Promyvion - Holla  

Type: Dungeon
Region: Emptiness
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 30
This Area requires Promathia
Connected Areas:Hall of Transference
Spire of Holla
Quests for Promyvion - Holla
Mobs found in Promyvion - Holla
Items found in Promyvion - Holla

Updated: Fri Jul 3 19:16:36 2009

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# May 20 2010 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
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I need help with all the Promy's. I haven't been able to do any because no one is willing to help. Can someone on the Ifrit server please help! Reply to this or if you find me ingame, send me a /tell.

Name: Xehgui
Server: Ifrit
Job: BLU54/NIN27

I am way behind. I haven't played in over a year and just got back on...
Pretty Easy
# Oct 14 2007 at 9:24 AM Rating: Decent
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People give this a bad rap as the toughest of all the promyvions. It's not the toughest, but IS the most expensive in the sense everyone needs holy water and 2 poison pots. Plus anima, everyone needs at least psycho/hystero terro would also be good.

The main reason people lose these fights isn't because they don't have the "ideal" setup, it's that somebody cheaps out or doesn't take <15min. to farm up a recollection. It's sickening, really, when people are expecting a win and you do a n anima count at the spire and people say they magically don't have any.

Anima = Easy win.
# Apr 25 2007 at 7:32 PM Rating: Decent
I did Holla a while ago, but now I am helping out my ls members who did not do it yet, and giving them the chance to fight this thing. Today... we tried twice... and failed twice... *cry*

Party was like this WAR/NIN x2, RNG/NIN, SMN/WHM (me), WHM/BLM, MNK/WAR

We had the strategy all lined out... we get in and he does that crappy AoE ability on the melees that deals like 100+ damage. We get him to 40% health and one of our tanks dies, fast. Our plan was just to die and let the WHM raise us when we are all booted from the battlefield.

Do this... WHM raises... rest up... plan ahead... and we all agree to just go all or nothing on this thing...

Everyone melee uses a poison potion. Go in, and everything is looking great... that is till the RNG dies. Called to use our 2hr. I pull out Shiva and go in and try to use Diamond Dust on it. Starts running after WHM... Shiva cant use it... next time... Shiva readies Diamond Dust... AoE Sleep... Finally, the thing stops, I just use it, and Shiva hits it for over 400 damage. Astral Flow wears off and one of the guys is telling me to use it again, but I can't.

After failing bad my 2hr. I run to the opposite side of the WHM. Thanks use Utsuemi and exchange voke and I am trying to heal them. The WHM is caught with the melee and is hit by sleep. I use 2 Yagudo Drinks and 2 Hi-Ethers to keep myself healing. MNK and both WAR use 2hr, and it bearly makes a dent into his health. MNK gets sapped of HP and dies... the thing grows even stronger... Both WAR die... I die... and WHM just gives it up in the end.

Things I learned:
If you are the SMN in the party... have them use an anima to stop it so it won't rampage around, and if your avatar is asleep, unsummon and resummon again. The sleep and the running makes it hard for SMN to hit.

WHM should use Poison Potion, he has Auto Regen which neutralizes it. That way he can heal other healers (SMN) and give tanks regen and cures.

Make calls to team members of anima. Let them know what that stupid thing is gonna be infected with.

AoE sleep spell sucks BAD. Never seen it so much in one fight. Be prepared for it to happen a lot. It's like a "I want to kill you so bad right now, but all I can do is type "zzzzzz" and when I wake up, IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!" sort of feeling.

Learn from our teams mistake. The only good thing is... that I beat it already so no more AoE sleep from this guy again! But I'd still go back to help anyone who wants it.
5 People P00nage (No WHM)
# Mar 05 2007 at 6:29 PM Rating: Decent
Our LS (Skulls -Vingian) is now 1/1 on this
Our story was an interesting one though

We all got together with about 5 anima's most phsyco, We had some poison pot's and holy water and a few hi-pots but when we got to third floor our WHM D/C'd and never came back, so we thought, ohh well we'll just do our best, and if not then nevermind. So we legged it to the safe room and we spent 30 mins in there figuring out what to do. Luckily one of the WAR's was well prepared and had a Hi-pot tank and ether's and dished them out, 4 Hi-pots each and Ether's to the mages. We all had food, drink and such and when we got in there we buffed up, blink, shadows, food, etc..

Ok Then it was time, First WAR went in a provoked then second, while the RNG used a phsyco, WAR's then use their 2hr's, SMN's keeping people awake from the sleep and RNG spamming arrows & barrage. 80% another pshyco. So now its about 60% and WAR's are still provoking from one and other while the other cast's shadows, RNG also remembering to keep shadows up from occasional hate. 50% both SMN's use 2hr as much as possible and RNG still spamming WAR's still hacking away. Now its about 15% and everone's asleep but me who now has hate, i (RNG) then barrage, WS and then a SMN wakes up, I'm now at 35HP from a Special attack so i quickly 2hr at 10% then die, now it's at 2% and only 1 SMN awake, SMN's avatar finishes it off and its done. Only RNG died, and we were asleep half the time, 5 People ownage, take that Promy-HOLLA.

I think the key to this is definetly the both tanks, 2 smn's and the rng also play a significant part in it. whm can now be dismissed from this, no troubles.

Promy-Holla pwn'd by Skulls 05-03-07. 1/1
Promy-mea pwn's by Skulls 04-03-07. 1/1

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# May 29 2006 at 10:03 PM Rating: Decent
1/1 on Holla.. Little confused I have to admit.
It was a while back but Pretty sure setup was something like:

War/Nin (me)
Pld/War (Galka)

We owned it quite quickly... on the otherhand 0/4 on promyvion mea boss....
# Apr 19 2006 at 6:39 PM Rating: Decent
2,750 posts
To make the map more useful:

First Floor: Blob in the top-center
Second Floor: Blob in bottom left
Third Floor: Blobs in top left and top right
Fourth Floor: Big blob on bottom right (note the space between it and the second floor blob)
Spire: Darkened area, connected to the northernmost bit of fourth floor

Hope this helps =)

Another important tidbit: the mobs can see through and walk through the fences. Be aware of this when navigating the fence maze on floor 2.

Edited, Wed Apr 19 22:27:36 2006
# Dec 17 2005 at 9:10 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, so heart of our LS goes into this bad boy first knowing full well it's the hardest out of the 3 with the following setup

war/nin, war/nin, rng/nin, whm/brd, smn/whm, smn/whm

The fences posed only a minor issue, got through the 2nd level with 2 aggro, 3rd with none, 4th level we're sitting there trying to work out how to get past the second clump of mob's safely when another party comes up behind us, take out 1 mob then sprint for the zone, binding & sleeping as we run...
The fight couldn't have gone easier (anima is not optional, it IS a must), i actually spent half the fight zzzz having lost my poison seconds before it slept me, missed out on setting a new record by about 20 seconds... This with a party that had never done the fight before, 5 of which had never done a Promy before... Big ups to angelous, aara, meldro, zarak & eowyn.

If you are looking to play with people of this calibre our LS is always recruiting... Just keep an eye out for someone with a pearl an they'll point you to a sackholder

# Oct 30 2005 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
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I did all 3 Prommy's a while ago so I don't remember the exact setup. I can tell you what was "different" was that we have 2 beastmaster in our party. I almost left when I did my member serach but the 2 beastmasters are my in game friends.

Most likely she said, "Wanna help me do prommy's?"

Me "Ok"

So yes, the BST part shocked me. Anyway off we go. Totally fun and surprisingly easy. Don't know if anyone has taken BST along for this.
# Sep 07 2005 at 3:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Just to clarify, can the melees use food, or does that fall under the category of "buffs" that will be absorbed? I know, dumb question, just want to know for sure. Planning on doing this on Saturday with WHM WHM BLM RNG RNG PAL SAM.....

Also, the 3k experience gained, is this in scroll fashion, or you just automatically get it on the job you beat the boss with?
RE: Question
# Oct 16 2005 at 12:33 AM Rating: Decent
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My group seemed to be ok using food, at least i did, with my pamama au lait.
Did several runs tonight
# Sep 03 2005 at 8:06 AM Rating: Excellent
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I went in today, doing rounds of ENMs and missions with some buddies. Basically our setup was: WAR/NINx2, RNG/NINx2(me and Maddkid who is excellent), WHM, RDM. Sounds kinda nutty, but definitely the easiest setup I've personally done holla with. We lost the first time, not really used to the fight, and being kind of impatient. For our setup, kiting was really key, and it was pretty easy when we finally settled on a strategy. RDM ES Gravity, and tank 1 begins kiting immediately. WAR/NIN 2 begins rang-damaging (and actually she did a hell of a lot of damage, I parsed it). When gravity wears, generally tank 1 would take a little bit too much damage after a bit. Tank 2 vokes, while tank 1 goes to the entrance far away from the mob to get healed by the WHM or RDM without really upsetting hate at all. Continued this for a while, Rangers following the mob around and trying to maximize damage.

Two important things to remember here; 1) Don't buff at ALL. Really it's just better if no one buffs save for the kiting war's. 2) The wreaker doesn't use his AoE Sleep + Curse move till 25% life. That's when you call people to start keeping poison pots up. For us, this was the point where he spammed the AoE sleep move constantly. Rangers and mages just out of range, doing damage while I'm watching the tanks just keep hate and resist sleep cus of their potions as this move just gets spammed to no end. It was pretty impressive. No 2 hours at this point, just poison potions we'd gotten off of a party who had just failed.

Very fun fight, although it took us 17 minutes. It was definitely full of strategy, and a welcome change from the usual "pray we're okay till astral flow".
# Aug 23 2005 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
I'm pretty sure the boss is doable by four people... five is definitely possible.
Our setup was
BLM/RDM (lv28)
At the beginning of the fight right after I casted my first spell (which was freaking Aero) the thing turns and hits me for 120, 120, crits for 160. BLM's gone. So the PLD tanked it til about 7/10th HP (using his 2hr) but the WHM got lag and he died. The MNK and RNG continued to tank from here on, everyone 2hr'ed, and used the anima as required. Not as hard as I'd expected.
<Incredibly Tough!>
# Aug 20 2005 at 1:53 AM Rating: Decent
Wow! This one is the hardest promy no doubt. All of you PS2 Metal Gear Solid players are very much welcome in this promy.

Party Set Up

1st Floor-
Went easilly. The rng, blm, and one of the wars were promy newbies. So the fact that I chose Holla instead of dem was the first mistake. The other war and I coached the others. Told them about the mobs true sight, difficulty on each floor, importance of anima's. All that good stuff. We quickly found the MR. Told the rng to wipe out all the strays. We proceeded to take down the MR. Go up a level, so far so good.

2nd Floor-
Problem we ran into here was the fences. They are maze like, and while possible to just completely go around them, empty's usually surround these areas. We ended up fighting most of our way through this floor. Be it aggro, or for a clearing. Resting was as frequent as aggro, which was alot. Finally we get to the MR, and proceed to take it down like the first. Off to floor three.

3rd Floor-
Fences we're no longer a problem. But there were a lot more empties roaming around. Danger of linkage posed the biggest threat. We wandered around this area so much, and killed a fake MR. We actually took a break for a few before continuing. Lots more aggro, lots more resting, but we make it to the MR and kill it. WooT! Final floor!

Final Floor-
"Uggh, anyone remember what floor we're on?" Was the first PT chat on this floor. And everyone was unsure. This is how we found out. BTW, anybody wanting to exp in the promyvion's this is the floor. VT-IT galore, even the freakin' wanderer's are Tough and good for chaining.

You'd think we'd learn how to avoid aggro by now, and impatience is what caused aggro everytime. Sure enough we get really bad aggro. Like about 4-5 mobs, all VT-IT. I immediately told the whm to find a safe place. Someone said we're all screwed, when the whm found the castle entrance and zoned. The wars voked everything in their paths, and everyone just ran for their lives towards the zone. I made it with the help of my trusty blue squirrel, and one of the wars made it with very little HP. Everyone else got smoked. The other war died at the zone, and the blm and rng were pretty far away.

Whm goes outside and raises the war. It took some major team work between the whm and I to get to the others. Mobs everywhere. And no trusty melee's to protect us. We found the blm but there was Seether in the way. So I threw Titan at him so the whm could slip past him. Then I rezoned after Titan got whooped. Came back out, and the other war accompanied me fully rested now. Whm and blm were in a safe place. We found the rng. Blm tractored him to safe spot, and whm raised him.

On the way back to the castle, an IT Thinker blocked the path, so I was called upon once more. Let Carby have at it, and we all zoned safely.

If you're still reading this, here is what happened when we actually made it to the boss.

Strategy was discussed. I was the only one with an Anima which was mistake number 2. We were to keep poison up at all times. Whm buffed, I used shining ruby, and frost armor. Whm did not cast Barsleepra, mistke number 3. Melee's, rng, blm, and avatar pound away till at 50%. I Astral Flow at about 40%. Judgement Bolt nails for 470dmg. He drains 200 HP back from Ramuh and defeats him.

Mob spamming AoE now. 3/6 get slept forgetting to reapply their potions, big mistake number 4. One of the Wars goes down, and I think the whm tried to use Benediction to save him but was too late, mistake number 5. I use two Ether's, and Holy water, and resummon Ramuh. I use Hysterioanima, with about 30 sec left on my BP timer, mistake number 6. I get off second Judgement Bolt for 460dmg, rng uses EES for about 210dmg. Wrecker is down to about 15%HP. Wrecker drains 200Hp from Ramuh and defeats him.

I get nailed by sleep while trying to reapply poison potion. Of all the luck eh? Whm is slept also. I think that quite a few members got caught up in the speed of the battle and forgot to reapply potions. Just about everyone is cursed and slept, and I'm desperately trying to get off the Final Judgement Bolt.

Finally I wake up drink two more Ether's, and resummon Ramuh. I engage him and pray that I have at least 10 seconds left on my Astral Flow.
I use it, and it failed. It just failed. I don't know why. Ramuh and I were neither cursed nor slept. He began his animation like he was going to use it and it just didn't go off. The only thing I can think of is that the mob moved just enough out of range, I don't know.

Five seconds later I see the message of bitter doom.

"Vendicts Astral Flow effect wears off."

Anyone who has done the Level 20 mini prime fights has seen this. It was the beginning of the end. Soon afterwards I get drained for about 200hp, then got stabbed by one of the legs and down I went. The rng got eaten next. Followed shortly by the blm, the other war, and finally... the whm. It was the end of very fun and failed mission.

We lost, but we all had such a great time. Everyone has Recollections now, so another run is in order. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I think it is a good experience for people to know who haven't done these promy's. Learn from me and comrades mistakes. This is a good example of teamwork, that just broke down in the end, with some unfortunate luck.

Good luck too all who do this.

Memory Flux
# Aug 02 2005 at 10:25 AM Rating: Decent
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could someone please tell me what the Memory Fluxes are? cause I see them around & have no clue what they do. <.<
Zech's guide to Promyvion-Holla
# Jun 22 2005 at 5:07 AM Rating: Excellent
Hey everyone!

All of this info is first hand experience. I didn't base or copy anything from these forums except for Daleven’s Recollection chart.
I’d like to point out that this is all based on my opinion. Promyvions are great fun! Please enjoy the Promyvions the way you like most, I just wrote this in order to share my knowledge and strategy.
Please use my info on this at your own discretion but please note that some info might be incorrect.

---- Basics ----------
Basic knowledge about lv30 cap Promyvions:
1. Promyvion areas are part of the Chains of Promathia expansion and are accessable from the shattered tele-points at the Crags.
2. Everyone is capped at lv30 inside.
3. Everything aggro’s inside a Promy, linkage too. Invis/Sneak/Deo wont work.
4. There are several levels. You start below and work your way up to the boss. The higher up you go, the tougher the mobs will be. There are 4 floors in total.
5. In order to get to the next floor you need to kill a Memory Receptical (MR). A shiny globe which’ll spawn mobs called “Stray”. Stray can be shot down before entering combat with MR. Once engaged the Stray will attack party.
6. After killing a MR a “Memory Stream” MAY appear. It is random. The stream will take you up. (Black color). There’s always a portal to return back one level, these are white of color.
7. There is a way to get the map which involves killing the NM somewhere on the latter levels (floors).
8. Anima are very important. It’s recommended you have at least several. Anima weakens the boss temporarily.
9. The boss will be on the last level, as well as the Empty Burning Circle.
10. Before entering boss battle you’ll enter an uncapped area to get yourself ready and discuss battle tactics.
11. After finishing Promyvion Mea,Dem and Holla. You’ll have access to all new CoP areas and quests! JSE and all awaits you!

---- Anima ----------
I suggest you organise a small Anima farming party before doing the Promy.

Mobs inside Promyvions drop memories and recollections. With the help of Alchemy these can be transformed into Anima.

These drop frequently. With high level alchemy these can be transformed into Anima. Memories and anima gained from memories can be sold at the AH but its effects are unclear to me.

These are the ones you want, pretty rare drop. There are 3 different kinds in total and all are rare ex. So you can only hold on of one type and can’t trade or sell them.
Take these recollections to Rulude Gardens in Jeuno, to an NPC called Harith. He’s in the house hallway all the way in the back near Maat. Trade them one by one with a fee of 2000 per Recollection. He’ll synth them into Anima for you right away.

Anima will last about 20-30 seconds.
Recollection of Fear ---> Psychoanima: Intimidates boss
Recollection of Guilt ---> Terroanima: Makes the boss run circles
Recollection of Pain ---> Hysteroanima: Seems to prevent its specials

The Recollections are dropped in any lv30 cap Promy. Here’s a list by Daleven:

In Promyvion-Dem:
Wanderers drop Recollection of Pain
Weepers drop Recollection of Guilt
Seethers drop Recollection of Fear

In Promyvion-Holla:
Wanderers drop Recollection of Fear
Weepers drop Recollection of Pain
Seethers drop Recollection of Guilt

In Promyvion-Mea:
Wanderers drop Recollection of Guilt
Weepers drop Recollection of Fear
Seethers drop Recollection of Pain

I suggest to stay at the first level and farm them there, since all three mobs that drop them are present and easiest to kill. Wanderers are weakest of the mobs. If your Anima party is just 2-3 you might want to consider teleporting to a different promyvion and fight Wanderers there.

---- Party set-up -----
Because Promyvions are capped and pretty hard, its recommended you have a strict party set-up. Remember that different rules apply within the emptyness, so some jobs are more useful than others.

This would be an ideal party in my opinion:
1. RNG/NIN ---> This is your guide to MRs. Long ranged attacks are key, starys/boss np for this awesome DD. Best job for Promy!
2. WHM/xxx ---> Get a straightforward white mage for healing. Its his/her job and what he/she’s best at.
3. SMN/xxx ---> Two words: Astral Flow.
4. WAR/NIN ---> Your tank, utsusemi DDs are best inside of Promy.

The other 2 spots are open for DDs basically. I would recommend as much RNG/NINs and SMNs as possible.
On a side note: These jobs are mostly based on the end fight. If the party’s got enough Anima basically ANY job is possible!

---- Promyvion Tactics --------
I will leave this to everyone’s imagination. You can either fight your way to Memory Recepticals (in party of in alliance) or avoid aggro by running around mobs (and deal with them once you do get aggro).

---- Zechiel’s Promyvion-Holla Guide --------
I’m gonna give some guidelines how to do a succesfull run and make it a joyful experience to everyone.
I have done several Promyvions by now so I hope you take a bit of my advice as I’d like to share some of my experience with you.
I would like to stress out that any Promyvion requires good communication and above all TEAMWORK. Especially Holla.
Note that I think Promyvions are great <fun>! However Holla requires <skill> above all to complete; its the worst of the lv30 cap Promyvions.

---- Basic equipment: -------------
1. Warpscroll
2. DD or Mage food
3. Poison potions (several)
4. Holy water (if possible)
5. Anima (if possible)
6. Hi-Potions / X-Potions
7. WHM reraise scroll
8. Basic equipment (lv30 equip, shihei, bolts)

---- Guidelines: -------------
1. I assume you’ve had experience with doing a promyvion. If you dont or have any question; feel free to ask partymembers. Its important everyone knows what they are doing.
2. Listen to what everyone has to say.
3. Be prepared to die. Death will only be a temporary setback. Exp will be gained inside.
4. <White mage> must live at all costs! If the WHM dies, party is over. One DD with provoke should be next to the WHM at all times.
WHM should stay behind any DD. In case of aggro WHM is safe. If mob is too strong, WHM should head to a safe spot and dont heal anyone. Avoid getting hate and aggro. I have no problem giving my life in order to safe the WHM, I hope other DDs do too.
5. <Ranger> should scout on his/her own and tell party when its safe to come. Do NOT walk around as a group if its still uncertain where to go. With a group there is a higher chance of aggro, high chance of linkage.
6. Don’t rush. If you rush you’ll make mistakes. <Mistake> = <Death> Holla is difficult and it will take you some time to reach the upper level.
7. If you get stuck on a level, either by not getting to the memory stream on time or you’ve died. Party should return to the same level. In case you died on a higher level, return to homepoint and start Promyvion over again.
8. If WHM dies and party decides to do it over again. Do NOT stay on one of upper levels. Head back to the lowest floor (through the memory stream) or warp back and take a tele.
9. If party took damage by aggro, dont heal and stay in the middle of the field. Head to a safe spot on the side ASAP and let party rest to full or when WHM says its OK. If the party doesntrest to full on latter levels, you are so scrwd.
10. On the latter levels it’ll be hard to kill mobs since they are IT. Linkage is <death>. Do not take chances. If you get aggro or anything, take the mob away from the party but not too close to other mobs and let yourself KO. You will get <raise> and </praise> if you take one for the team.
11. If <whitemage> believes his/her end is neigh and party’s on one of the latter levels; USE THE RERAISE SCROLL!
The scroll will do no good in the end battle. A second run is not possible since Anima and 2hours have been used. Its back to homepoint if you leave the arena dead.
12. A last run to the castle on the last level is <death>. There is a high concentration of mobs there. It might be possible if you are closeby or another party just cleared the zone for you, but if you get aggro you’ll die running or die zoning. Fastest way there is for a DD to train all the mobs and take them beyond the castle entrance. The DD will die but the party will be safe to make a run. WHM can heal afterwards.
But I recommend getting there the usual way; walk around mobs when the road is clear. Castle position: K-9
13. After everyone is safily inside the castle party should discuss battle tactics and an order for Anima. Its very IMPORTANT!
14. Everyone 2hour the <boss> when its at 30% its health. Just be sure you dont use your 2hour on our way there.
15. Last but not least: Have <fun>! These are guidelines. Everyone reserves the right to play how they like best. I respect that. This is a game after all.

----- Holla boss battle ------
Before entering arena, discuss battle tactics and an order to use Anima.

Anima order:
1. Tank
2. DD
3. SMN
4. RNG
5. WHM
This order is the order of <Death> as you might have noticed. Anima won’t do any good once you’re dead.

Battle tactics:
1. GO ALL OUT! Once beaten you’ll never have to beat it again.
2. Rangers and mages should keep a distance as much as possible.
3. Rangers have a way of stealing hate. Dont overdo damage. Let the tank gather some hate and use your best bolts halfway or so.
4. DD: Don’t rely on WHM healing, when your HP is dropping to yellow, use a Potion immediatly!
5. Dont use your Anima all at once, give them a 15-20 seconds interval.
6. Use poison potions when its at 40% of its health. It’ll use sleep and curse AoE. You dont wanna be asleep while using your 2hour ability!
7. It’ll go berserk when its low on health (25%). It’ll spam its sleep/curse AoE. At 30% of its HP, everyone should 2 hour in order to be sure of the kill.

TIP: Macro your items in like this:
/item “X-Potion” <me>

Well thats about it! Hope this was a bit helpful! Go get those new CoP areas!!
Zech's guide to Promyvion-Holla
# Apr 17 2007 at 11:34 AM Rating: Decent
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3. Everything aggro’s inside a Promy, linkage too. Invis/Sneak/Deo wont work.

Nothing Links in here.. you may have gotten aggro by another mob and assumed that was linking. Just F.Y.I.
RE: Zech's guide to Promyvion-Holla
# Dec 18 2005 at 10:21 PM Rating: Decent

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RE: Zech's guide to Promyvion-Holla
# Jun 22 2005 at 5:54 AM Rating: Decent
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Sounds great, haven't had the pleasure of doing them myself but this will help greatly!

Rate up! ^^
# Jun 04 2005 at 3:29 AM Rating: Decent
Important hint!!!
the drop from all these most cause more agro.. i have done this a quite a few times, w/ only a party of 6, and as long as you drop all the drops, the mobs will not agro as much. Very important for the 4th lv. Fight as little as possible..
for the memory receptical, it is located inside for pillars. If you have your party members position themselves between the mob and a pillar, it will prevent you from getting knocked back 50 yards. I have seen ppl die becuase the whm gets knocked one way, and some1 else gets knocked the other... outside of cure range!!!! Keep every1 close, and by the pillars, and the cures will keep spamming. Plus the knockback effect itself will not interupt casting.
What a rush!!!
# Apr 25 2005 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
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I did it this Saturday with my LS. Party setup:


I guess the walk TO the boss came out to be the hardest part.

First we all got the Fear and Pain Anima. Then we started walking. I don't even mention the MR's as they were incredibly easy. Melee just position with their backs to those pillars on the backside of that warp machine, and that's it.

The two lasts floors were a bit tricky. Patience is the key and stick together.

After the climb, which took the most of our time, we reached and entered the BCNM.

We all poisoned ourselfs and kept us poisoned the whole battle to stay awake.

We had a couple of Hi-potions 'just in case' (we didn't have to use 'm afterwards).

When the mob was at 50% HP everyone (except NIN) used the 2 hour. I stacked mine with Berserk and Souleater. Then we threw our two animas(20sec interval between each player) on the monster. Poof! Boom! Dead in no-time. But oh man, it definatly was cool!!! I really recommend this mission to everyone; the graphics are stunning, the music is cool; the scenery incredible. Yeah, a thrill, a rush! Now, I need to do Mea and Dem! Can't wait!
Pure lack of "convention"
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Due to the fact that my main (and favorite) job is BST, I don't really get invites to Promys unless it's by pals or LS mates. I went here as BST and did alright, but we lost as a testament to farm some d*mn Anima... so close, yet no anima left to help us finish means we went down.

If you do this one, for the love of Pete get yourself some Anima, and learn their effects from this site. The more you know, the better you'll do.

I beat this with:
WAR/NIN (me^^)

This time we used some Anima, but only a couple Psychos to keep it still for Astral Flow while I tanked and a Hystero at about 50% health to keep the fight simple for a short while. We won, but BARELY! This thing killed half the party with a hardcore AoE at the very same time that our 2nd SMN did their 2 hour with Ramuh. Very very close, but we made it.

Just bring antidotes (for AoE poison during the trip up), poison potions, hi-potions, ethers or hi-ethers, anima, and your brains. Hopefully you have an Alchemist or two in your LS so you don't spend so much :P
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Entrance to the castle is at K-9
The Easy Way
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Mea and Dem are cake walks since the patch. I still have trouble with this one and only do it when I'm bored. But I think I have a strategy, although for some reason people think WAR/NIN is only tank possible for this. I disagree. Here is, IMO, the easiest way to trash this place with 6 people (without the hassle of Animas).


Rule #1. Be careful. Careful as hell. Concentrate on the mobs, their distances, what they con, etc. Don't aggro, or you'll die on upper tiers. Be patient too. Wait for MR spawns, clear paths, etc.

That was the only rule ^^.

BCNM Strategy that I am 6/6 on with the above party.

S.O.P. - Tank gets crap food, useless buffs, everyone have Poison Potions, Holy Waters, etc.

Alright time to beat the record on your server.

PLD vokes, RNG's both barrage. Then They EES. PLD uses Invinvible. Bam! Hate Taken care of for rest of fight. Astral flow, have High Ethers. RNGs keep smacking the Wreaker up. Welcome to Tavanazia.

If you are unsure and can't get a party of the above, go craft or something. Wait for the right members. Don't get me wrong, you can do it other ways. I like what works for me.
RE: The Easy Way
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Wait for MR spawns

I believe the MRs don't just spawn... I think that when you kill one, one that was empty activates. I can't confirm this, and on the first floor, it probably does just spawn.
RE: The Easy Way
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i can confirm that the MR's do respwan. i did this lastnight.
we went as: rng/war, whm/blm, pld/war, nin/war, 2x smn/whm. (i was one)

the other smn had to restart his comp cause it was bugging out.
so w waited for him to log back in and then go find another.
then decided to cast invis on everyone and hid behind the pillers
and /sh "owg its about time you came back, but you might have to warp
cause we found a rep for you" and he freaked out. lol >.<.
then we reinvited him and then it poped about 15 mins on respwan time.
but it was on the 2nd floor. idk if the lvl of floors effect the time of
spawn or even if they do spawn at all.

anyway hope this helps, let me know what you think

Server: kujata
elvaan male: mastool
32drk, 28whm, 22smn, 31war,
manthra lol
70rdm, 65blm, 53nin, 41whm, 28brd, 31war, 14bst

Don't be hatin jobs
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I'd like to note that detailed "You have to have JOB1, JOB2, and JOB3, no JOB5 allowed" comments on this promyvion, quite frankly all of them, are null and void, thanks to our little friends at Square-Enix. I beat this as a WAR/MNK, with a war/nin, rng/war, whm/blm, rdm/whm, and a smn/whm. Why? Simple. Animas. Animas are no longer overrated. The drop rate has been increased over the last update, and now a easy party of 6 can hunt recollections first floor with little obstruction. We beat the boss with 2 Psycho, 1 Terro, and 4 Hysteroanimas. Let's recap:

Psychoanimas cause the enemy to fear just about everyone around him, so he is too intimidated to attack.

Terroanimas cause the mob to panic and self-KIT.

Hysteroanimas stop all special attacks. <-- That's the killer.
Edit: removed <br>. <-- hates html.

Edited, Thu Apr 21 09:34:30 2005
Don't be hatin jobs
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lol with Smn + Rng + War/nin you're set up wasn't that bad either.....

Job doesn't matter ?

Come on dude, replace the 3 jobs i told with 3 Drgs, and even with animas it's pointless to try :)
RE: Don't be hatin jobs
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What i mean to say is you at least need a decent party, you can't just flop anything down there. With enough animas, it's easy with say... DRK DRG WAR RNG WHM RDM. One decent "kill job" is all you need.

Edited, Thu Apr 21 09:36:01 2005
holla BCNM
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Ok, I just did Promyvion Holla. These are not difficult. We did Mea with a SMN and Holla with 2 RNGs. You might want to try doing MEA first. That way you can get some memories for refining into Anima for boss fights in the slightly nastier Promyvions like Holla or god forbid, Vahzl. The BCNM fight at the end of this was easy. The key to winning these is GOOD COMMUNICATION! No BS party chat and unequip your linkshell. Set up a rhythm for the fight. Arrange an order to Anima usage. They do not stack. This way 2 of your party members wont use them at the same time and waste the effect. Different Anima have different effects. Some make the NM fly at you and then stop in front of you and apparently fall asleep for a short period of time. Some kill its ability to use TP/AOE attacks. Some make it run in cirlces and do stupid stuff. It's actually quite funny. WE DID NOT BUFF UP WITH PROTECT AND SHELL FOR THIS FIGHT AT ALL! we have heard this sucker absorbs buffs and thus enhances its defense and magic defense. This doesn't appear to apply to blink and stoneskin. The Holla NM spams AOE Curse, Blind and Sleep when it can. Do not bother debuffing it. Melee needs to bring a stack of holy water, a few poison potions and a few hi-potions. Casters need to bring a stack of Echo Drops (as they do for ALL Promyvion runs) about 3 hi-ethers, a couple of Yagudo drinks and for good measure it never hurts to bring a poison potion and a holy water along. Just walk in, buff up, med up, burn his @ss to the ground and keep up the Anima rotation and this sucker won't have a chance in hell. I had a lot of my potions after the NM fight and it only took an hour and a half total. You might consider rolling with people you know and regularly party with and doing more than one at once. Tonight is last last of the 3! Lufaise Meadows, here I come!

I hope you found this information useful.
Determine True Memory from Fake
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Double post -- sorry... the site is slow. o.o';;

Edited, Mon Dec 20 23:58:52 2004
Determine True Memory from Fake
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I noticed while attacking a true Memory Receptacle that the thing takes about 76 points of damage from Carby's Poison Nails. When we fought fake ones, they took about half that. This was consistent throughout the entire fight, as I cast Poison Nails multiple times.

Anyone else notice this? Might be a good way to determine whether its worth to stick around and fight the thing, or move on to the next.
Long winded question
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As you can see from my post count I dont often contribute to the forum but I am normally avid reader^^ However i have a question I would like to pose to those more informed and wiser than myself.

Firstly, thankyou for the link to the map Yobun an awesome and invaluable post; rate up.

Secondly, since the update you certainly no longer need an alliance. Pre-Oct/Dec update linking 5 strays on the 3rd floor was, simply put, death. Now it just saves time, 1 bolt and 1 hit from Gaxe and its dead. My advice as well as others (see posts below) is go as a single pt. I completed Mea and Dem in single pt set ups without death (except mine when I sacrificed myself to avoid a WHM death), unlike the alliances Ive been with when there have been multiple deaths on 4th floor. Also the mobs dont seem as tough post-Oct/Dec update and you can now make a fight of it if you get aggro on the 4th.

Thirdly and finally to the point(thankyou for your patience in taking the time to read this) my main is PLD and as PLD got so much bad press for these missions I play in promyvion as a WAR/NIN. However due to the fact that you cant buff for the NM in the spire as it assimilates blink, regen, protect etc... wouldnt PLD with Vit, Def bonuses and Invincible (plus minor healing capability) be an equally valid choice for kiting this NM?

I look forward to reading your responses.
RE: Long winded question
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I organised over 14 raids, and always prefered PLDs over NINs and WARs in here. They keep hate better, and is your bring some potyions and ethers, you will get even more hate and will be able to last longer without emptying WHM's mana who needs it for the rest of PT...
RE: Long winded question
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I haven't had the opertunity(sorry, can't spell good) to try this particular mission yet but I have beeten DEM. I too am a PLD and out of the full allience I went with, only my party won the boss battle (other 2 partys failed twice and gave up) I was the only PLD in the allience, the other tanks were NIN/WAR or WAR/NIN can't remember for sure. Anyway, I was told my hate control made the difference. I know people say to kite these things around but one mistake and people start dieing. Us PLDs don't have to worry about that as long as a good WHM has your back. To compinsate for our lack of DMG, a RNG does wonders. Also had a brd keeping the mage refreshed and our accuracy up. So, don't be afraid to bring your PLD into these battles, I'm sure glad I did :)
LS for CoP
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Hey !
for those of you guys who tryied them, you may have noticed that Chains of Promathia missions aren't really easy... and since you need to reach ppl with apropriate jobs and that HAVE the CoP expension........ and that are not complete loosers... then Organising a CoP raid can be peticularly painfull...

about 1 month ago, I created CoPalliance to make it more simple...

Anyone who is not a looser and have CoP( :P ) is welcome...

For now, we are trying to concentrate on getting as much ppl as possible to chapter2; 2-3 of us are ther yet...

We have over all, over 40 members, even if most of them are very rarelly putting the perl on; they put it in Mog-house and forget aobut it ><

We need as much active members as possible (less active ones are also welcome)

I've created a Forum for our LS (again, too much ppl are too lazy to even register or visit it... >< But me and some members actually do... I've even posted faqs on it...

I also give perl sack to every members since we need as much memgers as possible.

and btw; this is not meant to be a "primary linkshell"; only a secondary one that you equip when you want to do CoP raids... and stuff related to it...

If you are interrested to join, and you are on Diabolos server and have Expension pack Chains of Promathia, please contact:
Johny (me) ( chapter 2)
Sidien ( chapter 2)
Hicks ( chapter 2)
.... those are the one I can remember ^^
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