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Found in:Monarch Linn
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    Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

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    # Oct 16 2007 at 3:05 PM Rating: Decent
    I tried this yesterday, as 40THF/20NIN...

    our set up was:
    THF/NIN (me)

    When we entered, i pulled the middle into the cave, and the RDM's kited the other 2. They had a few Gravity's and Bind's on em, but eventually they started resisting >_<.

    anyhow, 15sec into provoking the main mammet, the NIN died. -_-;

    leaving me to tank. i survived 5min lol. I think that THF would be a great Kiter for this fight, i had maxed EVA and Blood Bolts on me, and the only time i got hit was when they used -ga's.

    anywho, i got the main one from 90% down to 40% before the SMN 2hrd on the wrong one, and got the other down to 75%. Then the SMN died, soon followed the 2nd RDM, then the 1st RDM, then the WHM, then me, and i stayed alive ~30sec with -ga spells casted on me and a DRG meleeing me.

    Anyways, we used only 2 Yellow liquids, and i used squid sushi.
    i think i shoulda got a RNG/NIN instead of a 2nd RDM and i coulda helped kite =/ but iono. we died, but it was fun.

    GL to everyone else, off to try again ^_^
    # Nov 17 2006 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
    I attempted to kite one of these as rdm/nin...

    I didn't see any mention on here about resists...

    I had 62+24 int...

    I got gravity on twice and bind on thrice... then it resisted 1 gravity and 2 binds...

    I think it used Mind Wall... Which makes it gain HP from nukes... might this have given it immunity to enfebs? Because I can't help but think that people would have mentioned it if they gained resistance that fast.

    Anyone know? And if that's the case... does Yellow Liquid keep them from using that? I know it's suppose to help stop them from the move that gives them HP from melee...

    Or was everyone else just lucky and it was a fluke for it to use Mind Wall?

    Well I guess the base of 62int was outside the BC so it was at 70... but the fact of the matter is that I don't think I was gimped for int. We tried 3 times and got slaughtered slightly less each time. Last time we wiped and RRed back up only to have our hearts broken with the last NM at 60% when we ran out of time =(. I would say rdm is not the way to kite this, unless you have enough DD power to kill the first NM before resists start to occur.

    PS Don't cast silence after bind >.> I was under the impression only damage dealing spells could break bind... I was wrong.

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    Not too bad
    # Jan 30 2006 at 2:37 PM Rating: Decent
    70 posts
    This was a fun fight and I think I only say this because he beat it on our first try. Our set up was..


    Basically the SMN and NIN kited 2 of the jerks while the rest of us focused on the middle one. We wanted to pull it to the tunnel but didn't so we just straight killed it in the middle. We tried to yellow liqued it on it's DRG form as much as possible. The NIN's did an awesome job. I two houred at about 50% of the first one and hit it with avalanche axe for about 250.

    Once that one died we went over and took on the SMN's jerk. SAM 2 houred at bout 50% on that one too. It died shortly after.

    Third one was alive about 10 seconds after that because the SMN 2 hr'd. I think we burned roughly 3-4 yellow liqueds that I saw(i used 2 and 1 NIN used 1) I popped a couple high potions since they enjoy -ga spells.

    Everyone was awesome. Happy hunting to everyone else :)
    Barley won
    # Dec 30 2005 at 5:29 AM Rating: Decent

    This was not fun at all. I have lost count of how many times i have tried this mission. On our last run, (then we were going to give up), we won. It was pure luck. When we got to the last mammet, everyone was in orange health and below. Of course, why wouldn't he spam his AoE Sonic Blade and Tremorous Tread? He killed one of the bst and our smn, then starts picking the rest of us off one by one with his axe. THEN, our smn reraised right next to the mammet while he was starting Tremorous Tread and lmfao. Luckily, the other blm reraised just in time to do one last Fire 2 on him. We were laughing our asses off.... BIG thanks to Undyinglegend, Longhand, Zackan, Disentri, and Ujio.
    # Dec 28 2005 at 7:24 PM Rating: Decent
    687 posts
    Took us three tries..

    And the gimpy old. RDM/NIN12 me.

    Plan was simple, one of the nins and I would pull the side mammets while the other nin would tank the middle. The first two times were "practice" runs and we didn't really use items because due to mostly my gimpiness, the mammet I was kiting would die and then gank the other kiter and then the rest of the party.. On the third try, my binds stuck exceptionally well and I had no problems kiting while they took care of the other mobs. I used a yellow liquid to lock my mammet into dragoon where it stayed for a while.

    Moral of story: a) level your sub noob b) get tons of int+ gear if you're gonna be a rdm... If you bind them and they're stuck there, you get tons of time to recast your buffs. In fact, I bet a rdm/blm would do a better job than a rdm/nin because then the binds would last longer. In all, after food, I had only +13int but like +21 evasion which didn't really help me much :\

    The strategy for this was really simply, in fact, I had more problems doing the prommies.
    CoP Mission 2-5
    # Oct 24 2005 at 9:57 PM Rating: Decent
    39 posts
    this was so easy! we went like this:
    RDM/NIN (me)

    We walked in and the SAM voked the one in the middle and pulled it into the tunnel. NINs both voke the side ones and start to fight. SAM, RNG and WHM go on one and I debuff the mammets the NIN are fighting and heal them. Went pretty well until they became DRG. Although most people say the BLM form is hardest, i don't see why. They were taking 100dmg max from magic and could usually interrupt them.
    Normal form was easy, no worries there.
    BLM form i had to heal a tiny bit.
    DRG form sucked, cause the whm was low on MP and so was I so i had to convert. Microquake does alot of dmg, around 250+ and they love using it. They also love an AOE skill that does 100 or so dmg to everyone. Still, we beat their asses good lol, no deaths and on first try-we didnt bother with a suicide run, and now i have a CoP static =D
    # Oct 08 2005 at 4:21 PM Rating: Decent
    30 posts
    Did this last night. First run was just a suicide run to get a feel for it (or so I'd like to say, I'm sure they probably thought we were gon'na get it on the first try). Party set-up was

    WHM/BLM (me)

    Both our trial and second attempt we had the NINs kiting the left and right Mammets in opposite directions in the circle and had pulled the middle Mammet to the hallway to fight it. For some reason, kiting was what utterly destroyed us. It was really hard for the NINs to keep hate because they couldn't use the liquid on the Mammets and they kept changing to BLM all at the same time. -Agas being spammed completely and utterly sucks. We ended up wiping. The MNK/NIN totally wasted his 2hr because the Mammet used that damage--/>HP move literally after the first hit. It was funny as hell. But anyway, we wiped, so I Reraised and we changed strategy.

    Both NINs straight tanked their Mammet on either side of the circle while the rest of the melee beat on the middle one in the middle. All tanks used the yellow liquid on the DRG-type form to make tanking them all the easier. With straight tanking it only took us 10 minutes to clear, we broke the record of 13 minutes. And to top it off we had no 2hrs, because they all got wasted in the previous fail run.

    So yeah. They don't -need- to be kited. And you don't really need 2hrs. They would have made it a hell of alot easier, tho >.>;;;
    Experiences as THF
    # Sep 16 2005 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
    7,094 posts
    Just some notes for anyone considering kiting as THF:

    As a LV40 Mithra THF with Evasion+30 and AGI+27, I had a 56.5% dodge rate on these (this is calculating a taken shadow as a landed hit); I dodged 52 hits and they landed 40. I was eating Squid Sushi and had pretty good ranged accuracy, to boot (wielding an Archer's Knife).

    Bloody Bolts work (~20 HP drain), as well as Blind, Venom, Acid. I didn't even bother trying Sleep Bolts.
    Terraxia - RNG/COR/THF - Midgardsormr/Quetzalcoatl (boxed)
    Viper Beam - ARC/CRP - Fabul
    # Aug 07 2005 at 12:45 PM Rating: Default
    What are these guys weak against? and what is a good setup with me being SAM? i am on Ifrit character name is Ellesedil please give me a /tell or reply i would really appricate it. and i suck at spelling so noone say anything about i allready know.
    # Jul 24 2005 at 8:36 AM Rating: Decent

    which is the best spells for BLM to nuke with

    at a 40cap i have about 400mp, i did like 8 aero 2's lol and half got resisted (my INT was base+28+food). When i 2houred, again most spells got resisted -_-. we managed to kill 1 and a half mammets , wasted our 2hrs and medicines. i hate this mission -_-
    HP on these things
    # May 23 2005 at 1:05 PM Rating: Decent
    155 posts
    Anyone has any idea as to approximately how much HP they have? Thanks.
    # Feb 09 2005 at 12:06 AM Rating: Good
    114 posts
    Can anyone confirm that these can or cannot be slept?
    RE: sleep
    # Apr 04 2005 at 6:18 AM Rating: Default
    83 posts
    they can't, by sleep or lulaby

    Edited, Fri May 20 00:30:42 2005
    RE: sleep
    # Aug 13 2005 at 12:30 AM Rating: Good
    6,543 posts
    Use Bind, it works like a champ. I think when I used it on them it was the longest I'd ever seen bind last on anything.
    Galkaman wrote:
    Kuwoobie will die crushed under the burden of his mediocrity.

    Uber easy mob
    # Feb 06 2005 at 10:12 PM Rating: Decent
    2,914 posts
    First and foremost, PLEASE believe the Family of the mob. A lot of people told me it was a Shadow/Undead type, whic scared me.

    Its not. Its a Zilart type, and thus, Dark magic and such will work. Absorb-AGI IS your friend, if your a DRK or have one. Lower mob evasion = mob dies faster. Also, i fyou can lock it into Ranger whiloe the AGI- is in effect, its practically useless as i'tll miss 90% to 95% of the time.

    We beat it on our 2nd try (our first run was a suicide run where we just got a feel for the batle. On our test run, we got the first Mammit down to half health. No items used, no 2hrs would be used. just a test run):

    Uber easy, only the Tank went into yellow ONCE, and we broke the server record at 13:16, 3 minutes ahead of the old record.

    All I can say is if you have a DRK at 40+ whos here, take them. Stun -ga spells, absorb AGI and Vit work wonders, Drain/Aspir from then, bio II stuck and did around 15% of each mammits health. Good luck! Its a very wacky BC....too fun.
    Our strat...
    # Feb 02 2005 at 6:33 AM Rating: Good
    93 posts
    Did this with:

    WAR/NIN (40 Galka)
    WAR/NIN (40 Taru)
    NIN/WAR (37 Elvaan)
    SMN/WHM (40 Taru)
    RDM/BLM (40 Hume)
    WHM/BLM (me - 40 Hume)

    Took us three tries.

    Attempt #1: WHM and the two WARs go after the far right Mammet. SMN kites the left with an avatar, NIN and RDM keep the middle one busy. The SMN got whacked a couple of times and a few -ga spells got loose. SMN died, followed by the RDM and NIN. Everyone else soon followed. The WARs got their Mammet down to 20% health.

    Attempt #2: We could of had this one. Same set up, except this time I switched places with the RDM. We kept Silence up whenever possible and tried to stick the Mammets on BLM (Silenced mage = useless). The WARs killed their Mammet and went after the SMNs Mammet. The NIN's mammet pulled out some uber fast sword and began eating shadows left and right... Utsusemi went down, Mammet unleashed a special attack and killed the NIN. I drew hate from that one... sensing my impending death, I bust out Benediction to buy the other four some time. I die from massive hate, Reraise, Raise the NIN. The RDM is low on MP by now, so I am popping Ethers left and right, curing as fast as I can, hoping to God Stoneskin doesn't go down. Both Mammets switched to BLM and decided to get resisty to Silence. The RDM's low HP and my weakened cast times made it almost impossible to keep the Mammets silenced and the members alive. We came close, but lost this one.

    Attempt #3: WARs both two hour their Mammet, SMN kites his *** off, NIN tanks to perfection. The WARs destroy their mammet quickly and rush to the NIN's Mammet this time. This one goes down in no time flat. We gang up on the third one and beat the everlasting hell out of it, although it did use that damn absorb ability like 5 times... As it nears death, I toss out a mock Banishga, a slap and a stream of profanity... Victory!
    # Jan 21 2005 at 5:21 PM Rating: Excellent
    3,383 posts
    OK maybe it's just me but this battle was actually fairly easy when we did it. Record was 13 minutes 50 seconds, we did it in 16 and some change. Not only that, but we did it twice. We did 1 death run, and 2 real runs. Went 2/2 on the real runs.

    First party setup:

    Everyone had at least 12 hi-potions.

    From my point of view (THF):

    I had 13 Hi-Potions, 3 X-Potions, 1 vile elixir, 6 yellow liquids, 4 Periskos au Lait, and 1 Hermes Quencher. I also ate a Jack-o-Lantern for the +10 Evasion. With all my gear and food i was at +36 evasion and +19 Agility. Capped marksmanship and evasion.

    RNG and SMN opened with 2 hour, WAR skillchained on himself using an Icarus Wing, and I pulled left Mammet with Venom Bolts (poison kept hate), and other THF pulled right Mammet with something or another. His Marksmanship was pretty weak so it wasn't a crossbow, who knows. maybe a boomerang or something. Ranger died sometime while fighting the first Mammet and didn't have reraise up. Oops. Only 5 people for a good three-fourths of the battle. I had a very easy time keeping hate. It left me once or twice, and I had to shoot at it about twice to get hate back. I recommend 2 Archer's Knives so you don't miss. I had a Chiroptera Dagger and Marauder's Knife. Yellow Liquid worked like a charm, except when I accidentally locked it onto BLM. That owned me pretty bad and ate up a lot of my hi-potions. I think it locks it for about 20-30 seconds, 6 of them is more than enough though. I found the easiest job to fight is against monk, it misses like crazy and hits surprisingly weak. about 40 per hit when it does hit. Just macro your Yellow Liquid and whenever you see it hit for not very much damage, turn around and use it on him. I had to hit Perfect Dodge once because my shadows fell at a bad time, and I also used my Hermes Quencher about the time the second one was nearing death.

    The first one went down pretty quick and since the other guy didn't have as good gear and couldn't keep hate as well (no Status Bolts) he brought his in first. They killed it and I brought mine in. Killed it. 16 minutes, 32 seconds. overall was not nearly as hard as I had expected. Seriously, bring as many potions as you can, you won't regret it. Instead of bringing a white mage just bring more damage.

    Second party setup (purchased same item / medicine setup as before):

    This one was a bit harder, possibly because the other THF was the person who was the RNG in the previous party and hadn't really planned on doing thief and so gear wasn't optimal for +Evasion. Also didn't have hi-potions, only potions which was a problem. To top it all off, nobody had 2 hours because of previous fight. A couple of people got into serious red more than once. SMN died early and reraised and just kept fighting weakened. RDM was getting his *** kicked but managed to not die. In particular he almost died once when hate changed from me to him and i didn't notice it. Again, I locked it onto black mage accidentally at one point this time because he used his job change almost immediately when I clicked the Yellow Liquid macro. stupid jerk >< I had a slightly harder time keeping shadows up this time, so i ran through more potions than before. probably because i got unlucky and he used his warrior job which totally raped me. Double Attack hurts bad when each hit is 120 points.

    After the first one was dead the other THF brought theirs in for the same reason as previous fight. Everyone was getting yellow and red now so it was hard, but they killed it and I brought mine in. I died when it had about 50% hp left but i reraised immediately and stood on the sidelines and fired Venom and Acid Bolts at it which stuck pretty well. That was it.

    Overall Recommendation for THF: If your Marksmanship and Evasion are capped, and if you go in with a ton of +Evasion gear, Thief is an extremely good kiter. As mentioned, I had +36 Evasion (couldn't find a Linen Double +1 ><) and +19 Agility. We didn't even have a white mage in either of the setups, which I got the idea for after talking to a few people who said their white mage didn't really do anything super useful except benediction and that wasn't unti 3rd mammet.

    General Battle Recommendation: Spend a lot of money on it. Some people have done it 5 times. Probably spent 20k per battle per person. Instead of that, they could have spent 50k and gotten it the first time. More potions = white mage not needed = more damage. As soon as you kill the first one, you've pretty much won the battle as far as I'm concerned. Worst case scenario after killing first one is that everyone dies on the second one, reraise by the stairs and rest up, then go into the battle fully healed and reprepped, except now there's one less mob. I have a video of our fight, but can't host it due to bandwidth limitations ><

    Edited, Fri Jan 21 17:23:56 2005
    # Jan 18 2005 at 8:22 PM Rating: Default
    rlly nice pick
    Traditional team
    # Jan 18 2005 at 3:44 PM Rating: Good
    1,863 posts
    My shell managed to beat this fight with a traditional team configuration - on our fifth try.

    Config: PLD, RNG, RNG, RDM, WHM, SMN.

    Plan: PLD vokes the center Mammet. RDM engages the right Mammet. SMN engages the left Mammet with Titan.

    SMN has pre-prepped with Yagudo Drinks and unleashes Astral Flow aimed at the left Mammet. All three enemies are damaged. Titan stands there for about five seconds, getting beat to death, while the SMN takes off into the field.

    When Titan dies, PLD re-vokes the center Mammet, RDM Binds the right Mammet and then takes off running. SMN re-summons Titan to stand around and handle the left Mammet, which is now in hot pursuit.

    The SMN and RDM kite their respective Mammets around while the Rangers unleash all they've got on the center Mammet, praying that Transmog. doesn't go up right before Eagle Eye Shot. 2 hour skills are employed. The center Mammet died ...just as our SMN was slain.

    The PLD provokes the SMN's Mammet while the RDM keeps Bind-kiting. Original reports on these enemies suggested that it was possible to land Elemental Seal+Gravity on a Mammet for easier kiting; our RDM was completely unable to pull this off in any of the five battles we fought.

    Once one of the Mammets is dead it becomes a straight fight with a single player out and kiting. As WHM I was using Yagudo Drinks in addition to a high-MP food to keep my curing power up. After we got the second Mammet killed we rolled to the third and finished up.

    We were fortunate. A review of the fight log didn't show a single use of Transmogrification. I have no idea why.

    On Yellow Liquid
    Practically useless. I read that they used to lock a Mammet's job for the duration of the fight. If they lock it at all now, it's for a very short duration - 30 seconds of a 15 minute battle. Don't put your faith in this item.

    This fight is obnoxious and painful. I'm still not sure why they didn't use Transmogrification on our fifth pass. Maybe they felt sorry for us.
    # Jan 07 2005 at 6:14 PM Rating: Decent
    This fight is the most challenging I've ever experienced. I've found BST kites these very well.
    WINNING 101
    # Dec 29 2004 at 9:43 PM Rating: Default
    144 posts
    well to make life easy i'll explain u fight 3 of these. I'll explain how u can easily win this but I suggest a run through so u know what u are doing. Again no setup is the best but I'll explain how we did it with ours.
    1st do a run through and just die, eject from the battlefield in 3 mins (make sure whm has reraise up and reraises outside battlefield)

    our setup: blm/whm, whm/blm, rng/nin, pld/war, nin/war, smn/whm

    items needed: everyone needs a reraise scroll for when u are rdy as well as 2 hrs

    food: mages> snoll gelatos work best as the MP is awesome also carry about 2 hi ethers and 3-4 yag drinks each...smn may need more high ethers
    mellees> whatever food is best, pld + nin need about 4 yellow liquids each to freeze the mammet on whatever job it is using....if a mammett goes blm it really sux watch out for the TP abilities

    battle: buffs+activate reraise scrolls
    - pld, rng, and blm pull middle mammet to stairs and go to town, paralyze works but blm should ***** enfeebs and strictly nuke the hell out of 1st mammet as pld keeps hate. Note (blm stay outta aoe range of mammett, use hi-ethers and yag drinks + aspir as necessary) at 50% mammet health pld 2hrs....kill 1st mammett
    - smn takes left mammet and kites with carby or fenrir to the portal u entered to the whole opposite side for a while, just go back and forth till 1st mammet is dead
    - nin pulls and solos right mammet off to right side

    1 mammet down
    - smnr still kites left mammett
    nin pulls his mammet towards the portal u entered
    everyone except the kiting smnr goes here, blm 2hrs and nukes mammet to hell, rng 2 hrs, and whm 2 hrs when/if HP is very low just make damn sure u kill that 2nd mammett

    2 mammets down plus reraises
    1 mammett left
    at this point you have decisions to make as only nin, and smnr have their 2 hrs left, you can either go for the win and pull the smnr kited mammett towards the portal and smn 2 hr the mammett and try to kill it with all the surviving members (check MP) or u can all just die near portal as last mammet kills you all and leaves to go back out to the battlefield (do not leave battlefield entirely, just die near portal)and reraise and wait for weaken then go with 6 fully strong members to school the last mammett.
    There is plenty of time for u to reraise and let weaken wear near the portal if you all have a scroll because the mammett leaves and walks back out to the battlefield. Its a hard BCNM but I hope these few tips let you win as well as come up with some of your own strategies ^^

    -- Supafly
    # Dec 05 2004 at 11:55 PM Rating: Default
    1,189 posts
    Well... the first time my PT tried this... we went as 2 RNG/NIN, 1 PLD/WAR, 1 DRG/WAR, 1 WHM/BLM, 1 BLM/WHM. Had the DRG/WAR kite one mob, had the RNG/NIN shadowbind the second mob, and the PLD/WAR tanked the third. We died

    Second time we tried, we had the same PT setup, only we had one of the RNG/NIN kite one while everyone else focused on another (PLD/WAR kept 2 mobs hate). We died.

    Third time we tried, we went as 1 RNG/NIN, 1 NIN/WAR, 1 PLD/WAR, 1 DRG/WAR, 1 WHM/BLM, 1 BLM/WHM. We had the NIN/WAR kite 2 of the mobs while everyone else focused on one. One mob went down and we peeled another mob off the NIN/WAR. That one died and we turned and slaughtered the last one. We won and no one died (but two people D/C'd during the fight).

    Fourth time we tried (to get the two people who D/C'd caught up), we used the same tactic and we won without any deaths.

    Moral of the story? Bring a NIN/WAR to kite. This fight is level 40 cap, so they'll have access to both Utsusumi: Ichi and Utsusumi: Ni.
    RE: Kiting
    # Dec 27 2004 at 12:22 AM Rating: Good
    951 posts
    I'd only say a NIN should kite, since I experimented kiting/not kiting, I found it easier to fight them w/o kiting, since all you can do as a PLD kiting is Provoke while 2 monsters are hitting you, and you loose hate easy since the WHM has to keep you constantly cured

    Not kiting on the other had, I was able to time my cures to keep myself alive and cast flash when needed, so unless you're a NIN, don't kite
    # Dec 02 2004 at 5:45 AM Rating: Default
    they look liek teh guys getting sucked into teh promyvion areas
    Call 911 !!! i just been raped
    # Nov 28 2004 at 8:21 PM Rating: Decent
    Well to start out the record on this one is 11 mins on Cerberus. I wish i new how thye did it because we got raped BAD. I truthfully dont know any good advise, but ill tell u what we did.... we came in as 2 rangers/ninja, paldin, white, black, dark...... we tried the shadowbine the 2 outside ones and open up a can of woop *** on the middle but after me and the other ranger missed both barrages>< it seemed not to die fast enough, then when the black 2 houred after that he had all the hate and by that time, binds wore off so all 3 (who shoot these laser thingies really fast) eat thur our blinks it was just a matter of time ,,, ranger died, white died, pld died....(Death).. we had the normal potions,drinks blaa blaa ...but it seems when u do this the first time it all happens so fast u kinda get lost in it all... so any help would be nice from those who have done this and won ...... I am sure i didnt list everything we did right or wrong but hopefully enough to help the next PT that tries this...... Oh BTW we didnt sleep them we were told buy ppl who have tried that u cant sleep them like BCNM 40 style so agin any ideas be a help ... good luck guys...
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