Vana'diel Bestiary: Mee Deggi the Punisher  

Found in:Castle Oztroja
Level:35 - 36
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Linking
  • Detects by Sight
  • Based on Wind
  • Weak against Ice
Updated: Sun Jun 6 00:39:17 2010

Mee Deggi the Punisher Picture

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General Information

    • Respawn time is approximately one to six hours after its last Time of Death.

  • Susceptible to Bind, Gravity, Sleep, Stun, Slow, and Paralysis.

    • Mee Deggi the Punisher will always drop either the Impact Knuckles or the Ochimusha Kote, with a far higher probability of dropping the Impact Knuckles.

Mee Deggi the Punisher's Special Attacks

  • Double Kick - Single target two-hit physical damage with an additional Stun effect.

  • Feather Storm - Single target physical damage with an additional Poison effect.

  • Parry - Self target Defense boost effect (Effect can be dispelled).

  • Sweep - AoE physical damage with an additional Stun effect (Circle of effect originates from mob).

  • Hundred Fists - Self target potent Attack speed boost effect.

Final Fantasy XI

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# Apr 20 2011 at 9:07 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
Just got Ochimusha Kote. 1/1 drop.

Had been camping for 10-15 minutes, wiped out the Yagudo in the area, he spawned behind a tree. Boom, Ochimusha Kote dropped.

Was really expecting to be here for a very long time, thankfully, I'm not going to be! Was New Moon 7% when he died.
# Jan 22 2011 at 11:56 PM Rating: Decent
56 posts
1/61 ...and counting.

60 try and... Knuckles
Then they finally dropped. At the time he finally dropped Kote i didnt claim him, he linked while i killed respawns...
If you also have bad luck with this drop try to link him somehow ~ shouldn't be a problem nowadays since no one ever camps him ^^

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# Jun 04 2010 at 6:41 AM Rating: Decent
348 posts
1/33. My friend and I (Atistab) camped this far too many times for this drop. I finally got it during 100% Full Moon, which is also how I got my Sarutobi Kyahan a week earlier.
The Ballad of the Kotes 1/1
# Oct 17 2009 at 11:24 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, so here's my story, went to lvl my SAm (35 atm). Thought to myself i need better gear, i had lvl'd a MNK to 75, so i thought "I'll go and get me some O. Kote." I go out there start reading on the horrendous drop rate and i get a little discourage, but i said "hey, wth, i can hold off for a couple of days. I ghet there start killing its place holder, again and again, (note.. u can guees the PH from two ways; 1. a drummer or interrogator that starts to walk on water near altar. 2. if there's 3 of a kind and only one of the other ie. 3 drummer and a interrogator - one drummer is PH). I start killing it and Punisher doesn't show up. I'm thinking ok no priob it'll take the 3 hour lottery then. 4 hours later... nothing. But I keep seeing ppl taking a NM in area calle Quu Domi the Gallant. ...reads on the net... OTHER ALTAR ROOM! %#*&^, son of a %#$&*^. OK i Calmed down and slowly walked to next room. I wait an hour no pop. I see a bst after 10 mins he gets claim. I frustraded turn off computer, played Fallout 3 (great game BTW), went to work then came back home, turned on comp, took a bath then killed PH, then the rest of yags so when PH or NM appears i know its the first one in a 12 min respawn. Room was empty, to my surprise i see Mee Deegi The Punisher, i get claim and to my surprise, I get the O.Kotes, i screamed, jumped and everything else.I've never had luck with drops, even with trailers tunics wich is a 25% drop rate i went 0/6 >.>. So moral of the stoy here is... sometimes life takes pity on ppl that make dumb mistakes like that?
PH Glitch/Wierd
# Aug 08 2009 at 7:33 PM Rating: Decent
So i ws the PH like to see what it is and when it dies. A guy engages the PH.I look straight ahead bout 20secs after he engages PH. Mee Deggi is in front of me. I kill Mee Deggi, and the 40 monk is still whacking on the PH for him. Both yags on the center pedestal we're dead atm as well. Either his PH only needs to be claimed or there's PH's on the pedestal.
Evil is spelt F U N
# May 24 2009 at 6:52 PM Rating: Decent
I went 1/1 on Knuckles today. Yes, I actually camped him for the knucks. Also plan on staying till I get the Okote. After getting the knucks I went to Quu and got a Strider Sword..weaksauce. oh well 1/1 of an item I actually wanted, nice. 0/1 on the boots isnt surprising. Had I gone 1/1 on that too I woulda been calling SE to make sure they knew it was me playing. They hate me when it comes to NMs. 0/30 or so on Ose..bastards.
# May 13 2009 at 6:47 PM Rating: Decent
I got really lucky. I was going to level up Samurai and knew I needed these gloves or the Ochi Kote. I really didn't want to spend money on these, so I got on my cousin's ranger and started to camp this guy. (I was dual-boxing on my laptop, logged on with my main guy.)It was about 15-mins until the first pop. Luckily, there was no competition. I flee over to him and Shadowbind him, just in case someone came running by. I was expecting to start my 0/xx streak like what normally happens with most of the NM's I camp. Not expecting the drop, I slaughter this poor bird. I checked the long and there it was! The Ochimusha Kote! I was pretty stoked, I though I was going to be camping this thing for days!

So yeah. I'm 1/1 on these babies! ^^
Got it
# May 13 2009 at 10:07 AM Rating: Decent
I was running inbetween gallent and punisher for a couple days and then I got a message "emergency server maintenance in 30mins" I thought about just logging right then but decided to see if punisher would spawn before maintenance. 3 min till server maintenance I had just about given up hope and then i see him!!! I attack use my 2hr and hit him with 3 tachi:goten's he drops and there they are 1/17. with only 1 min till maintenace i logged out and now i'm waiting for maintenance to finish so i can hopefully get gallent^^
don't give up
# Apr 17 2009 at 5:26 PM Rating: Decent
1/19 on him. I was about to give up but I really wanted those hands for my lvl 30 sam and for my 75nin. I'm in europe and it's usually empty during the noon for my time.
# Apr 12 2009 at 3:32 AM Rating: Decent
0/4 on Mee Deggi the Punisher tonight.. i'm going for a 5th claim though, i'm honestly just hoping i get some posting luck. I was actually 1/1 on Quu Domi and i'm pretty sure thats why im having trouble with Mee Deggi so far lol.
wtf is going on
# Apr 09 2009 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
I just found the supposed PH by taking out of spawn area and hiding him on thf, along with a few links. The links all depoped and the PH started to walk away, I was also /rng and found him on the ws list in the same spot the PH always is. I started to fight him and don't ya know Mee spawnes 10 feet away... PH was alive and well and Mee spawned... idk wtf is going on anymore.

This nm has been acting odd lately though, used to be only the PH and Mee could walk fully in the water but I've seen multiple yags in the water at one time as of late. And not just wading they were swiming in it.

Personally seen him take a little less then 8hrs to spawn so gl >_> 1/36 Quu 0/39 Mee
<< () >>
# Feb 20 2009 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
55 posts
1/4 on this *******. Yay!! ^.^/
"/$% Mee Deggi!!!
# Jan 27 2009 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
0/25 right now... lost 8 claim who didnt drop the @$%&in Kote... I'm @/$%in &%$#ed right now... If I win a million one day... I buy a ticket for Japan and gonna kick the @$$ of the @¢¤¦er who put the $#!ttY drop rate.
Info collected..
# Jan 14 2009 at 12:12 PM Rating: Good
Been camping him, 0/5 so far.

Been killing the presumed place holder, crawlers, and any drummers because I hate hearing them. I've been using holy circle to watch repop times.. obviously, yags are 12 minutes. 5/5 times, mee has popped within the 2 minutes holy circle is off cooldown and the next PH spawned. This leads me to believe that he has a tendency to spawn later in the PH spawn time, but not for the PH. More camping to come, I'll keep this up to date.


0/8, one pop at 9 minutes after PH death, and another at 6 minutes after PH death.
~5 campers, all killing yags. Took ~2:30 hrs to repop. Yay 8 pairs of knuckles.

Also, I am noticing a tendency for him to spawn near the bridge. Quite possible it's just coinsidence, but 6/8 claims have been near the bridge, right or left of it.


0/12, The lastest pop I've seen so far is still 6min after the PH dies. I've now seen him spawn on all different sides of the middle thing. Also, I can confirm that his window opens back up, at longest, 1hr and 14min after ToD. 8:12PM > 9:26PM my time. It seems to me, when I have less competition and ability to kill yags and such he does spawn faster. However, this could simply be my imagination because I have more to do than spam widescan. However, I do tend to see him fairly quickly into his window(Which I'm guessing is actually 1hr, but I cannot prove it.) this way. Please, please don't let this camping turn into a 0/50 horror story. :P


0/15, 15/16 on claims. Lost my first one today, lucky pop. >.<; Right in front of the MNK who was there with me. Note, that the couple times my competition has been killing the yags on the top(Herald and Oracle), the pop has taken 2hr+. Likely just by chance, but perhaps some others have noticed a trend like that.


Last claims I got were all over the place. Timer still around 1hr, consistently, with PH dying. Good luck.

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Edited, Jan 21st 2009 9:17pm by Glehn
Easy with Linkshell friends.
# Jan 05 2009 at 7:53 PM Rating: Decent
Okay, I just got the O-kote from this guy. There were 4 total CCs, two working together and the other 2 just running around acting like they didn't know how to pop him. I had at one time 9 people from my ls come help, but only 5 when the o-kote dropped. Yes I know one can camp him, I just wanted to make sure we got the drop. First two kills only got the Impact Knuckles, but whatever 2 people needed em. Third time we got the O-kote and I lotted a 965! We stayed originally because three of us needed it, but left after one more pop, which was the Impact Knuckles. We were there for a total of 5 pops, and after we lost the first claim (when it was just me and a 37 Samurai) I invited some linkshell friends. Very easy to kill as a PLD75/WAR37 and even a PLD63/WAR31. We will try again tomorrow for the other 2, but so far I have found that the two placeholders are Yagudo Interrogator and Yagudo Drummer. Once he actually popped 61 minutes after kill, and once took about 140 minutes (little under 2 1/2 hours) so I'd say that 1-3 hrs is right. 1/3 is definately something I can live with compared to what I've heard. Well worth the camping.
# Dec 29 2008 at 11:11 AM Rating: Decent
Just took him out, no one was camping and got kote first try! =D Makes up for the endless hours I spent on lizzy lol
TH on this NM
# Nov 24 2008 at 3:48 PM Rating: Decent
For either Quu Domi or Mee Deggi, you will not need TH for the drop, since it is not affected by it. Here is why

Since there is a guaranteed drop for either item when you kill the NM, it will not increase the drop rate. Just because either one is guaranteed to drop. Just wanted to clear it up for anyone that may have had questions on it
If you want claim and drop, please read
# Nov 17 2008 at 4:30 AM Rating: Decent
Ok i finished camping these and got drop prolly a week or two ago ( 1/5 ) and theres something I learned that I'm going to share with yall b/c someone -really- should have posted this by now.

The repop on the yags are of course 12 mins (no thats not it), the NM's Quu Domi the Gallant -and- Mee Deggi the Punisher CAN and probably in most cases if not all DO pop in exactly 5 mins after the ph it finally is going to replace dies. Some of yall may disagree w/ me but this has been the case on all 5 Deggi kills and all 12 Quu kills.

I say this b/c when you think you got 12 mins of downtime, you don't. The 2 of my 3 not claims were due to this, i was actually dead alone fishing and he popped 5 mins after the first one i killed (2 game hours) and someone cooincidentally just walked in. By the time i pulled up my rod, claim. Best of luck, and happy hunting!
I Hate being one of those guys...
# Nov 06 2008 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
So, I had been farming for days.
And boy, was I bored.
I've been prepping to take my DRG to 75 (first job!) and knew that SAM would make a sweet /sub.
However, I didn't wanna lvl SAM until I had the dreaded O.Kote.

Now, there was no way I was gonna go blow 600k on the store bought versions of these babies, not knowing if, or when I would ever take SAM (or MNK or NIN for that matter) past 37.

SO, I finally mustered up the courage, and ran my @$$ out to Castle Oztroja with my DRG50/THF23 to see if I could make a little magic happen.

When I got there, 3 people where in the process of killing this 'ol boy, and within a minute, I hear "Knucks AGAIN! This is a JOKE!!" and two of the peeps exited, stage right.

That left myself, an AFK PLD75, a MNK 55 (who ended up being pretty cool) and a THF 75.

I thought to myself "this ain't happening tonight" but I had a feeling...

So after awhile, the MNK leaves to go check the other NM, and I'm sitting around, killing crabs and the occasional PH, and lo and behold, our old friend Mee Deggi decides topay me a visit. My heart starts pumping like it was prom night, and I run over to him, sure I'm about to get outclaimed...

As a 50 DRG, this fight was not too hard. When he busted out the 'ol 100 Fists, I Super Jumped to erase hate, and when I came back down, he began hitting my wyvern, giving me time to get in an extra Sneak Attack.

Finally, the moment of truth...
he dies...
and there they are!


So I says to myself "Self, lets try for one more"
I leave to go watch some tv.
Watched an episode of True Blood.
Came back, room now has like 5 peole in it.
So I say ***** it, I'mma kill crabs fo rthe land crab meat.
I start killing my first crab, and up walks Mee Deggi again, looking like he wants it bad.
So I panic, and try to switch targets, which for some reason (prolly cuz I'm all panicked) doesn't work.
I figure I've lost him forever at this point, so I finish killing my crab....

....to discover that EVERY person in the room is AFK.

I claim him again in the time honored tradition of the mighty DRG (jump)
I beat his Yaguado behind to a pulp.
I cover my eyes,
and when I look up...

"You have Defeated Mee Deggi the Punisher."
"Mee Deggi the Punisher drops a ochimusha kote"
"Nothing obtains an ocimusha kote"

IRL, I screamed,
and in-game i /sh'd
then I danced.
oh, I danced.

If it matters to anyone, it was Iceday, moon was at 93% waxing.
Everyone has there superstitions, I myself carry around a 4 Leaf Mandy Bud and a Wild Rabbit Tail. You can call it superstition all you want, but I'm 1/2 on Mee Deggi, and 1/3 on VE, so I guess for me, my superstition worked out XD

Hit me up sometime folks.

Name: Nothing
Server: Asura (soon to be Titan though)
Nation: Bastok Rank 5

Luck on my side....wtf
# Oct 21 2008 at 12:56 AM Rating: Decent
decided i wanted to lvl my sam( lvl12) so i headed to the castle in in the hope i could pick up some okotes ended up going 1/4 so not bad at all, and 1/3 on Gallant so things went very good :)
the PH is the 3rd yagudo down after the cutters (assuming all yagudos are up)
PH has a 12 mins re-pop (earth time) however unlike other NMs that doesn't mean you can go afk for 12 mins and come back to see either a ph or nm pop, the NM can pop anytime when PH is dead and Window is open. from my experience re spawn on Punisher is a 1-2 (possibly more but no less) hour.

i'd also like to thank Yubbie on Hades server for helping me :)
and good luck to everyone

pop conditions
# Oct 04 2008 at 8:28 PM Rating: Default
there are conflicting PHs because both yagudo drummer and the interrogator CAN be the PH. but not both at the same time. it switches between kills usually. Usually this conflict occurs when mee deggi is held long enough for his PH to repop. Mee deggi only pops when his PH is dead and DOES NOT pop in place of his PH. After you kill mee deggi his PH may switch may not it's unknown to me how the PH switches / what triggers it. However there is a way to tell exactly what the PH is. This was done by gather all the drummers and interrogators and running them away from their pop position and performing Hide ability. All yags will disappear except the PH who will then walk back to his original pop location. This used to work but recently i tried it and it did not. However i may have missed one so cheers to you on trying
Just Some Help
# Sep 29 2008 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
For those about to embark on this adventure here is just a little help.

1/7 on Ochiumusha Kotes. This monster spawns every 1-3 hours. However, I believe that if you do not kill any Yagudo he will not pop as fast. 5/7 of the times I killed him I started killing Yagudo and cleared the room of them. Then when they all repopped and I started killing them again he would always pop in the middle of that second round. Often times he would pop exactly on the hour as long as the first wave of Yags were gone before the hour mark since last death. 1 time he took 1 hour and 45 min to pop and the last time he took nearly the full 3 hours to pop. The time that took 1 hour and 45 minute a guy showed up so I slowed on the killing to also keep my eyes peeled which makes me think they made him take longer. This guy the claim this time and I was devastated of course so the next spawn I got in my spot and didnt move. He did not kill any Yags either. afer 2 hours and 30 minutes of waiting he decided to go to Quu Domi so when he left I checked the tunnel to make sure he was gone and wiped all the Yags in the room. Lo and behold at 2 hours and 47 minutes 5 minutes after I killed the last yag to wipe the room he popped on the back wall right of the pond. So I claimed him equipped my Impact knuckles and I already had my inventory full from magic finales and what not. I used every spell that I had on him, and finished him with a Savage Blade and when I opened my eyes there they were. I dropped a pair of the knuckles from earlier and they kotes nestles in my inventory forever. So from reading everyones take on the drop and the mob spawn I believe he will spawn without killing a single YAgudo but I know for a fact he pops sooner if you wipe the Yagudo. Here is the downside. I got my Kotes when he took nearly three hours to pop. I have read 3 to 4 other posts where they said that when he took 3 hours to pop they got the Kote. So maybe letting him cook a little bit helps him hand them over maybe not. And just for reference I killed him on Thundersday 37% moon.
just thought id give my two cents
# Aug 25 2008 at 8:03 AM Rating: Default
hey guys, i dunno if this helps anyone out planning to camp this mob but i went 1/7 on the kotes. its always camped but the only advice i can offer is to stand in front of the little pond and watch to the left and right. happy hunting!
Impact Knuckles?
# Aug 24 2008 at 9:27 AM Rating: Good
32 posts
So I'm 0/6 on this guy but some masochistic side in me makes me keep coming back after I swear I'm done after each fight with no drop...

Anyway, to the question at hand, a PLD the other day told me if you wear Impact Knuckles while fighting Mee Degi that it will increase the drop rate.

Anyone know if that's true or just an old wives' tale?

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