Vana'diel Bestiary: Altedour I Tavnazia  

Found in:Fei'Yin
Found at Location:G - 8
Job:Black Mage
  • Quest Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Linking
  • Detects by Sound
  • Detects by Low HP
  • Based on Dark
  • Weak against Fire
  • Weak against Light
  • Strong against Darkness
Involved in Quests:
Updated: Sun Aug 7 09:42:18 2011

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??? @ G-8 NOW, NOT J-10!
# Aug 07 2011 at 1:34 AM Rating: Good
62 posts
The ??? is at G-8 now, not J-10.

After the 10 May 2011 update when the new, higher-level mobs were added to the J-10 room, the ??? that you trade the Tav. Bell to was moved to G-8 on the same floor (the floor you zone into from Beaucedine. It's the same room as the Miser Murphy spawn.


Fairly easy but long-ish fight for lvl. 78 PLD/DNC with lvl. 78 RDM/WHM backup for curing and de-buffs.
Lost Bell...
# May 23 2010 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
598 posts
Beware! If you die you have to go get a new bell.
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Holy Crap!!!
# Dec 10 2008 at 10:13 AM Rating: Decent
I got some help yesterday in Pandemonium for my Whm AF3 and wow....

Ok, I had a 75 Nin/Sch and a 75 Drk/War help me out. I buffed us up with Protectra III and Shellra III (I'm a 60 Whm/Smn). Casted Stonekins and Blink on me and traded the bell and all hell broke loose. This thing took out the Drk in 10 seconds. I was shocked!!! The Nin held is own againts this guy and brought the thing down to 25%. Keep in mind that I was healing with Cure III and IV and keeping Haste Up, so my MP was going down fast.

Raised the Drk just in case Nin fell, but this Nin was able to bring him down to 10% health. Nin used a Reraise Ring in case he didn't make it, and I used Reraise II as well just in case. I cure th Drk back to full health, as well as the Nin, but this thing started going crazy at 5% health. I used benediction, but it didn't help the Drk much as he was Ko'd again. Next thing you know Nin goes down. Then finally, I get my butt whooped and at this point, this damn thing is at 1% health.

Well, since Nin had used reraise ring, he get's back up and at the right timing, he does a critical hit and the thing goes down, FINALLY. I get back up, raise Drk Knight, collect mask, and complete my AF3 quest.

I have got to say, that was the most fun and excitement I have had in this game for quite some time.
Unable to solo
# Oct 26 2008 at 1:25 AM Rating: Decent
112 posts
Attempted to solo this on 75 NIN and let me say it was not easy. His accuracy was through the roof (took out a shadow per hit) even with my max evasion gear on (ohat, scorp harness, scouter's rope, etc etc). Slow helped a bunch to keep shadows up consistently but his aga-II spells combined with each attack hitting like a truck made it extremely hard to keep up HP even with the aid of meds. I managed to bring him down to 40% hp before he killed me, going to attempt this again this time bringing a few more meds since this is indeed a long and grueling fight.
Solo'ed it
# Sep 16 2008 at 4:12 PM Rating: Decent
91 posts
75/37 Smn/Whm.

Little problems to take this down, but did take around 30 minutes. Just the standard carby kite job. Since nothing agro's on a 75 on that level no problems. Hit him a few times with Metorite, but mainly let carby do his thing.
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# Mar 22 2008 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
I am on my way to solo this guy as a 75 NIN/WAR, I will let you know how it goes. By the way, I actually mean "Solo" unlike others on here who state things like "I soloed him with my whm friend", or soloed him with my Bst friend...

Solo = 1

Duo = 2

# Oct 24 2007 at 5:35 AM Rating: Decent
did it solo with my SAM/WHM lvl 62

Edited, Oct 24th 2007 9:36am by cooooool
# Sep 23 2007 at 1:02 AM Rating: Decent
Solo'd this as a 67 RDM with a gimp NIN sub at 31.

It took a really, really long time. I hardly used any MP, only in the beginning when I was overly reckless and dumped a bit too much, but once I got into the swing of things my MP went up slowly even while casting everything.

I was with my friend who's a 59 WHM, but he didn't really do anything.
Not too hard
# Jul 03 2007 at 7:24 AM Rating: Decent
430 posts
Duo this with a friend and my npc, my friend and I gets to red every once a while since her stoneskin was down when he spams dimensional death, but overall it wasn't very hard.

Jobs were:
75 rdm/nin
75 whm/nin
lvl65 npc soothing healer

Npc was very helpful with his cure V =P, free mp.
Decent Challenge
# May 27 2007 at 5:38 PM Rating: Decent
21 posts
Just got finished killing this guy for my wife. We went as:


Took about 2hr to farm up bell total just because of the respawn time on the Dark Stalker's they are easy kills though. Two kills before the Bell dropped the NIN popped in front of us. We got the bell and all headed for Fei'Yin.

Got there cleared the room and fully buffed. Tavnazia popped NIN voked and we just keep slow steady dmg on him. At one point he used Stonega III then immediatly Dimensional Death knocked NIN down to like 300/1300HP but my wife and I tossed him a Cure IV each and he was fine. All together a fun fight.

Thanks to Phuryion on Shiva server for the help!
bst? lol
# Feb 03 2007 at 6:04 AM Rating: Decent
i tried to solo this with my 75 bst after x2 75thf and 60+ whm failed (we got him to 35% and died, so maybe another dd or blm would of been good), well lets just say i would of died soloing it as bst, i brought 7 fish oil broth and 12 zeta biscuits thinking this would be enough, after reading previous posts, i was wrong... (also had dyna AF body, legs, and feet - x2 enhance reward, also used 52+ NPC but npc didn't really help much except for when i got poisoned, she would cast poisona but i had /whm) anyway 1 fish oil broth took about 10%hp off him and that was with 1 zeta biscuit used, and after that i had about 2min left on call beast timer, not sure if you can charm a bat and have it take hate cause after about the 2nd time (waiting until recast went to 0 so i had extra call rdy) i started fighting him cause i knew i wasn't going to win. So i had to kite him for the remainder of the timer, he's pretty ez to kite. i got my 3rd pet out and it was at about 70% when it died and then someone checked me and i was all /tell ????? (Help me out!) lol and thank god he say "ok!" he was a ninja and had a whm and another person with him probably all 3 75 and even the ninja had trouble with the constant -aga spells being casted on him but he had his whm so i think he wasn't scared... i got my item and i thanked him about 10times lol anyway if you want to solo this as bst -----(and you don't have to be whm to pop mob)----- i would bring like 30 fish oil broths and 30 zeta biscuts that should be good enough to kill him with some left over. he was spaming dimential death constantly (when i was fighting him, probably giving him more tp then i wanted to) which my pet didn't appreciate very much...

I also have 75 blm but didn't think to use it, as with blm you can only really solo if you can sleep the mob, cause you need to heal mp, so i was just wondering if anyone knew if it could be slept for future referance for up and comming whm's
Can it be slept?

Edited, Feb 3rd 2007 9:16am by DJDexter
Not too bad
# Dec 09 2006 at 12:30 AM Rating: Decent
58 posts
A RDM 75/NIN 37 friend and I (59 WHM / 37 BLM) beat this guy today. We came upon the spawn spot where a slumber party (ie multiple dead lying around) was in progress. Not sure of their levels but I raised them and they stood back, allowing us at this guy. We had a couple of close calls, where my friend went into the red twice, and I never drew hate while curing him (I stood WAY back btw). I had to use erease once and kept haste and regen on him. An enjoyable fight, especially after I anticipated an *** whipping. However, it was the wrong *** that got whipped. GL to my WHM brethren on this.
# Nov 10 2006 at 3:40 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
Heh.. Interested in that enfeebling-and-running strategy, but I'm not sure if a 57WHM/28BLM with a level 93 enfeebling magic skill could stick anything. Of course I'm not fluent in the art of enfeebling, so could anyone tell me if I could stick some bio or poison or dia or something? I wanna try that strategy, but don't wanna lose my bell then not be able to do any damage to him.
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# Aug 11 2006 at 10:43 PM Rating: Decent
175 posts
Solo'd this today as RDM75/NIN37. Tried the engage strategy, but could see it wasn't going to work early in, so hit Gravity and made a run for it. Bio II, Poison II and about 40 minutes later it was dead. I used very few meds, and used Gravity sparingly for fear of resists. He stops a lot to cast -ga spells which works in your favour cause you just run away. I just looped him in a circle and did the DoT thing. tried a few nukes but he seemed resistant so just wore him down.

It wasn't exactly a glorious fight, but RDM solo rarely is. Just a matter of outlasting your opponent.

I suspect any mage in theory could solo this in a similar fashion as Mizer Murphy.. Cast Bio on it and run for the zone, zone out wait a minute or two go back in DoT again. Just make sure you are in the zone when it dies to get the mask to drop. If you are interested in this strategy, see the RDM AF Hat quest, there is more info there.

Good luck to everyone. Was a fun (albiet long) fight.

Have an Idea
# Aug 01 2006 at 9:23 PM Rating: Decent
So I have an idea, and being as I'm a crazy fool (and one of my LS mates needs this shirt) I'm a 75 drk, use war thf or nin sub dependin on the circumstance. I've soloed a few things most people would be like a Drk/Nin did what!? So I plan on fighting this thing with the whm, he's lvl 61. I was thinkin of using a scythe instead of dual axes. Keeps his tp gain from my attacks less, and gives me GUillotine. Guillotine should keep silence up fairly well as long as I get tp fast enough. Will need the whm for haste, regen, and cures from AOE spells. But I think it can be done, will post the results, lemme know what you think.
Have an Idea
# Oct 23 2006 at 10:28 AM Rating: Decent
Suicidal. But why not hehe
# Jul 31 2006 at 2:37 AM Rating: Decent
Soloed with MNK75/NIN37 (great eva equipment) and WHM58
need it done
# Jun 04 2006 at 1:57 AM Rating: Decent
70whm on valfore server really this af please send tel message if u can help me i in turn will give free tels for life and any help u may need with and thing 36 rng 40blm 27 warr 31 smn 17 nin 14 blu 8 pup 9 cor all jobs except brd pld drk
No joke
# May 29 2006 at 3:39 AM Rating: Decent
369 posts
This guy is not a pushover by any means. He's definitely on the hard end of the spectrum of AF3 mobs.

A couple of guys in my linkshell needed this fight, and so they went to fight it with a NIN from the linkshell that was helping out. They had a NIN75, a BRD75, and a 60-ish WHM. They ended up wiping due to his Tier III AoE spells taking out all shadows (and then spamming Dimensional Death afterwards.) After the fact, I (BLM75/WHM37) showed up for the second attempt -- the thought being that I could stun the AoEs and make the fight a lot easier. And it didn't take very long for one thing to become very clear:

Do not assume that you can stun this guy's spells.

My Dark Magic was capped and merited, and I was wearing various equipment to boost it (Dark Staff, Abyssal Earring, AF legs, etc.) and I got resisted every time. The fight was on Darksday, which almost certainly didn't help. The NIN tank ended up dying, at which point the rest of us kept it occupied for a while we he reraised. He then kited it, weakened, while we rested MP (because we were all out.) If there's anything to be said for this guy, it's that his affinity for long-delay spellcasting makes him pretty easy to kite. It also seems to be pretty easy to stick Paralyze and Slow on him.

Once the kiting NIN was unweakened and we had healed him up, we finished the NM off with our fresh mana pools. But this guy is no joke -- your best bet is probably to have as many melee DDs as you can round up. The notion that his Dimensional Death spamming is a function of TP is nonsense -- he was spamming it (or, at least, trying to) as he was being kited. Even as a BLM75, my elemental nukes were very heavily resisted. I ended up concentrating a lot of my MP on backup cures to keep people alive.

It was a fun and exciting fight, but I would have preferred it to be not quite that fun and exciting.
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RE: No joke
# Jun 02 2006 at 2:28 PM Rating: Decent
Jack of All Trades
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My Dark Magic was capped and merited, and I was wearing various equipment to boost it (Dark Staff, Abyssal Earring, AF legs, etc.) and I got resisted every time.

Stun is a lightning-element spell, not dark. If anything, Thunder/Jupiter's Staff is what you'd want to use, not Dark. Dark Staff has no +Dark Magic skill on it either :P

The notion that his Dimensional Death spamming is a function of TP is nonsense -- he was spamming it (or, at least, trying to) as he was being kited.

It is based on TP, he just gains and uses it at a greatly accelerated rate compared to other mobs. When I'm tanking this guy, I refuse to let anyone else attack it, because then it makes the DD spam uncontrollable and I end up getting raped. When it's just me against him, his TP gain is controllable.
RE: No joke
# Oct 21 2006 at 8:37 PM Rating: Good
369 posts
Stun is a lightning-element spell, not dark. If anything, Thunder/Jupiter's Staff is what you'd want to use, not Dark. Dark Staff has no +Dark Magic skill on it either :P
You're correct that Stun is a lightning-based spell (so you would want to use Thunder/Jupiter's Staff, instead of Dark/Pluto's as I was suggesting) but just so that nobody is confused on this, Stun is a Dark Magic spell. In other words, any skillups that you get from casting Stun will go against your Dark Magic skill, not your Elemental Magic skill. Stun is a bit of a black sheep (pun intended) insofar as it is the only Dark Magic spell that has a non-Dark element associated with it. (I know you know this, Fynlar, I just wanted to pass this along to anybody else unaware of it.)

So in theory, any piece of equipment with +Dark Magic Skill should help, though in practice it seems that on this particular mob, it really doesn't matter. I just fought it again last night with another BLM75 and a DRK75, and I still have yet to see a non-resisted Stun cast against this *******.
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I'm looking for a good social / Abyssea LS on Lakshmi.
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NM Fight
# May 04 2006 at 4:23 PM Rating: Decent
Killed this NM twice last night with this setup:
WHM/BLM 62 (me)

The 2 fights were way different, in 1st fight Casted like crazy its Sleepga (like 8 times)
Lot of DMG with Dimensional Death... The DRG used 2hrs because 1 Dim. Death the Tank went red HP only once the fight was like 10 mins long...
2nd fight no sleepga, less DMG with Dim. Death in other words way easier (like 7 mins fight)...

Used for this fights:
5 poison potions
4 yag Drinks
1 Rolanberry Pie
Melees used top food too, whms just pies >.>

So This NM isnt that Bad *** like some posts say (was the reason because I waited that long to fight him) but:
1. Poison potions are a most have
2. Need a high lv tank
3. Enfeebs were ABSOLUTELY useless in this guy
4. Need kinda good luck

One last thing This guy is a BLM 100% sure he uses manafont, so not a RDM like saw in some posts..

So brothers and sisters WHMs go for it!!

Hope this help u all =)



Dabe (NIN)
Deadlive (DRG) U rock Dead!!! Uber Dragoon!!!
Sliver (WHM 68)
Blondelle (WHM 57)

And sorry again for the lot Blondelle >.>
# Apr 13 2006 at 12:03 AM Rating: Decent
642 posts
(Too Weak)

soloed as a 75 SMN, like 20-30 minutes of Carby kiting, with a couple of 70 pacts at the end, it never touched me. Did it twice actually, once for me and once for an LS mate.

Never saw it use Sleepga (2), but I was out of range of the battle for most of the fight.
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# Aug 30 2006 at 3:39 PM Rating: Decent
I wouldn't say "Too Weak" if you took 20-30 minutes to kill him. You used a loophole - you didn't pwnz0r him.
Soloable by SMN
# Mar 31 2006 at 3:22 AM Rating: Decent
139 posts
This is fairly easy to solo as 75 smn/whm using all Carbuncle. Just keep up blink, stoneskin, protect, and shell. It takes a while though ^^
Vyri Amariyu - FFXIV Goblin Server
RE: Soloable by SMN
# Apr 08 2006 at 6:03 AM Rating: Decent
236 posts
Considering that I believe the mobs strength grows with the more people you have, I can believe that it is entirely possible to solo this as smn.

Hmm, wonder if drg could solo it? lol.

Edited, Sat Apr 8 07:07:42 2006
RE: Soloable by SMN
# Apr 08 2006 at 8:29 PM Rating: Default
139 posts
I really doubt the mobs strength grows based on the number of people fighting it... The only thing that can make it tricky with large groups is the fact that the mob likes to use mainly AoE spells.
Vyri Amariyu - FFXIV Goblin Server
killed it twice
# Mar 23 2006 at 10:39 AM Rating: Decent
I manage to get an alince to do this.

Stright way I did elemental seal and silnce as soon as it spawned which seems to stick.

Then started to cure the alince like you do.

we reseted up for the next one and it did it again.
This time it cast sleepga II stright away and nuked us all with a powerful stonga spell.

Try to silnce it but it did not stick.
Then it use manafold twice. and started to spam ga spells.

since we was in an alince it did drop prity fast.
Only 2 deaths from it.

My advise is to get an alince of at least 10.
killed it twice
# Aug 19 2007 at 2:01 PM Rating: Good
767 posts
That was painful to read. :(
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pretty tough
# Feb 23 2006 at 10:07 PM Rating: Decent
Just killed this thing earlier today. things were hectic...
Party was WHM58/BLM29 (me)
put stoneskin up then popped him... Took off stoneskin and did 77 damage in 1 hit not to mention he stole 190 some odd MP ><;
fight took about 25 or so mins and i added up roughly 21k HP taken off of him before he died ><
id say hes about lvl 65-68ish and loves to spam -ga spells and for some reason he had dispel... RDM had capped Enfeebling and couldnt stick a single enfeeb on it. it used Chainspell at about 1/4 hp left and spammed -ga spells with it and made things worse >< NIN dropped to about 40 health 5 times in the fight and i use like 1000 MP healing him alone (yes i did rest through the fight). healers should definately bring poison potions and at least 3-4 70+ ppls.
# Feb 23 2006 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
I'm in the process right now of trying to find people to help me with this, and there seems to be alot of mixed posts regarding this NM.

I've gathered that it becomes more lethal the more people you have in your party/alliance. It uses numerous -ga spells, and you can't seem to outweigh his power by number.

The best way I can think to take this guy down is by building a fairly small (3-4) party of 75s, with one being a NIN tank.

Any suggestions in beating this NM would be very helpful!
# Feb 21 2006 at 5:41 PM Rating: Default
Sounds to me like everyone's biggest problem other than DDeath is the sleepga.... if any of u do BCNM's which i'm sure most of us have, u know the best way to combat this is to have healers use poison potions. I haven't tried this yet, just got my hat and pants today... gonna do it sometime this week though.
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