Tahrongi Canyon  

Type: Outdoor
Region: Kolshushu
Min Level: 10
Max Level: 20
Connected Areas:Buburimu Peninsula
East Sarutabaruta
Hall of Transference
Maze of Shakhrami
Meriphataud Mountains
Quests for Tahrongi Canyon
Mobs found in Tahrongi Canyon
Items found in Tahrongi Canyon

Zone TypeOutdoor
Level Range10 to 20
Entry RequirementNone
Escapeno escape
ActivitiesFoV, Digging, Excavation
Fellowship NPCYes
Final Fantasy XI


The twisting canyons of the Tahrongi were carved out of the surrounding mountains thousands of years ago when powerful rivers ran through the region. While this spectacle of nature awes all who pass through, the danger that lurks within its walls should not be underestimated.

Long ago, new adventurers in Vana'diel raced through Tahrongi Canyon on their way to battle in the Maze of Shakhrami. Nowadays, veterans teleport to the Crag of Mea on their way to The Sanctuary of Zi'tah. The Canyon remains the primary path for young Windurstians en route to Jeuno.

The occasional crawler can be found on the craggy, rocky terrain, which stands in unearthly contrast to the lush grasslands of Sarutabaruta.

Points of Interest

  • Inexperienced adventurers are safe in the zone's narrow southern corridors, but more powerful monsters lurk where the corridors spill out into the wide expanse of the canyon.
  • Adventurers heading through the zone for the first time should get a teleport crystal from the Crag of Mea.
  • The Crag of Mea also serves as a gateway to Ru'Aun Gardens and Al'Taieu.
  • Mining is possible on the large piles of bones scattered throughout the zone.
  • Adventurers looking for a quick way home from Tahrongi Canyon can quickly reach the outpost warp NPC in the adjacent Buburimu Peninsula.


The Map of the Windurst area, which includes Tahrongi Canyon, can be obtained from several merchants for about 200 gil.


Chocobo Digging

Screenshots from Tahrongi Canyon:

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