Vana'diel Bestiary: Mee Deggi the Punisher  

Found in:Castle Oztroja
Level:35 - 36
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Linking
  • Detects by Sight
  • Based on Wind
  • Weak against Ice
Updated: Sun Jun 6 00:39:17 2010

Mee Deggi the Punisher Picture

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General Information

    • Respawn time is approximately one to six hours after its last Time of Death.

  • Susceptible to Bind, Gravity, Sleep, Stun, Slow, and Paralysis.

    • Mee Deggi the Punisher will always drop either the Impact Knuckles or the Ochimusha Kote, with a far higher probability of dropping the Impact Knuckles.

Mee Deggi the Punisher's Special Attacks

  • Double Kick - Single target two-hit physical damage with an additional Stun effect.

  • Feather Storm - Single target physical damage with an additional Poison effect.

  • Parry - Self target Defense boost effect (Effect can be dispelled).

  • Sweep - AoE physical damage with an additional Stun effect (Circle of effect originates from mob).

  • Hundred Fists - Self target potent Attack speed boost effect.

Final Fantasy XI

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# Feb 12 2004 at 10:47 PM Rating: Default
kote going for 500k on cerberus.
Easy for melee
# Feb 09 2004 at 8:54 PM Rating: Default
Spawn time is two hours, at least the two times I have fought him and the other four times I have seen him have been two hours since the last appearance. I'm a 50MNK/21WHM (WHM for when I solo, regen makes it much faster), and he doesn't hit me for more than 200HP. When he uses Hundred Fists, I use Dodge, and half the time he does hit, I end up countering. 12 damage was the hardest hit that got in, and most of my hits were 50+ per punch. So for melee jobs, this guy is a walk in the park. The mages will definitely need to do something to prevent taking too much damage.
RE: Easy for melee
# Feb 11 2004 at 2:39 PM Rating: Default
Update: I've had it spawn after 3 hours as well now, so my guess is 2-4 hours per spawn, as seems the norm for a lot of the NMs.
# Feb 08 2004 at 1:37 AM Rating: Default
I have fought this NM once, camped it for 45 minutes. One other person was there camping it, and we each took one side of the platform. I could tell the other guy was Japanese, because he saw the spawns of other Yagudo faster than i did, and used Flash to grab them (he was a PLD/THF). Fortunately, Mee Deggi spawned right in front of me, i nabbed it with Poison and the fight began. I did not know how powerful it was, so i went all out. Started off with Elemental Seal, then into Manafont, then i got Freeze going. That casted, did 847 dmg, only taking 1/4 of its health. Then casted Stone III, brought its HP near halfway down, and it used Hundred Fists. It kept hitting me constantly for 10-20 damage like 2 hits every second. My manafont wore off, and my HP was in the orange, i hit Divine Seal and tried to Cure III me twice, both being interrupted. I died. I did pull off nearly 1400 dmg tho getting its HP bar 3/4 of the way down, i did Freeze, Stone III, and 2 Thunder II's. Im not going to try and solo this thing again til im at least lv 55.

52 BLM / 22 WHM
# Jan 26 2004 at 5:10 AM Rating: Default
I NEED MORE INFO ON THIS NM !!! .. Anything will help
# Feb 06 2004 at 8:03 PM Rating: Decent
I think the spawn time is 1 hour with the killing of the yagudo in that small area.
# Mar 26 2004 at 4:03 PM Rating: Decent
mee deggi is on the first floor.
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