Walk of Echoes  

Type: Outdoor
Region: N/A
Min Level: 1
Max Level: 80
This Area requires Wings of the Goddess
Connected Areas:Provenance
Veridical Conflux #1
Veridical Conflux #10
Veridical Conflux #11
Veridical Conflux #12
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Veridical Conflux #14
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Veridical Conflux #9
Quests for Walk of Echoes
Mobs found in Walk of Echoes
Items found in Walk of Echoes

Zone TypeOutdoor
ExpansionWings of the Goddess
Level Range1 to 80
Entry RequirementNone
Escapeno escape
Fellowship NPCYes
Final Fantasy XI


The Walk of Echoes is a timeless realm, a wasteland of futures and memories that were never meant to be. Accessible through the Cavernous Maws scattered through Vana'diel during the Crystal War Era, the Walk of Echoes is a labyrinth of floating pillars, stairways and walkways beneath the hulking presence of Atomos.

This zone is the location of several cutscenes in Wings of the Goddess missions; it is also the site of several battlefields where high-level players can test their mettle.

Entering the Walk of Echoes

To enter the Walk of Echoes, examine the Veridical Conflux in Xarcabard (S) to speak with the moogle Kupofried. Buy a Kupofried's Medallion for 1000 gil. Examine the conflux again to warp to Walk of Echoes.

  • Players must be level 70 or above and have reached the Wings of the Goddess mission WG3 - Cait Sith to enter Walk of Echoes.


Several other veridical confluxes can be found inside the Walk of Echoes, and each leads to different battlefields. Up to 36 players can enter each battlefield, and each presents its own challenge to adventurers. The time limit to finish each battle is 30 minutes, and the clock starts ticking as soon as enemies are engaged. No time extensions are possible. Players can continue entering the battlefield up until the time limit has expired.

  • Another Kupofried's Medallion must be obtained before players can return to Walk of Echoes; the wait time to get another medallion is one Vana'diel day.

The number of battlefields is initially limited, but more battlefields will become available as players progress through the beginning battlefields.

Tier I Battlefields

Each battlefield contains four groups of monsters; each group has one boss-level monster and four to six smaller monsters. The smaller monsters tend to be resistant to either melee damage or magic damage. They are immune to sleep, but vulnerable to bind and gravity. These enemies attack in waves after a single monster is pulled.


All participants in battlefields will have the chance to cast lots on items dropped by monsters, but only participants whose contributions in battle were significant will be able to lot. Highly evaluated participants may receive additional rewards. Some players who satisfy certain requirements may also receive temporary items.


Battlefield Notes

  • No experience loss when dying in a Walk of Echoes battlefield.
  • Players can receive skill-ups inside the battlefields.
  • Participants in Walk of Echoes battles are rated by their contributions, similar to campaign.
  • The top five participants of each battle are awarded exclusive chests to open.
  • Level 80 is recommended for participants.
  • The smaller mobs in each battlefield move at normal speeds and are easy to kite.

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