Windurst Waters (S)  

Type: City
Region: The Sarutabaruta Front
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 75
This Area requires Wings of the Goddess
Connected Areas:West Sarutabaruta (S)
Quests for Windurst Waters (S)
Mobs found in Windurst Waters (S)
Items found in Windurst Waters (S)

Zone TypeCity
RegionThe Sarutabaruta Front
ExpansionWings of the Goddess
Level Range1 to 75
Entry RequirementNone
Escapeno escape
Fellowship NPCYes
Final Fantasy XI


Buildings are in ruin. Trees are snapped in two. A military camp stands in the center of town.

Just days after a ferocious Yagudo attack, the Federation of Windurst is on the verge of collapse. Windurst Walls was flooded during the assault, and the entire city except for Windurst Waters is sealed off by powerful magic. Tarutaru and Mithra alike wonder aloud whether they'll be able to withstand another large-scale battle.

In this Windurst of the past, several shops have been forced to close, and the culinary guild has been reduced to a pile of splintered lumber. Huntsman's Court, once where Mithra rangers sold their latest catches, has been converted to barracks for Mithran mercenaries hired to defend the city. Adventurers joining the nation's battle against the beastmen run frantically from their mog houses to the campaign headquarters -- home of the elite Cobras unit -- then disappear as they're warped to battlefronts in all parts of Vana'diel.

This is a nation that is down, but not yet out.

Points of Interest

  • Exit the zone through Odin's Gate at F-4.
  • Several Wings of the Goddess quests can be launched by talking to Dhea Prandoleh at H-10.
  • Talk to Wenonah, C.A. to be warped to various Shadowreign areas you have visited.
  • The Mithran Mercenaries can be found in Huntsman Square.
  • Obtain Campaign Operations quests from Emhi Tchaoryo.


The Map of the Windurst area, which includes Windurst Waters {S}, can be obtained from several merchants for about 200 gil.

Map 1 Map 2

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Weather NPC?
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Anyone know if there is a weather NPC hiding out somewhere in town? It would be nice to know when foggy weather is expected for hunting frogs for Magic Hammer. :)
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