Vana'diel Bestiary: Delver  

Found in:Spire of Mea
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Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

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# Aug 19 2008 at 8:54 AM Rating: Decent
So this Promy has been giving me quite a bit of trouble. I've attempted 3 or 4 times with absolutely no success. The boss gets down to about 70% hp and then destroys the party each and every time.

I've decided to try again with a party of SMN x5 and me on either mnk whm or war if i get it to 30 b4 i try again. I've heard that this party setup is absolutely overkill but as I've never played smn before and don't really have any idea how much hp these bosses have I'm wondering if anyone could tell me how much hp I could reasonably expect to lop off if all of the smns use their 2hrs.
# Sep 11 2006 at 12:36 PM Rating: Decent
I've completed Holla and Dem prior with 1/1 on attempts on those two. But for Mea, i was 1/3 on it till last night. Then i decided to do this with my ls after a couple of weeks conflicts and questions of "who wanted to be the ldr/organizer". So here was our setup for the pt.

Whm/Blm (me) (psychoanima O)
Blm/Whm (psychoanima X, hysterianima X, terroranime O)
Smn/Whm (psychoanima X, hysterianima X)
Smn/Rng <-- a new combo! (RNG were hard to find)
Drk/War (psychoanima X, hysterianima O, terroranime O)

We spent some time the prior night to farm for anima (see above to see the number of animas we had and used). But anyway, when we got there we met another pt who was also going there and we formed an alliance, which made things very easily and no one died along the way. We could have done it as a solo pt, but this made things easier.

When we got there, we took a while to decide how to use the animas. Since the NM WS doesnt use it's WS until we've used our 2hr (from what i read), we decided to use the hysterianima first and hysterianima after the 2Hr.

So this is how the battle played out: We've started to use our psychoanima after the NM's health was at 70-80% (Drk ==> Smn ==> Blm in that order), and hysterianima after the NM health was at 50% and when everyone except the BLM used their 2hrs. Even though we had the animas, hysterianima didn't really help with managing hate in the beginning. It did some rough damage to our Drk and War. So i had to resort to using Cure 3 over Cure 2here and there. But around 60% it spammed gravity and slow and it killed me T_T. But I reraised myself and i used a Ether Potion, mp food and i buffed up. The SMN backed up heal a bit. By that time, NM was already at 50% and our tank was taking some damage. Then i told them to use their 2 hr and it drop the NM really fast. But unfortunately the tank got killed around 30% because i couldnt spam my cure 2 any faster. So it was up to the Drk to manage the hate, but it didnt really matter. The party was getting really well at using hysterianima that the NM didnt really touch us and everyone was at full health. When the NM was down to 20-25%, the BLM used his 2 hr and nuked away. The NM didnt really like that and it dropped the blm to 5 hp before it was all over.

So yah, that's how we've beat prom-mea. I'm not saying it's the perfect setup or method to beating him. but we killed him in a little over 9 min. The record was like 5-6 mins. I was pretty surprised that i didnt have to use bendiction. but oh well!

So yah, Congratulations to TheNewWorld on the Fenrir Server to: Htrains, Nickla, Hanakana, Gwinidel and Lovkat (the helper)for beating Prom-Mea.
Whm Kited!
# Aug 09 2006 at 12:06 PM Rating: Decent
234 posts
Now, this was my first Promy run I did. (I did a Promy-Dem, but we all quite, so I don't count it :p) Anyways, we didn't win, but it was the most fun I have had in this game. We went in as Nin/War Blu/Nin Rng/Nin Smn/Whm Rdm/Nin Whm/Blm (me). We wiped the first time, but got raises from our alliance waiting outside. Then we went in again, and had a blast. When things were going horrible, I used Benediction (I know, never use it. XD) Then just started running in circles, and I didn't get hit!

Delver readies Impalement.
Salazar is too far away.

I kited it! I couldn't believe I did a Benedicition and didn't die! I didn't care that we didn't win (though it would have been nice) cause I had such a fun time in it.

So short story. Just make it fun. Wipes don't seem as bad if you at least have fun. ^^
# Feb 21 2006 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
Yea we owned this guy, setup was WAR/NIN(me), WAR/NIN, WAR/NIN, NIN/WAR, SMN/WHM, WHM/BLM
Basically one big pile of Blink, we went in, make a circle with the tanks, SMN uses 2 Hour at 75%, we Might Strike at 50%, no aminas used at all. We broke the record too which was cool.
close..., SUPER close fight
# Jan 04 2006 at 9:24 PM Rating: Decent
Alright we are 2/2 on Holla and Dem, we are doing this one and after a bunch of set backs we finally make it in. As we enter we see a pile of bodies that was one an ENM alliance that was destroyed. We enter and everything goes fine. Impalment sucks but we had a good WHM our PT was WAR, WAR, RNG(me), WHM, SMN, SMN. This bugger uses Carousel and drops me, and our 2 tanks. We have the WHM and 2 SMNs left. The WHM uses the Terroanima which buys some time. The SMNs are just healing up when the WHM dies. Our one summoner is running about buying time for our last SMN, he dies. We know its over and we are crying. Delver has a sliver of HP and attacks our last summoner. He has 5 F-I-V-E health points and kills this thing... it was... amazing, with FIVE health points <slaps himself> Our HP is 0, 0, 0, 5, 0, 0. So Me and our SMN and they WAR i belive are taken to Lufaise meadows where we are all dead lol
# Dec 22 2005 at 12:14 AM Rating: Decent
just broke the record for this on pandy, 6 min and 26 or 46 seconds. he is really easy with the right pt setup. I only used one hysteroanima at the end of the fight because war's hp went down to 16 and the delver had like 3% life left.

Edited, Wed Dec 21 23:18:57 2005
This guy sucks!! untill you know what to do.
# Nov 20 2005 at 2:30 AM Rating: Decent
Of all the promy fights this guy got under my skin bigger then road rash from an unpaved road!. Fought and lost 3 times befor we got our act togethere. As in all the promy fight we did our pt set up was 2 Whm/Blms, 2 War/nins, a Smn/Whm, and a Drg/war. And agian the drg was over kill and the 6th can be any one. Why do i say this? Well we fought our way to the top for the 4th time and just before we get in the drg D/c and cant get back on. So we were forced to fight with 5 and WON! i couldnt belive it. This guy is NO walk in the park folks. There is good reasion why people curse Delver's name. Once agian 1 whm was main heal while other was way far away!. NO cure3 If you take mega dmg pop x-potion while the 2 whms spam cure2 you. one very important trick i learned from a lvl 75 and have heard the same from a few others but cant back it up with facts is....NO and i repeat NO weapon skills. Weapon skills are what trigger the AoE version of caracel. He will still do it but it only hits one pt member. Once agian Smn used Ramuh and acted like a lvl20 avatar mini fight. Melee went nuts and poped 2 hrs twords the end as did the smn. we started our phyco cycle at abotu75% but i fell we could of droped it down a bit more before we started. The pt i was with did all 3 of the promys in one day (14 strait hours) The whms kicked butt and so did the smn. This pt set up of 2 war, 2 whm a smn and any 6th job that wants to join worked out perfectly. We did holla first time with out breaking a sweat. Went into dem with a bit of a chip on our shoulder the first time <had boss down to 18% and didnt see any need for smn to use 2hr> And were slautered like the lambs we were. @nd time we owned it. Then did this fight 3 times and died befor we learned the NO weapon skill trick and got our ducks in a row and tottly owned the 4th time. If you guys have a nother odd yet wildly sucessfull pt set up i would love to read about it. Maybe break down some of these job/race sterotypes.
# Oct 07 2005 at 2:09 AM Rating: Decent
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Wow.. a weird as PT pwnd the hell out of it.

BLM/WHM (me)

I navigated to MRs via the webmap.
We only had 3 anima... and my battleplan was weird as hell

Get it down to 75%, use my Terroanima, then the PLD use invincible, then the SMN bust off his 3x Judgementbolts, after the second judgement bold.. the WAR hit his 2hour, then i think the other WAR hit his... to take some heat off the SMN, We were never in any danger. the other 2 anima were used randomly i think hysteroanima and somethin else
it was hard..
# Jul 29 2005 at 10:09 AM Rating: Decent
115 posts
but first try for the win!!

Pretty much a standard setup. War, war, whm, blm, rng, smn.
Getting there was almost harder than winning it, althought I had to use my reraise scroll, but in the end we killed it with only 1 death.. (me).

Good luck if you are going to try it.

# Jul 10 2005 at 3:18 PM Rating: Decent
i always h8ed this boss...but for some reason...i found it easier than ENM (dont ask). its AoE is nasty, just make sure that if u kite it, it stays well away from SMN and WHM, unless u want them flyin off into the wall.
# Jun 21 2005 at 2:15 PM Rating: Decent
this thing is definatly harder than Holla, i had to use 2SMN with me to take this thing down finally. >.< its AoE was nasty, an just b4 we pocketed 3K XP off ENM! not bad goin heh heh. Yea, its attacks are nasty an hard hittin. It uses Gravity from time to time so be wary all u kiters!
# Jun 16 2005 at 4:20 PM Rating: Excellent
we just fought this thign yesterday as my 1st promyvion didn't go so well our whm dced as we started the fight our pty was
drk/war <----- me :)

well since whm dced we died almost instantly we are all dead and then whm comes back and he dies :'(
RE: damnit
# Jul 10 2005 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
haha nasty...not good >.<
# Jun 11 2005 at 5:54 AM Rating: Decent
omfg, i think Holla is easier, i've spent over 40K on promyvions and i'm now broke..mainly cos of this guy an holla...his AoE is the problem, kitin almost worked until other tank voked it away from me...
SMN didnt get 2hr off Fenrir, damn it. once i get money i'll try again...damn this thing hits fast an hard!
2nd hardest
# May 10 2005 at 10:26 AM Rating: Default
This guy was pretty tough, but not the hardest. We had a 3 rang, 2 blink tank party, with a whm. He hit us with his leg whip thing (AoE) a couple times, but nothing that bad. More annoying than tough.
# May 04 2005 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
this guy looks harder than holla's boss. im gonna take down otha 2 in same nite too..i hope my ls has farmed enough anima ^^ so is this guy harder than holla? or is dem harder? >.<
Grrr! Damn bug!!
# Mar 26 2005 at 11:50 PM Rating: Decent
My LS just took this bad boy on. We had animas, antidotes, the whole bit but succumed to his attacks. Our party is pld/blm/blm/whm/drk/mnk.

I straight up tanked this guy but had trouble standing up to him. I've heard kiting can work better. Can someone tell me exactly how to go about doing that?
# Feb 19 2005 at 10:44 AM Rating: Default
34 posts
YAY finally killed the Delver!!

PT was
War/Nin (me),
Brd/Whm and

1st time I was kiting. Impalement killed whm at 3/4 health and took one of the rng and myself soon after with a Carousel. We didnít use 2hr and our blm had time to exit the arena and raise us once we all tumbled out ^^.

After we healed, we went for another shot. This time, I tanked normally. Impalement took me in the red a few times but it didnít kill me. Then, the Carousel spam begun. We manage to survive 3 but the 4th killed a rng, the brd and myself. The other rng and the blm had barely time to kill it before it did another o_o;.

And I finished eating tavnazian grass...

Edited, Sat Feb 19 10:52:48 2005
# Feb 14 2005 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
121 posts
I went in the fight as BLM/WHM and I noticed that it fears water II A LOT. I recommend Drown and Rasp being the debuffs but Frost can be substituted for Rasp. Whatever you do, cast Water II and don't care Fire or Blizzard because they have a very high chance of being resisted. Your mileage may vary but I did have pretty good gear on with Melon Pie.

Good luck.

Edited, Mon Feb 14 02:40:04 2005
damn him
# Feb 06 2005 at 1:42 AM Rating: Decent
Little ******* just killed me twice. Our group didn't have any anima or whatever and I had no hi-potion. I've seen his AoE several times and have thought of a way to maybe beat it. It requires either 2 summoners or a smn and blm. First smn uses two hour and drops the bastards life. Then we beat the crap out of it. When it gets to about half life everyone except for the smn or blm use their 2hr so we can drop its health more. At about 1/4 health it'll start spamming its its AoE. Thats when the tank just runs around like crazy to get away from it since it isn't that big of a radius. This is when the smn or blm uses their 2hr and crushes it. This might work and it might not. Just a couple of thoughs from watching this damn thing kill me and two people near me, but leave the others alive.
RE: damn him
# Mar 21 2005 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
Kiting is almost garunteed to make astral flow fizzel. To beat the carousel spam just go to dem farm some recollections and you got hysterio anima. Use one ever 20 seconds and laugh as he fails to use carrousel and impailment.
# Jan 24 2005 at 12:06 AM Rating: Decent
i hate this guy so much, both times ive fought him he killed the entire pt with his aoe at a sliver of HP. i even had a terroanima i was about to use when he did it. OMFG I HATE HIM
# Jan 11 2005 at 12:30 AM Rating: Decent
1,534 posts
lol too busy listening to the music, it wasnt too hard, pt setup was


lol it was harder to get there XD
Mecorx - Ifrit 75WAR/75WHM [Retired]
Mecorx - Odin 99WAR/99WHM/99DNC [Retired]
# Dec 31 2004 at 12:30 AM Rating: Decent
586 posts
Actually, I think his Impalement replaces Brain Spike. It's also very nasty. Use Hi-potions, if you see "Delver readies Impalement.", whichever tank has hate start spamming them. I'm not sure, but I think it may be like Throat Stab. Drops your hp into lethal zone and removes hate. I can't confirm it, I'm sure as hell not going to fight him again, but when I did fight him, he used it twice on my party, and both times it stopped short of killing us and he immediatly spun to the other tank. Maybe we were just lucky, but it seemed Throat Stabbish to me.

Anyways, yes, you hear about how Carousel sucks, but don't underestimate Impalement either...
RE: Hmm...
# Jan 07 2005 at 2:03 AM Rating: Decent
I just killed this nightmare about two hours ago. WAR/NIN WAR/NIN RNG/NIN RNG/NIN SMN/WHM WHM/BLM. Commenting on your post because I'm not sure if Impalement removes hate. It used it on me, and it promptly dropped my HP from about 450 to...18 >< >< ><

Im pretty sure he was still looking at me, but im not absolutely sure. The other war/nin promptly voked and it visibly spun to him after he did so. I then mashed my Hi-potion macro like there was no tomorrow ^^.

I was dead on the floor for the end of the fight because of Carousel. Carousel = OMFG. I think everyone in the party was orange or red when the two RNGS hit Eagle Eye Shot to end my misery...and after all was said and done, I got to see Lufaise...on my back, but I still saw it. Yay!

Edit: As the previous poster said, I have absolutely no desire to fight this guy ever ever again.

Edited, Fri Jan 7 02:04:23 2005
Boss data
# Dec 14 2004 at 11:18 AM Rating: Excellent
1,863 posts
Screenshot: http://www.wingchild.net/ffxi/screens/submissions/delver.jpg

Beating the Delver gives you the Light of Mea. He's a Craver type. Skills:
Brain Spike (damage vs one target)
Carousel (AOE damage)
Promyvion Brume (AOE damage, + poison, + hate reset!)
Empty Crush (good damage vs one target)
Impalement (extreme damage vs one target)

Beating this boss gives you the key item: Light of Holla.
RE: Boss data
# Dec 31 2004 at 12:28 AM Rating: Decent
88 posts
Info's helpful, but why do you say "Beating the Delver gives you the Light of Mea." and then later "Beating this boss gives you the key item: Light of Holla." I guess you meant light of mea the second time, might want to change that to not confuse people.
RE: Boss data
# Mar 10 2005 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
Actually if you read it closely enough he was talking about a different Boss in the Spire of Holla.
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