Stellar Fulcrum  

Type: Battlefield
Region: Qufim
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 75
This Area requires Zilart
Connected Areas:Upper Delkfutt's Tower
Quests for Stellar Fulcrum
Mobs found in Stellar Fulcrum
Items found in Stellar Fulcrum

Zone TypeBattlefield
ExpansionRise of the Zilart
Level Range1 to 75
Entry Requirementnone
EscapeQufim Island
Fellowship NPCNo
Final Fantasy XI


At the peak of the ancient Delkfutt's Tower, the Stellar Fulcrum contains the Chrysalis Core, an ancient crystal powered device that is said to be the key to powering the levitation for the "Gate of the Gods" that will lead to eternal paradise.

Points of Interest


There is no map for this zone.

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fan festival
# Mar 10 2006 at 12:00 PM Rating: Decent
There is a fan festival event taking place here today! wonder what will happen??
# Jul 14 2005 at 12:58 PM Rating: Default
can someone help me get to this place im on sylph
# Jul 14 2005 at 12:57 PM Rating: Decent
can someone help me get to this place im on sylph
# Dec 01 2004 at 7:38 AM Rating: Decent
Went there earlier...if you have sneak/invis, it's pretty easy.

Pretty dull, kinda like the Hall of transferance, but proken down, nad with no apparatuses.
# Jul 26 2004 at 9:46 PM Rating: Decent
586 posts
Yeah, ZM8 boss here.

Edited, Fri Aug 27 20:02:06 2004
this is a high level BCNM
# Jun 15 2004 at 3:45 PM Rating: Decent
199 posts
Its a BCNM arena I believe
# Apr 28 2004 at 10:18 AM Rating: Good
262 posts
This is the location of one of the Zilart Boss fights.
Where is it?
# Mar 20 2004 at 12:22 AM Rating: Decent
3,571 posts
I've ran around Delk's uppoer tower, and never found a way in.
RE: Where is it?
# May 20 2004 at 9:37 AM Rating: Excellent
You go to the same floor that has the NM for the rank 4 mission, follow a tunnel east from the teleporter (if I remember correctly) and through a cermet door (no key needed). Passed the door is a demonic doll, up the stairs incubus bats, and into the next room Johtun (or however it's spelled) stuff. Go through 2 floors like that and you'll find yourself at a teleporter which will takes you to the Stellar Fulcrum.
# Feb 19 2004 at 9:37 PM Rating: Decent
What is this place for?
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