Type: Dungeon
Region: Norvallen
Min Level: 20
Max Level: 50
Connected Areas:Jugner Forest
Monastic Cavern
Quests for Davoi
Mobs found in Davoi
Items found in Davoi

Zone TypeDungeon
Level Range20 to 50
Entry Requirementnone
EscapeJugner Forest
Fellowship NPCYes
Final Fantasy XI


After the conclusion of the Great War nearly twenty years ago, an attack by the remaining Orcish troops on this peaceful Elvaan monastery left the tiny sanctuary in ruins and under the control of the beastmen. Years later, the Orcs transformed the area into their main stronghold, delighted by the layout of the surrounding area, as well as the protection that the monastic caverns provided. While there have been many attempts by the San d'Orian Royal Knights to reclaim this area, the ever-weakening forces of the kingdom remain powerless in this fight and often rely on hired adventurers to assist them in their campaigns.

Points of Interest


The Map of Davoi can be purchased for 3,000 gil from Elesca in Northern San d'Oria or from Violitte in Southern San d'Oria.

Treasure Chests

Screenshots from Mamool Ja Training Grounds:

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# May 02 2004 at 8:30 PM Rating: Default
do you see all the plate any mythril armor, if you farmed the high lvls orcs yo would get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, im gonna get a high lvl friend and help me get some silver mail and plate, you should too
# Apr 27 2004 at 5:31 PM Rating: Default
Alright, Some jp Jackass went and linked around rrr....22 Orcish fighters,Cursemakers n such you know the type. im was hangin out by the zone to jugner and I think a lvl 75 Pld comes along with em tailing him, needless to say they killed me but when the pld came back he went back into Deep davoi and brang back more and more he was not fightin them just linking.. I think he killed a pt trying to do a mission.
# Mar 24 2005 at 8:30 PM Rating: Default
no illegal immagrants shouldnt be paid the same as a natural imnmagrant. ******. they dont pay taxes.
# Jun 18 2004 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
1) lvl75 no longer limited to JP anymore, my friend in school is a lvl75 rdm 2 weeks ago!
2) you can call GM and get him ban, cause it's in the rule that pulling mob train for evil purpose is again the new rule, go here:
# Nov 01 2004 at 5:54 PM Rating: Default
67 posts
"Because saying that an illegal immigrant doesn't deserve to be paid the same wages as an American because he doesn't belong here in the first place is like saying that a person trapped in a well shouldn't be saved because he shouldn't have been playing around the well in the first place." - Maddox 2003

Is this supposed to be funny because the logic is SO obviously flawed & ignorant... or are you some self-righteous liberal trying to spread this <sarcasm>genius logic</sarcasm>?

Either way, LMAO ^_^
# Dec 02 2004 at 5:04 AM Rating: Default
1> yes, maddox IS a genius....2> what's flawed about that logic? he's saying that immigrants, who ARE people, (illegal, albeit) should still be paid the same! by saying that logic is flawed, YOU are saying they shouldn't get paid what a natural american gets...re-read it if you have to--it burns me up when outspoken people are misread/misheard/mistreated ...3> i just want directions to the damn monastic cavern...where is it?

edit...just looked below....nvm on directions, but still, don't insult maddox

Edited, Thu Dec 2 05:09:24 2004
# Dec 10 2004 at 1:48 PM Rating: Default
109 posts
maddox isn't sympathizing with immigrants with that anology. a person trapped in a well is saved by being removed from it. if this is the case, then to save an illegal alien from this so-called well, he must be deported.

and i've no freakin' clue where that banishing wall is, i haven't been able to find a marked map anywhere. wtf id the point in posting maps without markers????
# Mar 17 2005 at 4:31 PM Rating: Default
93 posts
The hipocracy of conservatives never ceases to amaze me. If you do the math; the well= low wages, the area surronding the well= America. So yes, get them out of the well. The analogy doesnt say anything about making sure they are never near a well again.

And just remember most of us are not from here, we stole this land from Native Americans. If we had left when they wanted us gone, none of us would be here. So what makes us so much better than everyone. Why is it that since you were born on one side of an imaginary line, you are entitled to a better life, and people born on the other side shouldnt even be given a chance.

Lemme guess...because the dont speak english?

I had no problems finding the wall, thanks to the very informitive people on this website.
Monastic Cavern
# Feb 10 2004 at 3:59 PM Rating: Default
does anyone know where i can zone into Monastic Cavern from here? a position would help alot thx
RE: Monastic Cavern
# Feb 12 2004 at 6:18 PM Rating: Good
There're about 5 entrances, but if u want the one that will lead u to the most difficult area then (H-11). The closest zone to the entrance to Davoi is at NE corner of (K-7).
RE: Monastic Cavern
# Dec 02 2004 at 5:05 AM Rating: Default
hahaha...got stuck defending maddox just above this post, finished a tirade, and NOW i find the directions i came to this page for...lmao...which entrence gets me closest to the coffer (for my AF body)? need to fight dreadnoughts/dragoons/champs/and the fourth one...or does it matter for coffer hunting?

Edited, Thu Dec 2 05:10:48 2004
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 22 2004 at 8:48 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ummz through my experience u need a pt of lvl 40+ if u want to get to de NM safe n fast
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 22 2004 at 8:48 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ummz through my experience u need a pt of lvl 40+ if u want to get to de NM safe n fast
map for Davoi
# Jan 05 2004 at 2:49 PM Rating: Excellent
The map for Davoi can be purchased from Violitte in Southern San d'Oria (G-10)
# Jan 02 2004 at 2:02 PM Rating: Default
where do you buy the map of this?
# Dec 20 2003 at 9:26 PM Rating: Default
for the quest is there a specific location of the urn, or are the randomly placed in the zone, if so can someone give pos, and location in that pos, would be greatly apreciated, thanks
leviathan world
# Dec 20 2003 at 2:40 AM Rating: Good
you will find the well at E-10 on the map.
# Dec 18 2003 at 1:30 PM Rating: Default
For the Pally Quest... do I have to enter Davoi for the Davoi's Disused Well?
# Dec 18 2003 at 1:19 PM Rating: Decent
where can i find the Davoi's Disused Well for the Paladin Quest?
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 02 2003 at 12:44 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Where can I get the map of Davoi? Thanks.
If you would read
# Dec 02 2003 at 5:10 AM Rating: Default
Someone already posted this it is located at (G-12) of the Jugnar Forest which is east of La Thine Plateau. G-12 is just the unmarked exit to the right of La Thine Exit. (left the marked river). By the way Davoi does not require lvl 50 party to whom ever said that. Most are easy prey at lvl 30. Theres a Orc camp at K-9 which has nice prey for lvl 29-30 characters.
RE: If you would read
# Feb 29 2004 at 8:41 PM Rating: Good
Both of these people are correct. Just like every other area in Vana'diel, there are easier mobs that con Easy Prey near the entrance (aka Fighters/Cursemakers/Serjeants levels 22-28). However you need to be careful since they most definitely outnumber you and linkage is high. As you delve deeper in Davoi, you'll come across Impalers/Beastriders/Nightraiders/Brawlers which are levels 32-39... and even deeper you'll come across Bowshooters/Footsoldiers/Gladiators/Troopers, which are levels 42-49. So depends on what your destination is in Davoi, you might not need a level 50+ party.. it all depends on circumstance. And don't forget: Pugils, Bees/Wasps, Slimes and Lizards all aggro, too!
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 02 2004 at 10:34 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) haha, actually.. there are orcs there that would eat level 29-30 characters. know before you speak
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 29 2003 at 1:41 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) does the guy that drop the Neckchopper axe spawn in here?
# Nov 19 2003 at 5:00 AM Rating: Decent
It is located in G-12 of Jugner Forest for those that asked.
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 17 2003 at 2:57 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) A lvl 50+ party is needed to pass this place.
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 11 2003 at 3:43 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) How do i zone here can you give me exact Quadrant ?
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 10 2003 at 3:00 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i made it here as a lvl 9 thief by avoiding most enemies. useful if you need to find some quest npcs, but youre better off waiting to go there til lvl 20, as that is the minimum lvl for enemies.
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 10 2003 at 3:00 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) i made it here as a lvl 9 thief by avoiding most enemies. useful if you need to find some quest npcs, but youre better off waiting to go there til lvl 20, as that is the minimum lvl for enemies.
Jugner Forest
# Nov 09 2003 at 4:50 PM Rating: Decent
949 posts
This is located in the bottom of the south grotto. Fairly hard to get to from what i hear. Going there tonight.
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 05 2003 at 12:42 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Wheres this place?
#Anonymous, Posted: Nov 05 2003 at 6:40 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I'd also like to know
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 17 2003 at 9:11 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) in jugner, hug the east wall, this is where m5 is for Sandoria btw. I am only lvl 13 and got an escort here by lvl 27 friends w/ full subjobs. this place is insane. orcs all ova' sadly, sneak wore off right after i was in the middle of the place with a load orcs around us. not like i died.....
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