Dvucca Isle Staging Point  

Type: Outdoor
Region: N/A
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 75
This Area requires Aht Urhgan
Connected Areas:Caedarva Mire
Quests for Dvucca Isle Staging Point
Mobs found in Dvucca Isle Staging Point
Items found in Dvucca Isle Staging Point

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From Aht Urhgan Whitegate take the boat to Nashmau. The boat that leaves from Aht Urhgan Whitegate from Port Ephramad is the boat you want to take.

You can also reach Nashmau by using the Runic Portal and going to Azouph Isle Staging Point. Either way can take you to Nashmau.

Once you've reached Nashmau take the West Entrance to Caedarva Mire.

Go directly West of where you are until you see an NPC Immortal named Nasheefa. Trade her an Imperial Silver Piece (unless you have a Remnants Permit or a Captain Wildcat Badge) to enter the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins.

Once in the ruins use the teleporter that is straight ahead of you. Then continue to walk straight until you zone back into Caedarva Mire.

Hug the right wall to get to the Dvucca Isle Staging Point. Be advised though that there are Lamia Idolater and Lamia Necromancer between the zone and the staging point.

Possible Rewards

Item Assault Points
Vision Earring 3,000
Unyielding Ring 5,000
Fortified Chain 8,000
Resolute Belt 10,000
Bushido Cape 10,000
Khanjar 15,000
Hotarumaru 15,000
Imperial Gun 15,000
Amir Puggaree 20,000
Pahluwan Crackows 20,000
Yigit Gomlek 20,000

Missions and Ranks

Name of Assault Rank Points Obtained Objective Description
Seagull Grounded Private Second Class ??? Escort the prisoner The Immortals have captured a member of the Seagull Phratrie, a rebel organization. You are to escort the prisoner safely to a holding area.
Requiem Private First Class ??? Destroy the undead An Immortal has reported the existence of a large force of undead soldiers. Destroy these undead minions before they can organize an attack on the Empire.
Saving Private Ryaaf Superior Private ??? Find the survivors A squad sent in to search for the Seagull Phratrie hideout has failed to report. Find any survivors, especially one Private Ryaaf, a relative of the Galeserpent General.
Shooting Down the Baron Lance Corporal ??? Eliminate the Black Baron An imp known as the Black Baron has hit Periqia like a meteor strike, single-handedly defeating 79 Imperial soldiers. The empire cannot suffer any more losses. It is time for the Baron to meet his end.
Building Bridges Corporal ??? Activate the bridge Thanks to the enemy destroying a bridge along the path of their attack, the unit assaulting Periqia is at an impasse. Find and activate the backup bridge mechanism rumored to be hidden in the area.
Stop the Bloodshed Sergeant ??? Exterminate the chigoes The Lamiae are preparing to release swarms of chigoes in Al Zahbi to collect blood samples. Destroy the chigoes and thwart their plan.
Defuse the Threat Sergeant Major ??? Clear the mine fields The Lamiae have hired Qiqirn demolition experts to set land mines in Periqia. You must eliminate this hazard for the soldiers.
Snake Eyes Chief Sergeant ??? Locate the generals Generals Karazahm and Umarid of the Imperial Army's Arrapago division have disappeared from camp headquarters while on a mission on Sharug Isle. There is a high possibility that the two have been kidnapped by members of the Undead Swarm.
Wake the Puppet Second Lieutenant ??? Retrieve the Mark-IIs During a previous mission to eradicate the Undead Swarm presence from Periqia, the Imperial forces were forced to abandon several Mark-II automatons upon their retreat. You are to infiltrate the area, locate the machines, and aid in their return to Al Zahbi.
The Price is Right First Lieutenant ??? Assassinate King Goldemar Intelligence reports that the dvergr king, Goldemar, is planning the sale of forbidden magicked weapons to the area's beastmen factions. You are to locate the king and eliminate him before the deal is made.

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