Valkurm Dunes  

Type: Outdoor
Region: Zulkheim
Min Level: 15
Max Level: 30
Connected Areas:Abyssea-Misareaux
Gustav Tunnel
Konschtat Highlands
La Theine Plateau
Quests for Valkurm Dunes
Mobs found in Valkurm Dunes
Items found in Valkurm Dunes

Zone TypeOutdoor
Level Range15 to 30
Entry RequirementNone
Escapeno escape
ActivitiesChocobo Digging, fishing
Fellowship NPCYes
Final Fantasy XI


This enormous expanse of dunes can be found along the Bhefhel Gulf. While a majority of the surrounding coastline is too shallow for larger sea vessels, one natural harbor does exist. Near this harbor lies the independent port town of Selbina.[1]

Points of Interest


The map of Konschtat Highlands is included in the Map of San d'Oria Area, which can be purchased from most any Map Dealer.

Map 1

Screenshots from Valkurm Dunes:

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Suit of Goblin Armor
# Apr 15 2011 at 2:40 PM Rating: Decent
I just had a Goblin Ambusher drop A Suit of Goblin Armor while I was grinding in Dunes.
Are there still people leveling here?
# Sep 08 2010 at 6:18 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
I just started FFXI again after 5 years, and I am about to go level in Valkurm. Are there still people leveling there in Sylph server? or is everyone lvl 75+ lol?

dunes sux
# Apr 07 2008 at 1:15 AM Rating: Decent
i hate dunes, i will never come back once im through with ninja /cries
dunes sux
# Sep 13 2009 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Can someone gimmie field manual coordinates plz
dunes sux
# Dec 21 2009 at 12:42 PM Rating: Decent
dunes sux
# Apr 11 2009 at 4:12 AM Rating: Decent
44 posts
Lies! There is no escaping the dunes! You will submit to its sandy doom! Muwaaahahahaha!!! Submit! Submit, I Zim Command you!
Hope for VD PTs
# Jan 14 2008 at 12:55 PM Rating: Decent
Just wanted to let everyone know there is hope for dunes parties in the future. Once Dancer hits 15, you can use 2 as effective front line healers (just like SE says). Combined with a Ninja main tank, the combination is unbeatable.

Funnest party I ever had yesterday, me (DNC), DNC, SAM, PUP, BLU, and NIN. First roaming PT I've ever had, and there was no downtime at all, even when three gobs in a row decided to drop three bombs in a row, at the beginning of each fight. XD
# May 28 2007 at 7:46 AM Rating: Decent
ha.ha.ha. the magical map girl is the only one i know about is in NSan'doria <I-8>
some lady near the fountain
map of the dunes
# May 03 2007 at 2:37 AM Rating: Default
I know this is a noob question, but where do I get a map of the Valkurm Dunes
map of the dunes
# Jan 02 2008 at 4:32 PM Rating: Good
you can get a map from an elvaan lady in bastok markets...or you could probably get one from an elvaan lady in selbina
map of the dunes
# May 28 2007 at 10:06 AM Rating: Good
139 posts
Go there for all your map info:

# Apr 12 2007 at 3:24 PM Rating: Decent
My favorite strategy when trying to lvl here around lvl 9-13 is to seek party in La Theine Plateau or Konschtat Highlands. It helps kill time while waiting on a party, and you gain xp while waiting.

Also when in a party with a PL, if you are a WHM, you should spend your time spamming Banish for skill-ups, because its very hard to skill it up at my lvl (44WHM). Just trying to keep hate balanced if you do this method, especially if a WHM Taru with low hp.
Useful & Cheap Equipment for the Dunes
# Jan 11 2007 at 4:42 PM Rating: Decent
If you're going to party at the Dunes, you're probably going to be working mostly on Snippers and Pugils. That being the case, it would be useful to have gear that gives you Water protection.

The Silver Name Tag is usually used to finish the Bastok quest Fallen Comrades. However, it is a piece of Neck Armor that gives Water+5 protection. You can usually pick up one of these in Bastok or Jeuno for around 500 to 800 gil.

The Shell Earring is a low level crafted item in Bonecrafting. Not only does it provide Water+2 protection but Fire+2 as well. You can buy these from the Bonecrafting Guild in Windurst for around 550 to 850 gil (depending on your fame).

Putting these together gives you a Water+9 level of protection (+5 for the Name Tag and +4 for 2 Shell Earrings) for less than 2,000 gil. This protection will help you alot when fighting Snippers and Pugils when they light up with their AOE.

One added bonus is that once you make level 20, you're probably going to Qufim Island next. When you get there, you're probably going to spend most of your time fighting Clippers and Pugils so you still get the water protection benefit and you didn't have to spend another gil!

I hope this is helpful. Good luck and good hunting.
Every Thing you Need to know about the dunes
# Nov 16 2006 at 2:36 PM Rating: Decent
The dunes.. Hell. Yes.. This is the worst of the worst.

Lvs. It is possible to get in to partys here at 10. I dont recomend that you do this. Unless your a blm or tfh. Why. Cause thouse jobs are very hard to solo at 10.

For all other Jobs.at lv 11 i would recomend to continue to solo till 12-14. You will get better xp in dem or holla @ solo. Or if possible. Duo. it kon. highlands. Sheep are very good xp duo till 13.

Here are the mobs to fight and what lv its best to kill and where good camps are.

lv 10~ M-10. around this area is your only option. Kill lizzys. Stay away from every thing else.

Lv 11~ M-10 Same as above.. Some weak Gobs are ok.

LV 12~ M-10 More gobs are good. Star Bats are an option.

LV 13~ M-10 Same as 12. But lizzys are really not good. Ok to be on lower end of clippers

LV 14~ J-9 I-7{aka oasis} I-10 (First Beach-Siren Sands) Basicly is snippers. Yeah they suck. A blm is really really nice.

LV 15~ Same areas Still need a blm . Mabey a few damselflys and a few weaker gobs.

LV 16~ G-7 (The outpost)Flys and Gobs. thats about it here.

LV 17 ~ D-5 or D-6. (Gob HIll) Its all good here. This is the easyest few lvs in the dunes. Unless you had a blm for clippers.

LV 18 ~ Gob Hill. Milk this ****.

LV 19 ~ Siren or white bone. Secret Beach. For pug's. (Fish) These really suck. I would recomend at 19 to go early to jeuno. Worms is qufim are much much better. and at 20 fish.. are not worth the efort. and at 19 its the same.

Other Lving options. The dunes does have alternatives that i feal are better at alot of lvs.

10-11 Maze of sharkari (spelling) Maze makers. Worms.. Worms are best xp in this game.
12-13 bubu Penisula. On the windy side of things. Mandys (selvester) really are very very good xp..
14-16 Korokal Tunnle. Out side of bastock. More morms. More worms.
17-18 Bettle Camp in Sau. Champane. Just behind the weapon camp, Only 4 bettles here. But i think that gobs are better in the dunes at this lv. but that camp can only support 2-3 partys.
19 Qufim Island .. WORMS.

Other Info.

The ??? on whitebone os a spawnewd NM for Merciful Kris. A ok tfh weapon that is really good or not all that if you ask around. Its not tfh exculsive, but rdm can't use at end game so i rate it down. mostly cause tfh has other possible better options.

The swiling vort. After you finish The prommy missions for the cop expansion. It is the entrance to lufuasa meddows. Its the way to a town called Tavanse (Spelling) Its the city in the intro cutsceen

NM . theres 2 nm here. One is valk. Emp. everyone is there to kill this. Drops thge best head item for lv 24-50 ish depending on the job. prob best head item till ohat. thats like lv 70.
And gold bat.. drops night cape. its ok. theres better though.

What else is there. The map. Buy it in selbena. The secret beach is of the map. its past the gob camp. Also there is a zone there to gustave tunnle.. lots of rmt there, and a ok spot to lv like 50 ish some where in there.

the song runes.. are for the bard adv job. need to be 30+ for this. start in jeuno. there guides on this. and the ??? on secret beach. Is for whm af1 some lv 41 club .

anything else just ask

what is this?
# Nov 01 2006 at 3:48 AM Rating: Decent
ok someone help me out with this one. i am sitting in the dunes camping VE. and i see this NM's name on wide scan. i can remember the full the name but it start with HUU the ****** ********. something like that. it was a very long name. and when i got there there were 3 high lvl JP players standing next to a dead mob that looked like a "Sea Monk" and there was an open chest there too.
this NM does not come up on this site or on killingifrit. anyone know what this thing is? just curious.
# Oct 29 2006 at 3:54 AM Rating: Decent
Is it possible to get this Map Ingame ?
# Feb 21 2007 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
Yes, I bought it in Bastok.
PL PTs in VD
# Aug 25 2006 at 6:31 AM Rating: Decent
Is it me, or is it darn near impossible to get in a pt in the Dunes that does not have a PL? Or is it eveywhere (I'm a lv16 WHM/BLM at the moment)?

It seems all too acceptable (and even expected) to pt with a PL. Am I wrong or does this really suck? As a WHM, I end up pretty much just sitting there, not needing to really pay attention, hitting sporadic Cure I's on the guy the PL forgot about for a minute, hoping to sneak it in there before the PL throws him a Cure II and restores him to full HP only to see my little "baby-Cure" heal for 1 or 2 HP, etc.

Last night (on Titan server - and, believe me, this has been frustrating for weeks for me, not just last night) I finally get in a PT that has no PL. I had actually checked with the ldr before I joined, adding "I'd rather not join a PL pt" or something to that effect. I had also turned down like 3 invites due to PL already. Anyway, about 500 legit XP into the pt and BOOM, A PL shows up. So we're getting 20-50 more XP per kill (somethimes not even that). Yippee. Everyone else in the pt seemed to love it. I didn't. The PL basically took my job, using Cure III's(!), even Protectra...

Is it that people just don't want to learn how to play? Has a new way of "playing" evolved? Because it's certainly a drastically different game with and w/o a PL. Anyone with positive or negative thoughts on PLs? To me, PL also stands for pretty lame...sorry this kind of turned into a rant...oh well.
PL PTs in VD
# Apr 11 2007 at 11:01 AM Rating: Decent
43 posts
I know this reply is a little late, but feel it should be put out there anyway

I had the same problem leveling whm in Valkurm Dunes, but I came up with a good solution... I fell back on my subjob, which is RDM, tho this should apply to any sub for whm. I just sat and debuffed/occasionally Banished till the fight was over. was I doing my job as whm? no, the pl was doing my job. but I *WAS* pulling my weight, and I know from the fights where I was tapped that my spells were making a huge diff. know your strengths and weaknesses, and if on strength is taken away due to a PL or too many whm in pt or whatever, just fall back into another role. No job is so specialized that they can be made totally useless, specially when you have a sub.

Just my 2 cents on that one ;)
9 Thief
# Jul 07 2006 at 10:25 PM Rating: Decent
Hey, I am a 9Thf and i was wondering 1. What is the best sub for me that isnt an advanced job? 2. What level should i be to come to valkurm and party with a group?
9 Thief
# Oct 17 2006 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
1. your lvl is good... anything lvl9 and above is good.
2. yes you shuld come to vlakurm dunes in a group
9 Thief
# Jul 10 2006 at 2:02 PM Rating: Decent
A good sub job for a THF is Monk and Warrior.There both good for a THF.I would go with the Warrior if I was you becase a WAR can do more
damage.But the MNK has better Defence and more HP.Also you
should be levels 10-20 in valcrum dunes.

Edited, Jul 10th 2006 at 3:12pm EDT by proWHMpro

Edited, Aug 2nd 2006 at 1:53pm EDT by proWHMpro
WHM in the Dunes at level 9-13
# Jul 01 2006 at 7:34 PM Rating: Decent
IF your a WHM and you want to be in the Dunes you gatta be level 10-20.Im just getting in the Dunes and im level 9 (lol).If your partying from level 9-13 you will be wanted near the konschtat highland.You will probley be killin Lizards and goblins.

Edited, Jul 14th 2006 at 1:12pm EDT by proWHMpro

Edited, Aug 17th 2006 at 7:07pm EDT by proWHMpro
lvl 1 thf
# May 15 2006 at 8:57 PM Rating: Decent
as for anyone seeing lvl 1 thf's running into selbina.....i can almost garuntee its for the "only the best" quest or whtevr its called, ive been doing it for the past two days now and i have HP set at outpost and i go to windurst buy cabagges or millioncorn and go die as a lvl 1 thf which brings me to my HP then i go trade everything in and get fame. ppl only use thfs cuz if they get aggro on the way back they can use perfect dodge and hope it doesn't wear off. its pretty helpful for the warp scroll quest which is the main reason im doing all this.

if you need a lvl 17 BLM message dirtbiker cuz im gunna be lvling up soon
Barnicled Chest
# Apr 14 2006 at 10:58 AM Rating: Decent
1,189 posts
Out in Whitebone Beach there is a new ???. If you check this question mark, you are told about sea travellers who died in Valkrum Dunes and if you return a "vestage of the dead" to the sea something good might happen.

I noticed this new ??? while leveling BRD there and on 3 seperate occasions I saw people go up to that ??? and a Barnicled Chest appeared. These people would open the chest and then go on their merry way.

Just some heads up... S-E added something new there.
Red mage Qudav
# Apr 14 2006 at 3:53 AM Rating: Decent
A long time ago i saw a mob called "Red mage Qudav" (or Qudav Red mage not sure)by the selbina zone. I dont think i was seeing things...
If this thing is real can some one tell me what the hell it is?
Red mage Qudav
# Nov 10 2006 at 6:09 PM Rating: Decent
was prolly Garrison monster
Lower LvL?
# Mar 22 2006 at 2:13 PM Rating: Decent
I've always gone to the dunes around LvL 10 and fought Rabbits and Lizzies. But yeah i do agree that no one should be out here befor 10. And certain jobs shouldnt even be out there then, such as most mages. I always start as a tanking job, such as a War, and recently a NiN, and i got a PT within seconds of being in the konschtat highlands.

Oh and sorry about the Edit. I had originally pressed enter befor i had actually posted a body. ^.^

if you ever need a PT send me a tell

currently a lvl 19nin/9war

Edited, Wed Mar 22 13:14:48 2006
# Mar 21 2006 at 7:07 PM Rating: Decent
Some people are honestly idiots on Midgardsormr. recently i have seen a LOT of lower levels in the dunes. like level 9 and below and even a level 1 theif..who i followed suprisingly all the way to Selbina! Its fun to watch these people try to get parties. Personally i agree with EzraOfSylph best to get to like level 13ish first u get parties easier.

Edited, Tue Mar 21 18:06:17 2006
# Mar 18 2006 at 7:24 PM Rating: Decent
I used to hate this palce. Mainly, because I was a low level war and nobody would invite me. Well I came back at lv 13 and wow the amount of suers on the beta server have skyrocketed. I did a search and found almsot 500 users there. Anyways nowadays as a lv 16 war I can easily find a party, infact soemtiems I log on and ahve an invite. I really never felt weak, I feel as though the game is good with parties.
valkurm at 13
# Mar 16 2006 at 7:48 AM Rating: Decent
34 posts
for melee i found it faster to lvl to 13 before dunes cause lvl 10-12 time is killer, in bastok i hang around vomps hill til 11 or 12 then hit up north gusta til xp slows....good for everyone but mages, they got too much down time
spawning points for elemental?
# Mar 07 2006 at 7:30 PM Rating: Decent
just read through the posts;
What <pos>s do the fire elementals usually spawn.
I'm lvl53drk(Rabon, titan) and cant farm fire elementals anywhere else without dieing. The expense of fire crystals is the main reason I'm not crafting that requires alot of fire.
plz help
# Jan 05 2006 at 1:18 AM Rating: Decent
41 posts
I equipped Empress Band and now I'm lvl.15 so I'm ready to pt finally. Knightswell thank you.
Do I have any chance of getting out of
# Dec 26 2005 at 12:58 AM Rating: Decent
41 posts
Valkurm Dunes with no assist's? Just wondering. A
lvl 13 warrior.
I know I'm a lvl 13 war
# Dec 25 2005 at 12:32 AM Rating: Decent
41 posts
but can any whm help me? I'm on Siren. Name's Sinneloa.
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