Einherjar - Odin's Chamber  

Type: Battlefield
Region: None
Min Level: 60
Max Level: 75
This Area requires Aht Urhgan
Connected Areas:Hazhalm Testing Grounds
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Accessing the Chamber

In order to open Odin's Chamber, at least one person must possess all nine feathers from the previous chambers. In order for everyone else to enter, they must possess a feather from one chamber from each of the three Wings. It is thus possible to fight Odin once every two weeks by rotating the chambers so that three characters collects nine feathers over the course of six weeks, and the remaining alliance members obtain the three chambers over the course of a week and a half.

Battling Odin

At the start of this fight, Odin will be in the center of the chamber.

The recommended double alliance for this fight should include a large number of rangers, summoners, and black mages for ranged damage. It should include red mages for kiting the summons, white mages for curing, bards for buffs, and at least two main PLD/NIN tanks. The specific number and makeup of the alliance can vary greatly depending on the setup.

If you are very lucky, Odin may become "locked" during the fight, and simply stop using any attacks. At this point, he may be attacked openly ("zerged") without regards to strategy.

Special Attacks

Every 10% health, Odin will use a move that dispels all buffs within an area of effect, except for Reraise.

Every 25% health, Odin will use a move that stuns and binds everyone in range, as well as doing the damage equivalent of 10,000 needs.

He will summon nine valkyrie during the course of the fight, in groups of three. These may be kited around and they sometimes eventually depop.

When he has 9% health, Odin will use his 2 hour, which does a large amount of damage over a fairly large area of effect. However, if you /kneel or heal at that time then you will be immune to this damage.


Odin drops all the abjurations from the three land kings, as well as some unique items of his own.

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# Feb 06 2008 at 5:46 PM Rating: Decent
look youtube for odin's chamber or einherjar, cant remember which.
it displays some japanese ls who made it to the chamber.
he zantetsukend and raped like 12 ppl or more with 1 sword slash
almost peed my pants and i was behind a monitor not even playing.
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