Vana'diel Bestiary: Leaping Lizzy  

Found in:South Gustaberg
Found at Location:F - 8
Level:10 - 11
  • Notorious Monster
  • Not Aggro
  • Linking
  • Detects by Sound
  • Based on Fire
  • Weak against Ice
  • Weak against Wind
Stolen Items:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

Leaping Lizzy Picture

PH Method is

Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard (this group of 5 is just to the east of the large rock)
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard <~~~~ PH!
Rock Lizard (this group of 5 is just to the west of the large rock)
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard <~~~~ PH!
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard
Rock Lizard

Sometimes the first group and last group of Rock Lizards will not exist on your widescan depending on where you stand and how big your widescan range is...
I don't know exactly how many monsters are in between each group. It is just an estimate.

Respawn time for Rock Lizards is 5 minutes earth time so once you kill a PH, set a 5 min timer.
Then either the PH will spawn again or LL =)

I would recommend that when you are camping LL, go in a party with 2 members, since LL have a chance to spawn either at the upper floor or at the lower one (regardless of which PH was killed...) With two members you can each take a PH to make it easier to keep track of the pop window for each PH.

Happy hunting!

'''Regular Nyzul Isle NM

'''    Regular NMs inside Nyzul Isle need to be defeated in order to complete the objective 'Defeat all enemies' but will never be a 'Specified Enemy/Enemies'.

'''NM Drop Appraisals

'''    Drops a crate containing a ??? item which may appraise into Bounding Boots.

'''Appears on Floors:

'''    1 - 20

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# Sep 25 2007 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
i run into leeping lizzy almost eveeryday, got lucky couple days ago and got the drop after 10 constant hrs.......head ache
# Sep 19 2007 at 7:38 PM Rating: Decent
I've spent some time this week camping LL and all I can say is that I don't think the PH method works all the time, or I'm not understanding it completely. I was there by myself killing the PH on the top (east) set of 5 and the mid set (west) of 5 and NOT the set of 5 NW of the rocks.

Anyway. I had the PH's spawning 2:30ish from each other. So LL pops a couple times according to plan, on the whatever set PH is ready to pop and 60-90 mins apart. Then she starts popping 60-90 mins apart but on the wrong PH set. So for example, if the eastern most PH is about to pop and the west set still has about 2:30 left, she was popping on the west PH set instead.

So either this method isn't 100% correct, or LL has a chance to spawn anywhere in the area and not in the general area of the PH set, i.e east or west of the rocks. This also applied to the wide scan in that instead of showing in the correct east/west set she was in the wrong one.
Leaping Lizard
# Sep 19 2007 at 8:30 AM Rating: Decent
really eay as RNG with Wide Scan, can find out which lizzie ya gotta kill, got it 1/1 :D although RNG makes it easier, it still can take a while and THF with Treasure Hunter always helps
I'm evil, I geuss...
# Sep 12 2007 at 2:08 PM Rating: Decent
I was in S. Gusta farming Seeds, all the while watching a 41 THF and a 75 BLM kill all the Lizzies in the area. Well, I'm wondering around as a 12 RNG/WHM not really paying any attention to anything other than the Saplings. I'm not at full health or MP, I was at about 80% on both, when I come across LL. I said ***** it and went to see if a 12 RNG could kill LL, to my suprise......quite easily. :P

I felt so bad for the kids that had been camping LL, but not really seeing as I didn't get the drop or anything for that matter, only 50 EXP for killing LL. That and the 41 THF just kept going on about how he had been there for 4 hours, so I felt less and less sympathetic for him rather quickly. I've had NM's stolen from me, several times, but I didn't sit there going on for 30 mins saying "Poor me, poor me ;;!!"

But I reassured him that he had the possibility for LL to spawn not even 5 mins later, as I have seen this before. I've seen LL killed and then 5 mins later LL was up again. So I didn't feel too bad about it.

But for everyone's info a 12 RNG can take this NM on without any trouble. I've also popped LL with my(at the time) 20 MNK without taking any damage. So to all the noobs out there that start this game up, if you are careful @ 12 you can take this NM down and get the prized boots everyone wants.

This NM is not as high as Alla has it, it is 3-5 levels lower than what is posted.
No drop AGAIN
# Aug 29 2007 at 9:39 AM Rating: Decent
I hate this NM, 0/10 after 6 claims last night

TH2 my ****
Leaping Lizzy
# Aug 21 2007 at 5:12 PM Rating: Decent
Finally! finally got my bounding boots today, i can sleep easy tonight. lol 1/13 on LL, and almost gave up before i said "no just one more", and BAM! just wanna say i agree fully with the PH methods that i read from some of the posts. What i basically did for the first 10 hunts i went out as a COR/RNG, spam Widescan and if i was lucky no one else was killing lizards i'd kill the LAST lizard out of the five in each of the 2 groups (if that makes sense..). I stood near the BIG towering rock in the middle usually to the right side of it, it helped me be able to run to either direction pretty fast when spawn happened. of course after 10 kills and no boots, i decided to lvl thf and go out 20thf/rng. I don't know if being closer to LL's lvl made it easier to obtain drop, but i'd like to think it did. also one thing that helped me be able to estimate when LL would spawn, was using a 5 min ability right after killing the first Place holder. I macro'd "Scavenge" and would just use that as a timer, by the time i would get to 50 seconds or so, i'd start spamming WS, seems to be exactly 5 minutes on lizard re-spawn time. Anyways, hope this helps other hunters, if not well good luck anyways, now i've gotta decide which NM i'll hunt next.
# Aug 17 2007 at 12:37 PM Rating: Decent
its just not fair, i got LL with just about every job combo there is, this NM is gay, i have had really good sucess with drops on just about every other NM i have fought including 6/9 on VE(if you're a good friend i got it for you by now^^) 1/2 on morion tathlium 1/3 on monster signa and 1/4 on nikkaroe and 1/1 on that goofy *** NM dhalmel in west altepa. i think SE just does not want me to get this drop ><
55RDM, 49SAM, 48THF, 43WAR, 34NIN, 31BLU, 25BLM, 21SMN, 16 RNG(which i usually sub for this jag-off)
Difficult, but works.
# Aug 04 2007 at 11:42 AM Rating: Decent
I'm currently at 0/2 camping this guy as 56 BST/THF. The PH method works very well, except when there are several other campers around who don't know about this method kill every lizard off, making it very difficult to find the PH. It's annoying, but I guess I'll keep trying. Thank you for such a great method.
# Jul 25 2007 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
1,039 posts
I can confirm, that if anyone is looking in the dat files or some form of widescan, that there are 2 leaping lizzy nms that can pop. They both can pop off of the lizard directly above the first leaping lizzy. so if you go out there with a all the mobs up and widescan. the first group of lizards, the last lizard in that list, is the ph.

camping for 6 hours with no contest and i noticed both instances of lizzy popped only 5 minutes after that one died.

That doesnt confirm whether or not you need to kill the other mobs to make it pop or pop faster. personally i noticed it popped faster when i killed some of the other stuff around it.

I camped this NM before it was rare/ex, over 2 years ago, and said i would never do it again. now im interested in levelling thief. i was 1/12 today, but finally got em!
good luck everyone.
# Jul 18 2007 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
so i was heading back Dangruf Wadi...doing some farming killed both the Geyser Lizzard for the Steam Scale Mail and the Chocoleach thing for the Gassan(Recently Ive decided to hunt NM's for the Trophies) and I noticed no one else was in the entire region of South Gustagerg so i started killing the lizzards hoping Lizzie would pop....after 30 mins of killing liz's she popped right in front of me killed her quickly and dropped bounding boots on first drop.

Sorry for the long post its my first time and i got excited
leaping lizzy
# Jul 14 2007 at 3:58 AM Rating: Decent
Well after a week finally saw her.
Thanks to all the post since I stoped killing all the lizzards and now focus on the place holders.
How to
# Jul 04 2007 at 1:36 AM Rating: Decent
308 posts
I spent 3 straight days camping this damn lizard. Finally after hours and hours i log on, wait 20 minutes get claim and got boots for my thief.

So, here is what i've learned about LL.

Lizzy has two placeholders. There are technically two leaping lizzy at any one time. It's placeholder is the 5th lizard in the first and second sets of lizards on widescan. If there is a 5th lizard in either set, lizzy can pop. Simply killing this 5th lizard in either set will make lizzy spawn. I've talked to other campers that swear killing any other lizards other than the placeholders will make lizzy's spawn longer, however I can't confirm this, the wait between pops is random far as i can tell.

Best way to camp this is THF/BST or the reverse. Beastmaster's widescan is wide enough to encompass the entire spawn area without picking up extra mobs on scan that ranger would. I stood on a small little bump on F-8 and scan there. This put me inbetween the two places lizzy pops at most often. When its up, i would track, flee then hammer on my charm macro. I very rarely lost claim this way, and over years of trying different camping combinations this was far and away the most successful.

Lizzy can spawn anywhere in the spawn area, but she popped most often at the little dropoff just before the fumaroles, and to the left of the large rock at the pillar far more often than anywhere else. If for some reason you can't widescan standing at one of these two places will give you the greatest chance of lizzy popping near you.

Good luck! Getting the boots was aggrivating as hell, but i'm unbelieveably happy now that i have my own pair!
little help
# Jul 03 2007 at 7:02 PM Rating: Decent
few questions
wut is a ph?
should i just go around killing all the lizards or wut?

im lvl 30blm/whm

ramuh server-feel free to help if ur in the area

im new to ffxi and dont know wut im doing :)

ne help is appreciated
Here is how it went for me...
# Jun 28 2007 at 5:18 AM Rating: Decent
1,034 posts
I have tried camping this NM for a couple of times, killed it around 10 times but no drop.... then I gave up completely.

One day after many many months, a friend and I need to go to Dangruf Wadi from bastok, so before we got on Chocobo, I said... "Maybe Leepy popped"... we paid our chocobo and left town. Next thing I saw, Leeping Lizzy was standing at his spawn area waiting to be kill. Got off my bird, killed it and dropped! I was very lucky, however I felt that the time I spent previously on this NM was a waste. If the boot belongs to me, it will eventually drop into my pocket ^^
FFXI: Niyariko/Fenrir)ψ(`∇´)ψ
(FFXIV: Nya Ayariko/Figaro) Alpha tester #699 on Shαdowlord
Time for some help
# Jun 25 2007 at 10:26 PM Rating: Decent
Oook, i've been readin some of the posts and lots of ppl r saying lots of things. lol. I've been tryin to camp this lizard now for the past 3 days and only got pop once. So obviously im doing something wrong. My question is : 1) is the PH theory accruate and 2) if it is...what is it?? lol which lizzy is the ph and all that fun stuff.
Im not worried too much about claim....Im still workin on tryin to get the thing to pop.. >.>
# Jun 19 2007 at 5:41 AM Rating: Decent
Killing LL is so nostalgic... everytime... my story is under the postings of Bounding Boots. PLease read for some info. I can confirm that s/he CAN spawn in 5 minutes from last death. it happened to me and the 5 minute spawn is the one that dropped. Coincidence... i think not.
Leaping Lizzy
# Jun 19 2007 at 1:18 AM Rating: Decent
Well i've camped LL with several different jobs, you've just gotta be on your toes and using /RNG (or /BST but that has less range). Here are a few ways I went about claiming.

18SAM/RNG - I had a Bow and some arrows and claimed it after killing PH on widescan. Also, funny thing was that I claimed it one time without a bow, with a Gkatana! Great Katanas have worse delay then the other claiming methods...yet I claimed it and had no drop.

38PUP/RNG - I set my puppet to Harle/Stormwaker and loaded it up with basic attachments that gave it more acc. or def. It would claim with Bio II and smack the mob once it approached.

18WAR/RNG - Just set-up two macroes, one for Provoke and another for Sharpshot(each pop is 5min. so use Sharpshot right after PH dies to keep track)

~Didn't use TH at all~

After six claims or so I stopped camping. Recently, I began camping again. Then added five more claims to my list, the one being the final one(yes!). After waiting five hours very early Sunday morning, I yawned and hit the hay. Then today (Monday) about an hour ago, I grabbed a chocobo and rode out to the spawn area again. I must have been there for 20min. or so. I killed a few enemies, had trouble keeping track of the PH because the lizards where disappearing right in front of me. I killed what I thought was the PH, then became occupied with the computer. Then I grabbed my controller a little while later and checked widescan and there was LL! I had just turned off WS to see another camper killing a lizard, which I immediately targeted and thought to my self, "whew, not LL." Then I followed my compass to LL where I spammed my provoke macro until it turned RED. "Hell yeah" I said under my breath then I used Mighty Strikes for dramatic effect and then put my cursor on the clock button (because I always do that to keep track of when she died). Then right before the final blow I shut my eyes and thought to myself "Come on LL, cough up my boots." Then I opened my eyes to find:

Icarus defeats Leaping Lizzy.
Icarus gains 20 EXP.
Icarus find a pair of bounding boots on Leaping Lizzy.
Icarus obtains a pair of bounding boots.

Then I wet myself.

To clarify: When you pull up widescan there are three groups of lizards. In the second group you'll find five Rock Lizards as long as someone hasn't killed them. The fifth one is the PH, the only PH. Kill it then immediately after use Sharpshot or Berserk because it has a five minute pop and those abilities take five minutes to recharge.

1. Some say drop rate goes down if you weaponskill.
2. Some say the longer the fight drags on, the lesser chance of drop.
3. Some say the longer you are in an area, the less chance you have of getting the drop.
4. Another thing I couldn't confirm was that they say that the pop window lasts alot longer or alot shorter depending on if you decided to kill all the lizzys instead of just the PH.

I hope this helps with camping Leaping Lizzy!

~Icarus BRD75~

Done with Lizzy!
# Jun 15 2007 at 2:28 PM Rating: Decent
Finally got my own pair of Bounding boots!

After three boring days, I can finally say, "***** you, Lizzy! I never have to see you again!"

Day 1:
Started camping at 1:30 pm. Used the Kill'em All method. She popped four times, all within one hour of each pop. Needless to say, no drops. /fume

Day 2:
Used Kill'em All method. Popped twice, and was two hours from first pop to second. No drops.

Day 3:
Started camping at around 12:30 am. Used PH method, and when I got bored, Kill'em All. She popped at 2:13 pm, and a low-level BST had claim. She was at maybe 68% HP, and the BST was nearly dead. I follow him around while he charms Lizzy to bind her, and he proceeds to mischarm a Sapling. He loses claim, and I Charm Lizzy and hit her for claim. One hit later, and I can't even breathe. "Garett finds a pair of Bounding boots on Leaping Lizzy."

Boots dropped at 5:40, Darksday, Waning Crescent, 21%.

Good luck to any other camper's, you'll need it. If you need help, send me a tell.

Garett of Midgardsormr. 61PLD/5BST.
PH method question
# Jun 10 2007 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
1,089 posts
When camping Lizzy (I'm low lvl right now and no widescan xD). However if I camp just ONE group and kill all 5 @ once, can I get LL to pop. Or do you have to kill the PH from both groups?
# Jun 06 2007 at 12:23 PM Rating: Decent
I want to say that Fendamirs post is very very usefull.
Now that I know this information LL is 100 times easier to camp. Basically theres two groups of lizards... they both contain 5 lizards, i kill the lizard on the bottom of the the top widescan list... use sharpshot to make me a 5 minute countdown.... then continue to kill the 5th lizard in the other group on the widescan list...use scavenge also after you kill it for a 5 minute countdown. Then just wait until about 20 seconds until recast on whichever one ( sharpshot or scavenge ) and know which lizards are already spawned. Whichever new lizard you see in the bottom of the desired list, thats LL's placeholder. Get your own routine going and just keep doing it over and over again.... you will know exactly when LL will spawn IF it does... and you will know the general area... easter group or Western group of lizards. This can be very hard to do if when you get there and lizards are already being killed. So far ive had good luck with people not killing them so I can figure out which two are the PH. Doing it like this gives me lots of time to do other things (like post this thread) while waiting for your recast on scavenge/sharpshot. It makes it ALOT easier than just sitting there on a rock spamming the hell out of wide scan. Thank you very much Fendamirs, as of now I'am 0/10 on Leaping Lizzy but atleast I claim it everytime. Good luck to all and I hope this helps if its not too confusing lol
Three Days Later.....
# May 29 2007 at 10:48 AM Rating: Good
I camped LL a few months ago and went 0/6 on her. Got very frustrated so I took a break, but given that I now want to level my NIN, and wanting to have the best gear possible, I decided to give it another try.

Started on a Friday night -- 60PLD/10RNG. The PH method is pretty straight-forward: if you are standing next to the large pillar and check widescan, there are three distinct groups of rock lizards that appear (5 per group): one group to the east of the pillar, one to the southwest, and one to the northwest. LL appears in the 5th spot of either of the first two groups -- NOT the third. Knowing this, I methodically waited until there were 5 in either of these groups, locked on to the 5th one in the group, took it out, and hit Sentinel to start a 5-minute countdown (respawn time).

Like most people camping LL, I had to contend with low-level characters killing RLs for XP (not going to complain about that -- its their right), and the other campers in the area who decided that one-shotting every lizard in sight with a ranged attack was going to somehow make things go faster. Assuming I knew for sure that I had already killed the PH, and knowing when I did so, I could still determine when it was due to repop and find it on the widescan, even if there were not 5 lizards in the group -- as soon as my 5 minute countdown expired, I would check widescan and pick out the lizard at the bottom of the group - that was my PH (or so I hoped). While the other campers were running around in circles killing every lizard they could find, I went on a straight-line dash for what I believed to be the PH -- that was the only lizard I would kill.

Using this method, I got claim 14 times and only missed it once. I pretty much stayed logged in the entire time from Fri night to Sun morning and would take little 1-hour breaks after each kill (eating, sleeping, reading, yard work, etc.) I am sure there were times when LL spawned while I was away (apparently she can pop 5 minutes after being killed), but I decided to stick with the my own observation that an hour to an hour and a half was the best estimate.

After going 0/13, I was ready to give up again. However, Sunday morning, I woke up and gave it one more try. I was only camping her for about 15 minutes when I got her to pop using the PH method, got claim, took her down, shut my eyes, and very slowly opened one of them to see......"Fendamir obtains a pair of Bounding Boots." (or something like that) I screamed. Literally. Like a little girl. It was great.

The moral of the story: some people get lucky and go 1/1 on LL. For the rest of us, patience will (we hope) inevitably pay off.

Best of luck to anyone out there trying to get these things -- hope you do!

# May 28 2007 at 2:14 PM Rating: Decent
304 posts
I was 1/1 on the drop with my old character from two years ago, before they were made Rare/Ex. Gave them to a Mithra Ranger/Ninja I knew immediately after.

I sure wish I had them now ... I'll have to make an effo
# May 25 2007 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
@#%^ing DRK
13,143 posts

My luck is pure ******
# Apr 30 2007 at 6:32 AM Rating: Decent
its easy for some:
i saw LL as a passed on a choco, so i hopped off and got the claim but no drop ;; but i wasnt too bothered because i want even camping for him. later the same day i was on my way back out of bastok, and i couldnt beleive my luck. there he was again, so i looked around and no one in sight again >< so i hopped off my choco again and got the claim on him and he looted the bounding boots for me. how lucky did i feel! a friend had camped for it for about 16 hours the week befor so i rubbed it in his face,lol. well im off to camp for Sharp-Eared Ropipi, gl guys.
luciest ever
# Apr 27 2007 at 10:14 PM Rating: Decent
i think you all gonna hate me after i post this:
I was 1/14 myself on my LL, and decided never camp it again.
But like 6 days ago a frieend of mine asked for help, he helped mea earlier so i coudnt say no.
Wo got to camp, sweet, no ppl i killed 1rst PH, and 5 min later LL pop, she give us boots. 1/1
Next day, i feel lucky so i decided to go with another person from my LS, LL poped after half hour of camping, another 1/1.
But thats not the end! Day after i helped another dude from LS, guess what after 15 camping we got drop. 1/1.
2 days ago, ppl from my ls started to call me "golden boy" and i started to recive random /tells from LS to go here and there camp for NM, find something. I go with 1 girl then and get LL AGAIN AFTER KILLING 1 PH, LL poped and give us drop @_@ 1/1
DAY AFTER, i was farming bees in south gustaberg, just near LL camp, i saw some dude camping there, since i was feeling damn lucky, and was bored of 5h farming, i decided to help. guess what LL BOOTS AGAIN 1/1

idk if you guys belive but i feed luckiest person in world now :D 5 boots past last 5 days. 5/5

hang on there all campers. May the lady fortune be with you! peace
Junfan/Ramuh server
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