Type: Outdoor
Region: Valdeaunia
Min Level: 40
Max Level: 75
Connected Areas:Abyssea-Uleguerand
Beaucedine Glacier
Castle Zvahl Baileys
Dynamis - Xarcabard
Uleguerand Range
Quests for Xarcabard
Mobs found in Xarcabard
Items found in Xarcabard

Zone TypeOutdoor
Level Range40 to 75
Entry RequirementNone
Escapeno escape
Fellowship NPCYes
Final Fantasy XI


The history of Vana'diel is riddled with war and bloodshed, yet few battlefields are as significant as the frozen expanse of Xarcabard. Fortifications still stand from the epic faceoff between the Allied Forces of Altana and the Beastmen Confederate. It was the grandeur of this battle that allowed an elite group of adventurers to infiltrate Castle Zvahl and defeat the Shadowlord.

Mighty dragons roam the expanse that comprises most of Xarcabard. Giants, demons and undead also roam the icy land.

Points of Interest


The Map of the Northlands Area, which includes Xarcabard, is a reward from the quest Her Majesty's Garden.

Screenshots from Xarcabard:

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Snow? or sand...
# Sep 21 2008 at 9:03 PM Rating: Good
879 posts
Is it snowing? or Sanding...
Spiderpalm, level 32 Undead Warlock of the server Lightbringer.
supplys for out post
# Aug 06 2007 at 4:42 PM Rating: Decent
can anybody tell me when the out post is so i can give the supplys to
supplys for out post
# Aug 06 2007 at 4:53 PM Rating: Decent
230 posts
It is around H-8. Near a standing ledge where a demon is standing. It is behind some rocks.
Go SE after you get your tele.
supplys for out post
# Aug 06 2007 at 4:51 PM Rating: Decent
230 posts
It is around H-8. Near a standing ledge where a demon is behind some rocks.
Go SE after you get your tele.
A wierd cave with a ???
# Mar 12 2007 at 1:10 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
I recently was running thru here, and I noticed a cave place so I went to it to see what it is. It has a torch at it, and a ???. Looks like a zone to somewhere or from some where. Anyone know what its for?
# Nov 02 2006 at 8:37 AM Rating: Decent
I slugshot this ******* with a hellfire+1 for about 1600 dmg at 193 tp. I like fighting mobs like this lol. Makes me feel powerful~
Dark Elemental Spawns?
# Sep 18 2005 at 9:48 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
I've been using dark crystals to skill up and I thought I could farm them here, but The darness period is somewhat short and I didn't know where to start looking for the Elementals.

Can anyone pinpoint some/all the dark elemental spawns? I found 2, 1 in the midde of G-10, and the other aorund the i-9 and i-10 border. Are there any others? Thanks in advance.
Dark Elemental Spawns?
# Aug 12 2006 at 9:31 AM Rating: Decent
try looking at ffxi.atlas.com they have good spawn point maps
What is the Coordinates for the Vahzl Gate Crystal
# Aug 06 2005 at 8:27 PM Rating: Decent
I'm wondering about the Coordinates for the Vahzl Gate Crystal. It's the last one I need, and I'm curious where on the map it is?

Edited, Sat Aug 6 21:26:53 2005
What is the Coordinates for the Vahzl Gate Crystal
# Oct 09 2006 at 7:51 AM Rating: Decent
H8 Up the stairs, top of the O in NO MAP if you are like me.
RE: What is the Coordinates for the Vahzl Gate Crystal
# Sep 07 2005 at 3:29 PM Rating: Good
72 posts
at the corner of G-7/G-8 and H-7/H-8 up some stairs. here's the map from cannotlinkto


Edited, Sat Oct 8 00:11:50 2005
RE: What is the Coordinates for the Vahzl Gate Crystal
# Aug 07 2005 at 12:20 AM Rating: Good
107 posts
It's in the middle of H-8
# Aug 06 2005 at 5:07 PM Rating: Good
107 posts
Does anyone know where the outpost is for the Valdeaunia Region? It says it's in Xarcabard, but it doesn't show up on the map.
RE: Outpost?
# Sep 24 2005 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
the outpost is located at (H-9)......just head west after zoning in.
This is a good party sight.. when?
# Jul 27 2005 at 7:55 PM Rating: Decent
258 posts
I have heard Xarcabard is a lovely place for people to level up in groups of 6, somewhere in the 40's. But.. when? When is this a good place to party?
My first outing.
# Jun 06 2005 at 5:11 PM Rating: Decent
200 posts
Myself and 2 friends decided to go here today for the crystal. I and 1 friend had never been here before (I went as 25WHM for sneak/invis and didn't want to risk any EXP loss on main) 1 friend came as 38WHM (same reason) and the guy who'd been here came as 52BLM. Needless to say, we died . A lot(well, the BLM didn't.)
I had no idea about how stupidly dangerous this place is for my level. I was just curioius. Died 6 times, other WHM died 4 and delvl'd. Got the crystal then decided to have a look in the castle thing. It was a nice day out on the whole. I wont be going back there again for a while...

And I got a few nice snapshots to add to my collection.
CS when you enter the zone?
# Jun 03 2005 at 4:21 AM Rating: Decent
274 posts
Ok... maybe someone can help me here. I ported a LS member to the crystal and she got a cs. It involved the SL coming back (sorry to be vague but don't want to give too much of the plot away).

We're both on Bastok 6-2 and both on z8 so I can't figure out what was her trigger. I want to see the cs. ><
RE: CS when you enter the zone?
# Jun 06 2005 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent
128 posts
You need to be lvl 65 and have attained rank 6 to recieve the dynamis cutscene. This cutscene begins the dynamis storyline.
RE: CS when you enter the zone?
# Jun 08 2005 at 6:46 PM Rating: Decent
274 posts
Awesome! Thanks! I should have figured that one out myself. One more level until I can get the cs then. ^^
# May 17 2005 at 11:03 PM Rating: Decent
495 posts
I just made a solo journey to get my Vahzl tele crystal without using any oils or powders with my level 55 MNK. I didn't have a map for the glacier or Xarcabard so at first I ended at at Feiyin ><

Getting through the Glacier wasn't so bad, most things were below aggro level except some higher tier gobs and bat eyes. When I got to Xarcabard I thought i'd have to turn back, since everything conned at least easy prey. Somehow, I dodged and weaved my way through a warzone or dragons, skeletons, ghosts, and ahrimans and got my crystal without any aggro. Now onto my next goal: putting that crystal to use when I find some people to help me with limit break 2! (I had to turn down a chance earlier because I didn't have the dang crystal ><)

Unless you're really daring, or really cheap, bring some oils and powders or get ready to stare death in the face! {(@)(@)}

# Mar 23 2005 at 2:20 PM Rating: Default
So I go to get Teleport Crystal and no one told me where the pos was I've had sneak and invis up for the surrounding mobs mostly ep. I run up to a cave in the NE section and bam a damn Boreal!
me forgetting to check runs into it. used warp scroll died at HP got Raise 3 lost nada.At that point I remember they are there for the Limit Break 2 duhh lol.

Edited, Wed Mar 23 14:24:50 2005
Uleguerand Range
# Dec 23 2004 at 1:55 PM Rating: Good
722 posts
Okay, the zone to Uleguerand Range is easy to find on the map, but I tried to get there and could not figure out how the hell to actually get up to it. Is there some kinda roundabout route to get there?
RE: Uleguerand Range
# Jan 05 2005 at 11:29 AM Rating: Decent
3,892 posts
By the map, anyways, it looks like you go up the ramp at G-7, then walk west to F-7
RE: Uleguerand Range
# Mar 20 2005 at 4:45 PM Rating: Decent
This is correct. I missed it on my first try too, though. The "trick" is that there's two narrow paths on the west side of upper level. I took the easternmost of the two paths the first time, which is wrong. Take the west path and you'll find the cave easily. Oh yeah, at L61 some of the demons in that area will still aggro.
# Dec 20 2004 at 7:51 PM Rating: Decent
Where exactly is the zone location for Castle Zvahl Baileys?
RE: castle
# May 09 2005 at 12:50 PM Rating: Good
634 posts
Go all the way west in the middle... you can't miss it. big castle looking thing with lots of demons hanging out front.
# Nov 10 2004 at 1:31 AM Rating: Excellent
This zone has one cool sight around the castle with the dancing light show that is certainly a sight to see.
Uleguerand Range
# Oct 22 2004 at 12:55 PM Rating: Decent
213 posts
The zone line to Uleguerand Range is at F-7.
# Oct 21 2004 at 11:30 AM Rating: Decent
...theres also a garrison here... Behomith Leather Massive, Droped by Demons, I forget which ones...

Edited, Thu Oct 21 12:31:44 2004
Uleguerand Range
# Sep 19 2004 at 10:11 PM Rating: Decent
40 posts
You can now go north into Uleguerand Range. Of course, you'll need the expansion pack to go to it.
On a Related Note
# Sep 01 2004 at 5:18 AM Rating: Excellent
I just wanted to point out that the poor Outpost Soldiers who get posted here must be serious bad@sses. Either that or their ranking officers hate them and send them up to this place.
RE: On a Related Note
# Nov 03 2004 at 10:34 PM Rating: Decent
LMAO i was thinking the same thing
Gate Crystals
# Aug 20 2004 at 12:54 PM Rating: Default
I have all GCs completed when I was lvl 26. My LS friends (lvl 65+) are so kind to helped me out with that.

The hardest one was Vazhl, I died 3 times >< too much agroed and everytime my invis and sneak worn off it had to happen where all the mobs were all around me ><. It was worth it though and luckily I had enough XP so I didnt dlvl. LOL

Anyways...so free teles for my LS members since they were so helpful to me and free teles for friends that "I know well" ... ^^.

Castle Map location
# Aug 03 2004 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
133 posts
Where is the map location of the zone for Castle Zvahl?
# Jul 26 2004 at 5:18 PM Rating: Excellent
24 posts
The CORRECT location of the telepoint is NORTHWEST area of grid (H-8) on top of some stairs. There's NOTHING NE of (G-8) as mentioned above. I can't believe I wasted an hour searching for a bunch of stairs at (G-8).

Outpost: Upper-middle portion of (H-9).

Edited, Mon Jul 26 18:21:30 2004
Outpost location
# Jul 19 2004 at 10:52 PM Rating: Decent
H9 - upper half and about middle of the block with respect to the left and right direction.

Edited, Mon Jul 19 23:53:05 2004
The Telepoint Crystal
# Jul 17 2004 at 8:35 AM Rating: Good
358 posts
NE corner of (G-8), on top of some ruins, for those wondering.

I'd like to tell you the sordid tale of my trip to get said crystal. I was with two friends, a 52 PLD and a 41 RDM, and we were just boredly killing time, doing the ice element for the RDM. Since we were going up to Beaucedine anyway, I said "Let's get the telepoint crystal!".

Damn crystal.

So, we get to Xarcabard easily enough (after some mishaps with ice elementals), and we're all sneaking about, trying to avoid the IT+ Lost Souls (EP to the PLD). Eventually we get close to the crystal, and what do we run into? Why, a DRAGON! Just sitting out there in the open, glaring menacingly at us. EM to the PLD. We ran. The PLD and I were looking at a demon that was flapping about in the corner, when we realized the RDM wasn't with us. Her sneak'd run off.

...her HP was dropping. So we barrel on out of our hiding place towards her, where she's got a few Cursed Weapons, Bat Eyes, and Lost Souls after her. I started curing her and the PLD, everything aggro'd me, and I died before I could get off a teleport. Thank god that I'm paranoid and had Reraise up, because shortly thereafter, the PLD and RDM died as well.

Raising ourselves was another dilema in itself. I was relatively safe, and once I could, I raised myself and cured all of my HP right away, not wanting to risk a low HP aggro. Raised the PLD. But no, the mobs weren't done with us, they were hoarding the RDM's body. As if THAT wasn't enough, the dragon comes stomping down the hill and the PLD and I run off like two scared little girls.

Eventually, I got the RDM raised, but in doing so I aggro'd a Cursed Weapon, and eventually we had to fight everything that'd originally aggro'd and slaughtered us. After we win, all beaten and demoralized, we realize that we're right by the damn thing...

... Stupid crystal. >.<

Edited, Sat Jul 17 09:37:57 2004
RE: The Telepoint Crystal
# Sep 04 2004 at 8:15 AM Rating: Decent
45 posts
That is a most interesting story. Glad to hear all you completed it!
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