you can join any guild at any level, but you can only get up to a certain level before you HAVE to join in order to continue progress, ect... ect...
# Nov 09 2003 at 4:23 PM Rating: Default
is the fishing guildsmaster located in the port? if so, what are his/her coordinates?
RE: fishing
# Dec 18 2003 at 3:32 PM Rating: Excellent
2,268 posts
There's no fishing guild in San d'Oria. Only in Windhurst. If you want to skill about either 8 or 10 (I've heard both, but I think it's 8) you have to go to Windhurst and join the guild and take the test (accomplished by handing the guildmaster a moat carp.)

Check out the fishing guides for more instructions.
RE: fishing
# Feb 20 2004 at 6:55 PM Rating: Default
Love the knights who say Ni
RE: fishing
# Dec 28 2003 at 11:01 AM Rating: Default
Uh, I don't think there is any fishing guild test. I went to windurst and got into the guild when I had 0 in fishing.
RE: fishing
# Feb 20 2004 at 6:56 PM Rating: Good
Tests are at lvl 10, 20, 30 etc for fishing, like other guilds
# Nov 03 2003 at 9:37 PM Rating: Default
where do you buy airship passes in San d'Oria?
RE: Airship
# Dec 18 2003 at 3:33 PM Rating: Good
2,268 posts
I believe the only way to get an airship pass is to go to Jueno. There is someone there who sells them, or you can quest for them (same guy gives both options.) Also, one of your missions (higher level mission) will give you an airship pass, also.
RE: Airship
# Dec 11 2004 at 3:07 PM Rating: Decent
122 posts
The airship pass is obtained by doing the Rank 5 mission or you can buy it from a npc in jueno for about 550,000.

RE: Airship
# Jun 17 2007 at 6:02 PM Rating: Decent
Actually there is a quest for the Kaz airship - have to do a bunch of key hunting in 3 different areas and then turn them in at Jueno.
RE: Airship
# Dec 11 2004 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
122 posts
Double post

Edited, Sat Dec 11 15:10:26 2004
World Pass!!!
# Nov 01 2003 at 9:51 PM Rating: Decent
1,332 posts
For anyone who needs to know, you can buy a World Pass from an NPC here named Ambleon (located right outside the Mog House at J-10). Price will vary :).
# Nov 01 2003 at 2:46 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Do i turn it in here?
RE: Coupon
# Apr 21 2004 at 10:32 PM Rating: Decent
48 posts
I believe there's a person tucked off near the docks, around I-8 to J-8... He'll give you your cash, or at least he did for me when I didn't pay attention during the opening :-p

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