Vana'diel Bestiary: Colossal Calamari  

Family:Sea Monk
Found in:Manaclipper
  • Based on Water
  • Weak against Ice
  • Weak against Lightning
  • Strong against Water
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

Colossal Calamari Picture

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# Dec 26 2005 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
1,362 posts
yup i only got a seashell ><
Doesn't last long..
# Jul 07 2005 at 7:11 AM Rating: Decent
128 posts
I saw this guy this morning, I was BST 35, conned IT++, but it was only out for about 15 seconds.
sea shells
# Jun 01 2005 at 6:02 PM Rating: Decent
Aggros to healing and drops seashells
its level
# May 10 2005 at 12:13 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Yeah it was EP to a lvl50, like the Krakens in some places so itll be around Krakens level, stronger then qufim´s kraken but just as strong as the kraken on the isle that the clipper goes to.
# Mar 08 2005 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
762 posts
Does he drop anything decent?
Easy as Hell
# Mar 05 2005 at 5:53 PM Rating: Decent
Took this as a 45ish SAM, pretty easy, some sport on a fine tour out on the ocean, what can be better than that...
weak ...
# Dec 28 2004 at 4:32 AM Rating: Good
33 posts
is there any point to this weak-*** mob? it doesn't even drop anything half-decent.
Only a second?
# Dec 22 2004 at 12:54 AM Rating: Decent
152 posts
I wish this only popped for a second, was fighting an Urganite as a 49 RDM/BLM and this spawned. Wandered around for a few seconds before aggroing me while i was fighting the urganite, and then i had to warp.
# Dec 09 2004 at 4:45 PM Rating: Decent
89 posts
He popped, nobody else was on the ship, he stayed popped, I decided to try and claim him. Woot! Stunned 'em. Slept him, went to heal myself... oops! Sub thf! Too dazed by RL distractions to warp out while he slept! Blammo!

He conned as Easy Prey, by the way (to a level 50).
Popping Mad
# Nov 15 2004 at 7:34 PM Rating: Decent
293 posts
This thing popped for one second... then depopped. Is that normal?
stupid squid
# Oct 06 2004 at 7:49 AM Rating: Decent
how do you keep this from de-poping immidiatly after it pops, I have chi blasted it, but still ends up de-poping
# Oct 03 2004 at 9:42 PM Rating: Decent
585 posts
Can't have a boat ride without a squid popping up every now and then, can we? :D
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