Promyvion - Holla  

Type: Dungeon
Region: Emptiness
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 30
This Area requires Promathia
Connected Areas:Hall of Transference
Spire of Holla
Quests for Promyvion - Holla
Mobs found in Promyvion - Holla
Items found in Promyvion - Holla

Updated: Fri Jul 3 19:16:36 2009

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LS for CoP
# Dec 13 2004 at 4:20 AM Rating: Default
40 posts
Hey !
for those of you guys who tryied them, you may have noticed that Chains of Promathia missions aren't really easy... and since you need to reach ppl with apropriate jobs and that HAVE the CoP expension........ and that are not complete loosers... then Organising a CoP raid can be peticularly painfull...

about 1 month ago, I created CoPalliance to make it more simple...

Anyone who is not a looser and have CoP( :P ) is welcome...

For now, we are trying to concentrate on getting as much ppl as possible to chapter2; 2-3 of us are ther yet...

We have over all, over 40 members, even if most of them are very rarelly putting the perl on; they put it in Mog-house and forget aobut it ><

We need as much active members as possible (less active ones are also welcome)

I've created a Forum for our LS (again, too much ppl are too lazy to even register or visit it... >< But me and some members actually do... I've even posted faqs on it...

I also give perl sack to every members since we need as much memgers as possible.

and btw; this is not meant to be a "primary linkshell"; only a secondary one that you equip when you want to do CoP raids... and stuff related to it...

If you are interrested to join, and you are on Diabolos server and have Expension pack Chains of Promathia, please contact:
Johny (me) ( chapter 2)
Sidien ( chapter 2)
Hicks ( chapter 2)
.... those are the one I can remember ^^
Labled map
# Dec 11 2004 at 12:13 AM Rating: Excellent
83 posts
I finished lableing the memorys and warps in this zone. the labled map can be found here
(How) (Where)
# Nov 19 2004 at 2:40 AM Rating: Decent
So how does one get to this place, if it is a quest is it a BCNM? Do i need to beat all Promyvion to get to the other new areas from the expansion?
RE: (How) (Where)
# Nov 21 2004 at 5:43 AM Rating: Decent
K heres how you get the whole Promyvian thing started.... and a bunch of other hopefully useful tid bits.....
1) Go into Delkfutt's Tower, get cs as soon as you walk in of a buncha dudes finding that mysterious gray skinned white haired boy. It's a cool cs.
2) after that go to jueno and zone up to Upper Jueno
and get another cs of some more stuff with the kid.
3) then go to infirmary in jueno (forget where its a big house in lower or upper jueno i think >.<) Youll get a strange amulet or somethin, key item.
4) Then, im pretty sure u also have to go to the guardpost in rurlude gardens, jueno. From Ruulude AH go down path away from AH and go left when u can. guard post is rite around there it says it on the door I think. get last cutscene. Yer good to go to a Prom.

Now, you can go to any of the Dem, Holla or Mea crags and find the shattered telepoint crystal. Go up to it and "examine further" youll be taken inside the Hall of Transference. Here if u had come from another Promyvian that you did not succeed at, you will need to erase your memory using one of the big contraptions to the left or rite of the stairs up to the big door. Thats all i can figure out about them anyways. If this is your first prom or you just beat another one you dont need to worry about it as far as i can tell.

****Bring level 30 and below gear, theres a cap as soon as u go thru that big door. I have yet to do this one, Holla, but they are all very similar. Now you go in to fite empties who show weakness via their colored/glowy center. You must go up 3 floors fiting Memory Receptacles to ascend these "floors". Some MR's are fakes. (kill strays before u teleport, and if youve gotten this far you better have at least a 12 person alliance). Bring an even 12 or 18 ppl for boss. I've got a boss thing my party did posted on the promyvian dem thread which also worked great for mea boss, probably holla too.
PS if you find a memosphere or a Recollection of guilt pain or fear you can turn them in for a map or an anima. To get map trade the memosphere (rare/ex) to the ??? somewhere on 2nd or 3rd floor, have yet to find it. I read its guarded by a fair amount of tougher empties. To get an anima: get, say, a recollection of pain (rare/ex) and turn it in to the dude in the archdukes residence entry hall. He originally says something like "hmm... Emptiness... possible weakness". He's in a hooded robe of some sort, looks like a blm staring at a painting of a ship. Trade him a recollection of pain and 2k. Wait 1 real hour and come back and speak to him. He will give u a hysteroanima, specifically used to disable the bosses tp. ive heard hi level alchemy can make this as well. But, you get a different anima for trading a pain, guilt or fear. One of them makes him run around like a freaked out little b**ch. Animas are great, i highly recommend them, youll need all the help u can get.
PPS with yer partyies, try a whm war/nin, war/nin, ranger, blm and another ranger, dd, smn or somehing good for droppin a mobs hp, hopefully not a melee in this case >.<. This isnt neccessary but its a great set up, mainly for all the utsusemis youve got at your disposal, youll need em for the boss. However, Ive gotten away with two war/mnks instead of blink tanks before and it worked.
The anomaly that held victory!
# Nov 12 2004 at 10:07 PM Rating: Decent
Well, considering I spent ~60k on Holla fights (Eight attempts -_-, last one winning though!), I decided to throw my two cents into this. First off, we had a pretty good party set up;
Smn/Whm (Me! :D)
Anyway, after getting all the way to the boss and zoning in, the only buffs besides food we used was a single protect on the Paladin. The Ranger said he had some Curry, which was “The second highest Attack Up in the game”(He used Eagle Eye Shot during one of the last Memory Receptacles and thus had no two-hour). Don’t know exactly what that Curry was, sorry guys :/ Well, after the Paladin and Warrior engaged the Thinker familiar, the White Mage started breakin’ out his cures. For some random reason I was against using my two-hour at the start of the fight. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ><!!!! I cannot stress this enough. The only reason we all didn’t die was because the White Mage and myself shared curing duty. He’d cure and then rest while I cured. While this was going on the Ranger and Black Mage went on nuking all Hell onto the Thinker and yadda yadda. Near the end, when it had ~//----- health left, I screamed, “I’m starting my two-hour!!!” used a Yagudo Drink, summoned Ramuh, did Judgment Bolt and…the Thinker died >.>

Summery; Do what you did in all the regular fights (what everyone says regarding poison potions and such), except the White Mage and Summoner have to heal for the start of the fight (Summoner two-hour is still very much required). I’ve tried this fight eight times, and pretty much the only difference between them other than the obvious, different party members, were the extra cures I provided that kept everyone alive. If this doesn’t guarantee victory…you probably didn’t bring enough potions or something (The Paladin did spam Hi-Potions near the end…). Good luck to everyone and see you all in Tavnazia! :D

RE: The anomaly that held victory!
# Nov 15 2004 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
329 posts
Note on Astral Flows that cost me my second run on this (which you obviously got right :) ): it's just like being a BLM. Watch the color of the boss and use the Astral Flow that beats that element. On my second run my party had two SMN, and they both couldn't kill it at the end despite using a total of 4 Astral Flows. Why? The boss was Water at the moment and one used Ifrit and the other used Leviathan. I've never seen an Astral Flow do so little damage. >_< If only I hadn't had my damage output filtered..... I was on my WHM, trying to focus on only the damage I had to heal.

Edited, Sat Dec 10 02:45:37 2005
# Nov 05 2004 at 11:07 PM Rating: Decent
damn could that map suck anymore? ?=P
RE: map
# Nov 10 2004 at 2:17 AM Rating: Default
actually, if you know how to read it, it's quite useful.

those 'blobs' are actually the different floors.

I'd imagine if you took the time to mark down the positions of all the MRs, it would be insanly useful.
# Oct 30 2004 at 7:35 PM Rating: Decent
I did this with one of my LS' today, and you can easily thrash things up with two parties. Keep a cool head, and let RNG+BLM's nuke the hell out of the receptacles while everyone else beats on strays, you're good to go, hour and a half tops.

The BCNM fight is most easily done with RNG RNG RNG RNG RNG WHM though =P. But seriously, SE should recalibrate the abilities of these Promyvion bosses. We each had a party go in. The first one was WHM BLM SAM PLD RNG NIN. They were a bit rusty though, and died fairly quick. Our party was PLD RNG WHM BST BST BLM. This party certainly doesn't sound very effective, and that's because it isn't.

HOWEVER, you most certainly can do the final bosses with these jobs. In fact, had we planned our attack better and used more than one anima during the fight, we would have won. If you don't go the route of major damagers such as RNG and BLM in large amounts and have a diverse amount of people with jobs, the only thing you need to make absolutely sure is that everyone has their 2 hours ready for use for the final battle.

You can get this thing down to a good amount of its health without them, but a Wreaker hits hard and mercilessly, so you have to have everyone working on the moment with no impulsive actions. It also has smarts, and will seek out members who try to rest during the fight, so don't even bother doing anything tricky with the sleep status.

Just remember: Devastating 2 hours and Anima are your biggest allies in the final fight, though if you feel like being snarky go and murder this place with 5 rangers and a whm, because 10 ranged WS and 5 EES' is a beautiful thing to see.
# Oct 22 2004 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
LOL all the mobs have true sight and ALSO i did it with a
MNK/WAR < --me
# Oct 18 2004 at 3:12 PM Rating: Decent
I beat both mea and dem and dem was toooooo weak x5 (probally bc i did with JPs) but i was with a rng who did them all but mea and we beat mea with him but he said it was the harest of them all. He told me for holla I wil need posion potions and i dont need anima if the pt is good.
But just so i dont waste hours if i lose im j/w... how do i get anima? plz post message or /tell Brittni on siren server


Siren Sever

My Carbuncle will bust your eyes out!
# Oct 13 2004 at 8:40 PM Rating: Decent
i just wanted to no me and this lv 44 RDM were going to get along with others to do these and we wanted to no what level u should be to get to tht meadows place because tht is the only reaseon we want to do this. please help us out and by thwe way my hioghest charecter is 30
our method to victory
# Oct 13 2004 at 4:27 PM Rating: Decent
89 posts
my linkshell attempted Promyvion - Holla for the 2nd time last night and this time my party won! we had a 2 party alliance to get through. we've found that more than that can be a headache with constant aggro.

Getting to the Spire
i can not stress this enough. do NOT leave anyone behind!

Clear paths for travel. the Empty don't last very long against a beating from an alliance. if you are making a dash to the next safe spot and get aggro keep running with it to the safe area you're shooting for. my alliance made the mistake of stopping to fight the first time we attempted promyvion-holla and we ended up with 7 dead after constant aggro.

Fighting the MRs is a lot less difficult than it's made out to be. have blm, rng/nin, thf/nin and/or nin/x pummel the MR at such a range where they are JUST able to hit it. This way the MR can not blast you with empty seed. the times it does hit: make sure utsusemi is up and you will have no problems. while they pummel the MR have your warriors, drks, sams, etc. slaying the strays. when the MR is about 10% left in life have your blm rest to get MP for sleeps.

blm, rdm, brd should be the last ones through the teleport. they can sleep every stray in range and this leads to much less frustration having to go back.

MRs do not have any particular elemental property.

When you get to the final floor do not think it's a good idea to just make a break for the spire. our alliance made the mistake of doing that last night and we ended up with 6 people making it. we went back and had a tractor > raise party. these are the kinds of things that make it fun in my opinion :)

The Promyvion-Holla BCNM
our party setup was this

SMN/WHM (me)

Items i brought:
2 x Yagudo Drink
2 x Holy Water
1 x Hi Ether
1 x Scroll of Instant Reraise
All 3 of the Rare/EX Anima

i suggest everyone bring holy water, reraise scroll, poison potion (i didn't bring them because of my need to rest MP during astral flow), and AT LEAST one anima. The Holla BCNM is virtually impossible to clear without everyone having it.

we set an order for using our anima and then we buffed when we entered the BC and we had the nin tank cancel all buffs. i cast Aerial Armor for the drk and the mages. The NIN only had utsusemi and reraise up and he then provoked and kited for the duration of the fight. i popped a yagudo drink and hit Astral Flow with Leviathan (it was watersday and we found that the BCNM doesn't have any elemental property). I time astral flow well enough that i got 3 of the Mega Attacks in during Astral Flow and i'd say i took out about half of the BCNM's life.

When he gets down to about 10% he starts spamming AOE curse/blind/sleep so make sure your mages stay clear. Curaga is priceless here (so is benediction if it's up) when you're awake pop a poison potion and holy water to keep yourself going and this is when RNG can finish it off with a good barrage or Eagle Eye Shot.
Alliance? Why?
# Oct 07 2004 at 8:41 AM Rating: Excellent
40 posts
Hi all just a quick post to let you know that an alliance is NOT needed for any of these missions at all and in most cases makes them much harder because you are worrying about 18 ppl getting throught the ports as opposed to 6 I have completed all the 30 cap prom missions and Holla x 2 with 1 PT each time some jobs are definately more suited to the BC than others but if you want to go as a single PT and avoid aggro from all the strays I am going to give you a very big tip and one very useful piece of info.
The tip is for a pt of 6 ppl attempting this alone is to have at least one SMN in the PT this is not purely bcs their 2 hour is godly in the BC its more practical than that.
The best thing i found that helped my PT more than anything was to have the SMN cast Ramuh just as the MR (Memory Receptacle) is dead/dying Ramuh for all those that havent played SMN has an AOE attack that timed right will claim every Stray at the MR and use Ramuh as a whipping boy letting your PT walk to freely port in saftey.
These missions can be a true drain on time and patience my other tip is now you know an alliance is NOT needed do this with friends your temper will not fray as much and your experience in these hell holes will be sweeter for it.
on the 4th floor any mob without some crazy link a semi decent PT can destroy without breaking a sweat or resting MP afterwards so careful treading is recommended as a 1 PT group.

A note to the wise I will not knock any jobs as being bad/stupid/waste of space ETC but is sheer Fact that some jobs really cant function to their best in the BCs so pick carefully and have fun.

Really hope this helps some of you guys/gals that are worried about ending up in an alliance that for the best part of 4-5 hours that does nothing but argue and get you killed.

I would love to read other peoples opinions on my post good or bad, but it does work folks just patience is key to winning this thing. Good luck I look forward to reading your replies.

See you in Lufais Meadows

Stocky, Sylph.

how to do it
# Oct 05 2004 at 4:45 PM Rating: Decent
Heres what my husbands link shell did to beat this...WITH ONLY 9 PEOPLE! later it was only 8 people cause one had to leave.

They had a set up of 2 DRK, 2 WHM, RDM, 2 PLD,MNK

They went slowly at each recepticle starting off with a mass barrage of any ranged attack they could. Magic, Bows, whatever. They would take rests when MP was needed and have one person keep the recepticle claimed so it didnt regen health.

When the recepticle had less than half of its health left the two PLD and the monk pulled the strays in and cleared them out of the way while the two DRK ran in and barraged it with Melee attacks and WS attacks. The drk would allow themselves to take ONE empty seed blast from the memory, run back attack it some more, then when it blasted them a second time they rested while the now somewhat healed MP mages and such went back to ranged attacks.

This worked well for the first two recepticles.

The third recepticle by luck, they found 5 other people on that floor with no PT, and allianced with them. That adds another whm, 2 rng, 1 war and 1 NIN.

This is where it got so bad....they defeated TWO recepticles that were fakes on the 2nd floor which made morale go down alot. But the thir recepticle couldnt have the same plan used on it due to its massive amounts of strays.
it was RANGED ONLY. and they literally had no problem whatsoever, its health was dropping fast and they never aggroed more than 1 stray.

This was sadly lastnight when all the servers were DC'ing people...and yes...half of them got dc'd....came back...fought it again...had it down to a sliver of health...DC again.
then finally they get back again...and all end up dying from strays...one WHM lived and raised them all.
The server was on their bad side now.

But they beat the recepticle and moved on to the boss.

The main PLD tank induced poison, Paralyze and blind on himself, knowing that this MOB is a buff stealer...and sure enough it caused the NM to be paralyzed, posioned and blind....it was a piece of cake from there, they each used Anima's and kept up on poisna, antidotes, holy water and potions we needed....and quickly the NM was dead.
The 2nd party...we never heard from so i assume they died or Dc'd...but they did this all and defeated the NM with a set up of
Mob Level changes
# Sep 29 2004 at 5:16 AM Rating: Decent
197 posts
Just a bit of information to everyone, the strength of the mobs here depends on the amount of people in your party/alliance. Don't believe me? Get to the fourth level of any Promyvion with your full party/alliance, the mobs will con as IT-IT++, leave the pt and check it again, you may have to zone into the Spire, not sure, but they will all of a sudden drop to T-VT.

Edited, Wed Sep 29 06:16:57 2004
RE: Mob Level changes
# Sep 29 2004 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
I had not heard this theory, although it would be interesting to try. Cause honestly, 18 people is a BIG mess to deal with. And I believe you can attack monsters other people are attacking anyways. I mean at least the memory recepticles. cause my alliance helped another party kill it. Perhaps 3 solo parties, .... walking together might be easier.
RE: Mob Level changes
# Oct 09 2004 at 9:29 AM Rating: Decent
197 posts
We did just that when we went through with a Japanese party. The fights were easier cause we would call for help on the empties, and everyone can attack the MR's, even if not in your alliance/party. Everything was so much simpler.
# Sep 28 2004 at 8:55 PM Rating: Default
Ive attempted this many many times. seems that its incredibly tough. well i need to know how to kill NM -.- since i always die on last floor cuz my pt is so impatient /sigh anything will help!
# Sep 28 2004 at 5:51 PM Rating: Decent

I only have one thing to say about the post by Rujind.... shove it up your ***.... seriously... the information you gave us is somewhat helpful... but your flaming posts are unnessicery..... I am a drg... and yeah... i realize, we are not looked up at... but that is all the more reason to bash at us right? shutup... you sicken me... you bring dishonor to bards... EVEN IF... drg is not a good job... for a promyvion or bcnm.... your crap about us, drks, and bsts is... worthless... Drk, Drg, and Bst are very good jobs... and to have people who think the know good stuff about the game.... you are full of it.... I am not saying i know more than you... nor am i trying to act like a n00b who has nothing better to do than complain about posts and job classes... (hey sounds familiar) or even contradicting your information... but i am heavily disagreeing with what you said... honestly if u feel the need to flame... go watch the chippendales..

enough said..

Edited, Tue Sep 28 20:08:10 2004
RE: hmmm
# Oct 01 2004 at 5:30 AM Rating: Decent
Kieron I just wanted to ask you how you like you DRG. I am a 39 DRG and I am being told that noone will want to party with me once I hit 50. Have you heard of this too.

# Sep 27 2004 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
Hmm... not sure that Requiems actually stack. They are similar to Dia and Dia II. Group buffs do, debuffs I'm not so sure about. You can do a Requiem + Elegy...

btw, we did this one last night. A real blast.

Edited, Mon Sep 27 14:14:57 2004
BST bashing? Still?
# Sep 27 2004 at 11:54 AM Rating: Decent
68 posts
I thank you for this helpful guide, but I realy didn't appreciate the comment about BST. I am a BST and I have helped many people and pt'd with many ppl as a BST. I really don't think it's necessary to Blist us and tell us off.
How to win at Promyvion
# Sep 27 2004 at 6:12 AM Rating: Default
How to win at Promyvion

The following instructions will help you win at any of the level 30 Promyvion missions.

I. What is Promyvion? Promyvion is Chains of Promathia mission 3-4. I myself have not made it to Dynamis yet, but I have heard lots of people say "this is like Dynamis." You can access Promyvion by getting 4 cutscenes. The 1st by zoning to Lower Delkfutt's Tower, 2nd at Upper Jeuno, 3rd at Upper Jeuno Infirmary (you get key item Mysterious Amulet here) and 4th at Ru'Lude Gardens at the Guard Post inside the palace (door on the left). Then you can just teleport to Dem, Holla, or Mea and enter at the Shattered Telepoint. Once inside, you'll click on the Left Apparatus to enter Promyvion, and obtain your lovely level 30 cap.

Promyvion is made up of 5 areas. 4 of these areas are wide open, full of alien monsters. These guys can be a real pain, because every one of them uses some type of AE. On the 1st 3 levels, there are "Memory Receptacles" that you must find and destroy. Sounds easy, but they're surrounded by mobs that respawn VERY quickly and you can't melee the orb. L O L. The last area of Promyvion is an extremely difficult BCNM fight. Yes - you enter Promyvion with 3 full parties of 6, but fight the boss with a single party. :{

NOTE: If you enter a Promyvion and leave it (fail or otherwise), you must "erase your memory" at the same Promyvion before entering a DIFFERENT Promyvion. You do this just by talking to the Large Apparatus again. Cake. You do not have to do this if you're doing the same one you just failed. You enter at the Cermet Gate instead of the Large Apparatus in this case.

II. Party Setup. Invited a Taru WAR/MNK to your alliance? You lose. Save yourself several hours of wasted time, disband, and go craft. This is *THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF PROMYVION.* You have to treat this like a BCNM - you can only invite certain jobs. No ONE under 30. We had a 27 Ninja who gained a total of 23% TP at the boss fight. Useless. Here's what I can tell you about each job, and this info is based on the BCNM fight, not the other levels of Promyvion:

Summoner: One of the BEST jobs for this. Two words: Astral Flow. And the sub WHM helps a lot. YOU CANNOT, HOWEVER, INVITE A SUMMONER AND EXPECT THEM TO PLAY A WHITE MAGE. NO.

White Mage: Very useful job. I would say they are required, but I beat Promyvion Mea without a WHM (he left when we got to the boss, replaced with BLM, and won, without any 2 hours). Should use Dia, Slow, and Paralyze if theres no RDM.

Black Mage: Another very useful job. Sub WHM, please. Thanks. Stick Blind if possible. If you're in a good party, Magic Burst. ;}

Ranger: Probably the most important job. Damage, damage, damage. RNG/WAR is nub, RNG/NIN is win.

Red Mage: I've yet to win with a RDM in my party. But I can see how they would be a good benefit to the BCNM. The boss fights are nearly impossible without debuffs, and RDM are the best at this. Slow and Paralyze are *REQUIRED,* and you should use Dia as well. No need for Silence.

Bard: This is the job I play in Promyvion. I can tell you I suck pretty bad at Bard. I have problems getting buffs up as a WHM so you can imagine me as a Bard. I actually kinda hated playing Bard until the Promyvion BCNMs. I get to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, and I have to say it's pretty fun. This is the only job that can give MP regen at this level, but I can't say that MP regen is necessary. I use a Gemshorn +1 which has Mambo+2, and used Mambo and Minne 2 on the tanks. After the fight, the tanks always tell me how much Mambo helped out, saying they got missed a LOT. I can't confirm the usefulness of Minne, but Minne 2 adds 20 defense. Since I don't play Bard (only leveled it to play with a friend) I don't have etudes, so I kept Mambo on the mages too. I also Diaed, and used Reqiuem 1 and 2 (they stack).

Ninja: Pretty much required. Main or sub. Utsusemi is so very important here. Low end Ninja equipment pretty much sucks though. If someone tries to come as something beside NIN/WAR, blacklist them. OK don't, but tell them to shut up.

Warrior: ONLY as WAR/NIN. Probably better than NIN/WAR because WAR/NIN will do more damage. Sucks that the good axes are level 31 though. :\

Thief: No.

Samurai: No.

Monk: No.

Dragoon: LOL no.

Dark Knight: ROFL no.

Beastmaster: Blacklist all of these and tell them to go play offline RPGs.

Paladin. Eh. Not going to be near as useful as a blink tank. Could probably be the back up tank, but not without a BRD and drinks.

As you can see, theres only certain jobs you can invite. A good party setup is to have 1 main healer, 2 tanks (rng/nin is a tank), 2 damage jobs, and 1 something helpful. Mix together for a win. Before you go thinking I'm crazy, read my helpful tips on the BCNM fights.

III. Preparation. Of course, it's best to get people you know. But most of the time you're gonna have to shout around for recruits. Make sure everyone has seen all 4 cutscenes, and have had their memory erased if necessary. Don't get useless jobs and try to get good party setups. BRING FOOD AND DRINKS. You'll need to bring other items like Potions and Antidotes, etc. for certain Promyvion bosses (read below). Shade equipment isn't necessary, but it helps a lot. Someone in our alliance said he was doing an additional 20 damage every hit because of Empty Killer. I don't know which pieces or how many pieces he was wearing. You should also explain what exactly you're doing so people don't do things like try to melee the Memory Receptacles. Don't always expect everyone to know.

IV. Promyvion levels 1-4. From my experience, there is little to no different between Promyvion Dem, Holla, or Mea. The scenery is a little different in each (Mea is probably the coolest, but the windmills in Dem are really neat), but the only real difference I saw is that Mea has an extra mob called a Craver. These guys have horrible AEs, don't fight them if possible. They have a bad poison. The only other monster that really sucks is the Weeper, which does AE silence. The range doesn't seem to be too huge, so mages can easily avoid it. So far every mob in Promyvia does some sort of AE, and sometimes they will do a damage AE. I've seen people down to 100 HP after this. So here's the rundown:

Level 1: This area is very small, and there is only 1 Memory Receptacle. Everything here is easy prey. Normally, while waiting for the rest of the alliance, people come here and farm the mobs for memories and rare/ex items.

LEvel 2: The mobs have moved up a level, but it is still very easy. You should have no problems here. There are severel receptacles on this level, but only 1 is real.

Level 3: This is where things can change. You'll need to be a bit more precautious here. Things should be somewhere between EM and VT checks. Again there are several receptacles on each level, only 1 is real. This is the last level you will need to kill a receptacle, and it can be the hardest part of Promyvion levels 1-4 if not done correctly.

Level 4: Look for a huge building. Technically, you could just run through here and train everything to the zone, but that's not exactly recommended... until the building is in sight at least. :P Mobs here are IT+. Be damned careful, it takes 10 seconds to completely wipe here if you're not doing it right.

Memory Receptacle fights: NO ONE, WHOSOEVER, MAY TELEPORT UNTIL ALL STRAYS ARE DEAD. NO ONE, WHOSOEVER, MAY TELEPORT UNTIL ALL STRAYS ARE DEAD. NO ONE, WHOSOEVER, MAY TELEPORT UNTIL ALL STRAYS ARE DEAD. I cannot begin to stress this enough! If you do not do this you will have wasted yours and everyone elses time. Have your ranger(s) use widescan to find the receptacles, and clear the area around them if needed. Melee cannot attack the orb, so you the RNGs, BLMs, and SMNs avatars should take care of it, while the rest of the alliance kills Strays. Strays respawn VERY QUICKLY, so killing them might not even make sense to you, but you will certainly have to. The Memory Receptacle has a knockback + damage AE (which is actually REALLY fun if you want to see your character pull some Matrix crap) so meleeing is pointless. After you see "Energy Seed," you may run up and cast spells or do whatever is needed, then back up ASAP. I used both my Requiems as a Bard on the receptacles as soon as Energy Seed went off, and still got hit with the next seed even though Requiems are like instant cast spells. BUILD YOUR TP WHILE THE RECEPTACLE IS ALIVE, and use it after its dead on the remaining Strays. This is another thing I cannot stress enough. It's not as important on level 1 and 2 because things are pretty much a cakewalk there. But level 3 is a little different. Spam your TP and nukes on the Strays after the orb is dead and immediately jump on the portal. DO NOT try to sleep the Strays and teleport. Waste. Of. Time. I have done around 10 Promyvions, and when people don't kill the strays, half the alliance dies because they're trying to teleport while getting attacked. Agro will NOT let you teleport. On level 3 it is very hard to sleep things, so just do everyone a big favor and take the above advice. There is no reason to have half the alliance left behind or dead, with barely any party members on the next level. Yes, the portal is open for only a very short amount of time, but if you save your TP and make everyone team up on the strays, you will be just fine. It's *probably* safe to use AE spells at this point, but DON'T get yourself killed.

The only other advice I can give you is to try to avoid as much agro as possible. Everything agros to sight so far, but Invisible won't work. Try to keep everyone in a compact group when traveling in the higher levels - something I made my alliances do is, when we're at an iffy spot where there's a real good chance we'll get agro when running by, get to the safe spot past that mob, then stop and wait for the rest. When you've got 18 people running in a pretty much single file line, that covers up a lot of space meaning more chances for agro. This method is simple, and if you DO happen to get agro, you just pull your agro to the safe spot, kill, continue.

Levels 1-4 are actually very easy, just tonight I got to the boss fight in 30 minutes using everything I've said above. Now, the boss fights are a completely different story...

V. Promyvion BCNM Fights. Oh. My. God. So you take about 2 hours getting your alliance together, and finally make it to the entrance of the Promyvion, only to take another few hours getting to the BCNM. Finally, when you're there, you lose. Again. And again. Sucks, don't it?

These boss fights are no joke. They can be really freakin' hard. You're tanks pretty much require Utsusemi. Rangers WILL be tanks. It's also a good idea to have two tanks instead of one (at least a blink tank and a rng/nin) so they can swap agro. You're going to want more than 1 person that can cure, hopefully like 3. DEBUFF. DEBUFF. DEBUFF. Dia, Paralyze, Slow, Blind. If you have a SMN, they can use Thunderspark. This stacks with paralyze, so you can have DOUBLE paralyze. Also, you should probably wait till the boss is atleast 1/2 dead before using 2 hours. Just don't wait too late. Now here's what I can tell you for each Promyvion boss fight:

Dem: The 1st half of this fight is easy. This boss does not use any AEs! And just when you're thinking "wow this is easy," he start spawning Offsprings on you. Yay. I'd have to say Summoner is probably required for this one if any, since Astral Flow is AE. Really not much to this fight.

Holla: Ouch... AE sleep, AE blind, AE curse. Loves to use a HP drain attack than I've seen do around 300. Yummmm. I've heard many say this is the hardest Promyvion fight. I hear of people using poison potions on themselves to counteract the AE sleep, but my party won without doing this. Instead, we just have 1 of the mages sit away from the other ones so that someone always avoids sleep. Wake people up IMMEDIATELY. This is one you'll really have to save your damage 2HRs for because of its drain attack. It will spam when its low HP, you'll need your 2HR to finish it off before it drains again. I can't really say whether to worry about Blinda and Cursna, it seems after its 1/2 dead you need to just kill it as fast as possible while keeping people alive. I won this fight with WAR/NIN, WAR/NIN, BRD/WHM, SMN/WHM, WHM, and BLM. One tank died, then the next, Summoner uses her last Astral Flow for the kill..

Mea: Heh, apparently SE likes to mess with us. This boss is absolutely ridiculous. You can't stand and fight it. Someone must be kiting it around at all times. My party did it without a RDM so I'm sure Gravity would be awesome for this fight. This boss does 3 evil things: a very harmful AE that knocks you back, a single attack that can do like 400+, and AE gravity. Lost hope yet? The kiting technique seemed to work very well with our party and others that we got to try it. You need to not get hit as often as possible and try to avoid as many of its specials as possible. A lot of times running away from it will cause it to miss. My party almost did this with 5 people (BLM BRD SMN WAR/NIN RNG/NIN), failed, and tried right after with an additional BLM, used no 2HRs, and won. I WOULD MOST CERTAINLY BRING HI POTIONS TO THIS FIGHT. He also does an AE poison, but I don't think we were too worried about that...

With the right people, these BCNM fights can be a lot easier than they could be. Most people seem to have failed several times on either the 3rd portal or the boss fights. I hope these strategies help you.

Now, about those jobs that I said not to bring. As I said for Mea, we almost won with only 5 people. I don't want people of these jobs to get their hopes down (or up), but this seriously has to be done a certain way. I've heard of others winning with 5 people too. It's all about damage and keeping people alive. If you've got enough damage and support for your party, it really doesn't matter what you invite. It's really going to suck though if you invite something like a DRG to Mea, where they keep getting hit for 200s by the AE (LOL how long would a Wyvern last in there...) and you have to spam cures on them all the time. I know it sucks for your job but it's not my fault. >_> Not only that, but these bosses take a long time to kill but everyone does such crap damage to them. Meleeing is weak, even spells are weak. Everytime I've won its taken 13 minutes. O_O

I can't really think of much else to tell you, besides good luck. Try not to have gimp gear especially for important things like tanks and rangers that will be getting hit, mages will need MP, MND, INT, etc. Consumable items are pretty important. From my experience, lots of times there will be people outside the BCNM from parties that broke up or wiped, etc. They often reform parties there and reattempt the bosses. Usually at least 1 party from the alliance stays outside the BCNM while others go in, incase people die, so they can raise. All BCNMs are on a 30 minute timer, so you're kicked outside the door after that period of time once you enter. If you wipe, your whole party can ALT+TAB (disconnect from FFXI) or reset your PS2/modem. This will put you outside the door so you can start getting raised. The ENTIRE party must do it though, no one can be online in the BCNM at the same time, so maybe go take a leak real quick before you log back on. Also, like most BCNMs, you can click on the door and run away. Your 30 minute timer will not restart until 0 people are in the BCNM area though.

And that's it for me folks. I hope I have enlighted some people, and made a lot of BSTs mad. Promyvion is supposed to be a fun event, and it is, so don't make it any more or less than that. I wish you all good luck. Kill the Strays before you teleport.

Rujinda of Midgardsormr
Mithra Thief

(PS: I can't even imagine what kind of crap I wrote in here, it's 6am, ive been up for a long time.. O_O I'm sorry)
RE: How to win at Promyvion
# Oct 05 2004 at 1:19 PM Rating: Decent
Alrighty... firstly, thank you SO MUCH for some actual information on this. It'll really help on Holla I bet.

Secondly... I agree it's easier with just those few ideal jobs, but if everyone knows what they're doing, it's totally beatable with any semi-balanced class combo.

First time I went was Mea as a drg. Full alliance makes it to the top, both other pt wipe on the NM. Ours does not. Rng, drk, drg, whm, blm, war/nin. Yeah, I don't recommend drg for this because of AoE, but we won because everyone did their jobs well and way more than outweighed what a bad rng or smn would bring.

Second was Dem. Only 6 out of 12 people made it to the top due to a bit of stupidity at the last receptacle. We consolidate parties and end up with smn/whm, rdm/whm, blm/whm, drk/war, rng/nin and war/mnk. No "real" tank. We get to spires, we beat it.

My point is, you can own this with the most suited class combos, but as long as you know they're good players who can follow instructions, don't rule anyone out. There is definitely a REAL value to being a good player, as much or more than being the specific job or perfect combo.

Also, if you got a little money, I highly recommend investing in a piece of Shade armor. With just my Shade Tiara amongst the Dem party, the NM got intimidated at about 1/9 attacks or higher.
RE: How to win at Promyvion
# Sep 27 2004 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
99 posts
Posted this in reply to the same post under Mea. I figure it's more appropiate here.

Some additions to your Holla boss strategy:

1. Have your whm cast a worthless bar-status, bar-element, and protect/shell I. That HP Drain attack you were referring to (Trinity Absorption) is actually a buff drain. He steals 3 buffs from you, and puts them on himself. If you have no buffs (or fewer than 3), he'll drain 300+ hp from you. A boss with Protect I on is better than your tank being dead, imo.

2. IMO Ranger > Summoner for this fight. Near the end of the fight, he starts spamming his AoE sleep/curse. Eagle Eye Shot does less damage than Astral Flow, but it's instant. We had 2 different pts, and in both pts, the summoners had their avatars slept in the middle of astral flow.

We had Thf, Pld, Rng, Blm, Whm, Smn, and we finished the fight in just over 5 minutes.

(and also, if you have a strategy for dealing with Strays, the entire zone can be done with 1 or 2 parties. We got to the 3rd floor with one pt, but had neither thf (aggro strays and Perfect Dodge, you can port with PD on) nor smn, so we couldn't get through the portal..cuz you can't kill them fast enough. With 2 pts, we used Ramuh's AoE (2 Ramuh's) and got through easily.)
# Sep 26 2004 at 11:39 AM Rating: Decent
Man, I personaly think SE screwed us all with these Promyvions. They are too much trouble just to get to a new area (that might not even be worth your time). So we get an alliance together, took an hour or so to get to the Promyvion-Holla. Then finding our way to all 3 memory receptacles took around 2 hours. We split the alliance once we get to the zone that leads to the BCNM fight, and talk strategy. Our main tank was war/nin with full empty armor on, it helped a little I guess. Anyways, our group of 6 was the second to go in, we heard news that the first group was massacred and got the BCNM Thinker down to half health. We go in, take poison potions, start kickin its butt. Then about at half health he does AoE attack and mages are scrambling to heal, and then grab hate. After one died, periodicaly the rest of us died as well. We got him down to about 1/3 health before we died. I think our only mistake was to not bring a pld because both us warrior couldnt hold hate very well. We waited out the time limit for the BCNM and were kicked out the door to the room before the BCNM. We were raised by the other party that failed before us, and we tried again. Same results, all dead, waste of about 6 hours. SE made this too hard. I bet ya tavnazia sucks anyways =P
# Sep 25 2004 at 5:23 PM Rating: Decent
284 posts
I went in here recently, with all my LS buddies. We didn't get far. We fought the first memory recepticle twice, because we couldn't get all the dead people raised in time before the warp disappated. Then, on the second floor, the first memory recepticle we went after was a 'decoy' and didn't give us a warp. The second, we tried killing, but not enough people were ready to go any further. So, we ran around, killed a lot of the emptyness creatures for their drops, then warped our way out. We will have to try this again some time, with much more balanced parties.

Personally, I find THF is pretty much useless against the Memory Recepticles. There is no way to tell if you're facing the front or the back. But hey, it dosen't hurt to try SATA if you can hit it before the massive AOE the memory recepticles toss at you. (Which, BTW, push you back a LOT)
RE: Hell!
# Sep 27 2004 at 12:56 AM Rating: Decent
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I've been going in as THF/NIN pretending to be a RNG with some Shade Mittens and every +r.acc piece of gear I can get. RIght now that's about +37. Did Dem, and let the entire 17 man alliance kill strays while I killed the 3rd MR myself, 40 damage at a time. They of course finished it off instead of finishing the strays off, invalidating all that work, but I was quite useful.

BCNM wiped the survivors out, however. People always wanna keep the THF down, but we always find something to do.

RE: Hell!
# Sep 26 2004 at 8:07 AM Rating: Decent
We did this last night, with a 3 party alliance, we picked up the 3rd party on the way. The import thing is to have at least one rng per party, if not 2. Have a tank with nin sub for utsutsemi. We got to the top with 2 rng's and a blm as the DD's. Everyone else focus' on the Strays.

We reached the boss, with all of our 2 hours intact. We also brought Poison Potions and Holy Water for the boss' Sleep/Curse attack(which he only used once). We waited til the end of his life to use our 2 hours, he killed our whm in one hit at the end, but we beat him and we all got the quest even the whm.

As for the other two parties.....they died :(

Our setup was whm, blm, rng, rng, war/nin, war/nin.

Good Luck

Special thx to: Sneakykitty- WHM
Hogosha- RNG
Woe- war/nin
Vormav- war/nin
Aybyss- BLM
and me (Worldcut) hehe...
In the Bizmark Realm :D

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1 word
# Sep 25 2004 at 2:24 AM Rating: Default
whats its for
# Sep 24 2004 at 1:13 AM Rating: Decent
the promyvion holla, dem and mea are part of the CoP mission to gain access to the travanzia areas. you can not enter any promyvion untill you start the mission and talk to all the npc, and can not enter travanzia untill the mission is complete.
its sort of a raid, not unlike dynamis. it requires an alliance to get to the "spire", in balanced partys, and there is a BCNM battle in the "spire" that each party much do seperatly.

all i want to know is how to get maps of these areas

Edited, Fri Sep 24 02:14:04 2004
RE: whats its for
# Sep 24 2004 at 11:17 AM Rating: Excellent
First off let me start by telling you how to get to these areas. Getting there is simple, but I do not know the requirements to start the missions ( if any ). First enter Lower Delkfutt's tower, yes, that is all, just enter ( you will see a lengthy cut scene with Wolfgang and Bahamut, etc. ) Once the cut scene is over enter Upper Jeuno, yes, just enter Upper Jeuno and that is it. You will see another cut scene. Now, while in Upper Jeuno go to the Infirmary which I think is located at G-10 of Upper Jeuno and talk to the Elvaan doctor there for yet another cut scene. The boy, ( Engnomatic youth(?) ) Will give you a pendant and you will see Promyvion in your mind. The boy will run off and the doctor will talk to you. Now it's time to head to Ru'Lude Gardens just above Upper Jeuno and then to G-6 where you'll come to a room called the "Guard Quarters" I do believe. Talk to the guard near the book shelves for another cut scene and that's it! you can now enter Promyvion! I do not know where one can obtain maps ( honestly, you do not need them! Promyvion is incredibly small. ) But I do know that if you complete the 3 areas, Mea, Dem, and Holla you can gain access to Tavznizian areas. Vahzl is unconfirmed.
Entering Promyvion areas can be done so by examining the Shattered Telepoint where it will say "The crystal has been shattered into a thousand pieces..." if you did the cut scenes it will say "examine it further?" and then ask you "This area has a level cap, blah blah blah, do you wish to enter?" choose yes and I'm not sure but I don't think you can go back upon entering, which means you die or defeat the notorious monster at the end =(
I went to Promyvion-Holla last night with two full Aliances ( each equipped with 1-2 WHM in each party and at least one tank, and 1 BLM in two of the three parties ) At first the monsters were easy prey and decent challenge and died within 6 seconds of 18 lv. 30 Characters beating on it. After we killed the first Memory receptacle and teleported to the next area of Promyvion the monsters conned as decent challege and even match, then we had to kill 2 Memory Receptacles, which are by the way, notorious monsters that spawn what's called "Stray" which are like Wanderers but also notorious monsters ( I.E "Impossible to gauge!". ) Killing the Memory receptacle is impossible without Ranged attacks or avatars due to it's crazy AoE attack ( a shock wave that knocks you incredibly far back and deals about 100+ damage to melee, by the way Utsusemi does not protect you from this ). Once you kill the two Memory Receptacles you take the teleporter to another area of Promvyion, this time the monsters con as Tough and very tough. Now we start seeing new monsters like Seekers and thinkers which are incredibly scary looking! Now some of our members started dying and we had to raise them ( weepers have a nasty AoE attack that does 150+ damage to everyone ) and these monsters link and can see through all forms of invisible, sneak and even Deoderize. We finally fought our way to the next memory receptacle which has been over 2 hours of exploring this new area. ( this is incredibly tough mind you, even with 18 peoeple 2 or more weepers linking spells death for you and I am not kidding! ) We managed to kill the Memory receptacle and one of our members died and we couldn't go back for him so now we're down to 17 people. Now we came to monsters that conned as very tough and Incredibly tough. We fought our way to the Memory receptacle and 4 people died but we got through and we couldn't go back for them. Now we were at the Spire of Holla, the last place in Promyvion-Holla! These monsters were all Incredibly tough++ and we managed to make it to the spire without having to fight any. Once you enter the spire there is no level cap but there's a wall, that once you touch you have to enter a battlefield. We had just enough members left to make two parties. We made two parties and entered the battlefield, but what we didn't know was that you can only have 6 members in the field at once!!! so we were split up and one person couldn't even enter! now the level cap was back, yes 30 still, and we had to fight a notorious monster called the "Wreaker" which looks like a giant Thinker. The other party, which had a white mage managed to get it to one-half HP before succumbing to sleep and dying one by one.. however, my party was without a white mage and we managed to get it down 1/4 HP before being destroyed. The monster hit me for around 50-80 damage ( WAR/NIN ) and 2 hit our BLM/RDM ( yes, that isn't a good class, I know ) and just walked all over us. This area is very hard and requires you to spend money on items like X-potions! Veteran player only areas! Eco drops are a MUST because Seeker have a incredibly annoying mass silence attack that silences everyone in the radius ( Promyvion-Holla is so small and chalked full of monsters is too unsafe for the mages to stand back! ). If you plan to go here make sure to stock up on supplies and know what you're doing. Promyvion-Holla is a very serious place!

By the way.. those of you hoping to beat the record for killing the Wreaker - The wreaker completetion time is 2 minutes and 49 seconds. If you can beat that, Congratulations! ^.^ There's also a 30 minute time limit for the battle.

If you plan on being a tank I recommend getting full Shade equipment because it makes the notorious monster at the end so much easier to kill ( being intimidated during the mass sleep attack for instance can save your whole party ). However, at 50k a piece ( on ifrit server ) it may not be worth it for as little a time you'll be spending in Promyvion.

Through the whole ordeal I would have to say I had fun. It was fun to do a "mini-dynamis". Promvyion will get you ready for Dynamis, that's for sure. Honestly, don't go here unless you plan to take it seriously as an XP party.

Oh, and to confirm you CAN leave Promvyion once you enter. You will have to have your mind erased and then enter through the crystal yet again if you wish to visit Promvyion once more.

Edited, Fri Sep 24 17:49:48 2004
RE: whats its for
# Sep 25 2004 at 1:35 PM Rating: Default
181 posts
ok... well i got to the part where the boy hands me something, his eye's change color and then flash and it looks like i'm going to get the vision but my screen never does anything... just stays black.

So this locked up my PS2. If anyone has any solutions or suggestions from here please let me know...
RE: whats its for
# Sep 25 2004 at 10:50 PM Rating: Default
use a real computer instead of a ps2..:-)
this is how to get there
# Sep 23 2004 at 3:31 PM Rating: Excellent
after you install expansion, go to lower delkfaults tower, cutscene, go to upper jeuno, cutscene, in upper jeuno go to the med shop and talk to the doctor in from the cutscene, another cutscene, then go to Ru'lude gardens and talk to the gaurds around g-6 i think it was, then you can enter the prom-areas from the holla/dem/mae/vhazl crags (shattered telepoint). dont know how to beat them yet but you need to beat to go to travistawhatever(forgot city name)
Would say bring a party here
# Sep 22 2004 at 8:31 PM Rating: Decent
48 posts
I've been in here and so far things agro with invisible, sneak, and deodorize casted on me. Also has a level 30 restriction.
# Sep 18 2004 at 7:56 AM Rating: Decent
Anyone know what the deal is with all these Promyvion things with all the tele names after em? when ever i search for party members and get to smn, every single smn around my level is there....no summoner for Danious >.<
RE: Huh
# Sep 21 2004 at 9:06 PM Rating: Good
1,100 posts
I have no idea what these places are for but you get into these places from "Shattered Telepoint"
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