Vana'diel Bestiary: Citipati  

Found in:Attohwa Chasm
Found at Location:F - 8
Secondary Job:Black Mage
Level:67 - 70
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Not Linking
  • Detects by Sound
  • Detects by Low HP
  • Based on Dark
  • Weak against Fire
  • Weak against Light
  • Strong against Darkness
  • Strong against Earth
  • Strong against Ice
  • Strong against Lightning
  • Strong against Water
  • Strong against Wind
Updated: Tue Nov 11 08:20:13 2008

Citipati Picture

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General Information

Citipati's Spawn Location
Citipati's Spawn Location

  • Like the Corse that act as its placeholders, it will despawn at 4:00 in game time unless it is engaged when the time passes 4:00.

Citipati Special Attacks

  • Blizzaga II: AoE Ice based magic damage. (Circle of effect originates from spell target).

  • Sleepga: AoE Sleep effect (Circle of effect originates from spell target).

  • Silencega: AoE Silence effect (Circle of effect originates from spell target).

  • Bio III: Single target Dark based DoT with an additional Attack down effect.

  • Aspir: Single target MP drain effect.

  • Ice Spikes: Damages targets meleeing it with Ice based magic damage that can inflict a Paralysis effect. (Effect can be dispelled)

  • Choke: Single target Wind based DoT with an additional Vitality down effect.

  • Drown: Single target Water based DoT with an additional Strength down effect.

  • Drain: Single target HP drain effect.

  • Frost: Single target Ice based DoT with an additional Agility down effect.

  • Poisonga II: AoE Poison effect. (Circle of effect originates from spell target).

  • Thunder III: Single target Thunder based magic damage.

  • Water IV: Strong single target Water based magic damage.

  • Charm: Forces the affected target to fight by its side. Denoted by the characteristic mob two-hour animation.

  • Memento Mori: Self target Magic Attack boost.

  • Envoutement: Single target physical damage.

  • Danse Macabre: Single target Charm effect.

  • Silence Seal: AoE Silence effect.

Historical Information

In Buddhist beliefs, the Citipati were demons that lived in graveyards. Taking on the forms of dancing skeletons, the Citipati were said to appear in pairs, one man and one woman, with arms and legs interlaced, perpetual grins upon their faces, and long scarves adorning each.

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# Jun 14 2006 at 12:50 AM Rating: Decent
Do you think a RNG75/NIN37 with Ni and Bloody bolts could solo this NM?
# Jul 07 2006 at 11:05 AM Rating: Decent
It's Just a Flesh Wound
22,701 posts
Bloody bolts don't work on undead, he can cast -gas, and sleep bolts don't work that well.
Dear people I don't like: 凸(●´―`●)凸
Lucky day
# Jun 12 2006 at 5:52 AM Rating: Good
172 posts
This is my new favorite NM, I soloed him twice yesterday on Valefor. 1st time I used a T cave antlion and got the druid slops. 2nd time about 3 hrs later i used a VT cave antlion and he dropped the Harpe. It must have been my lucky day. I have fought him many times before with no drops probably went 0/20 before these last two. For a 75 bst/rdm he is pretty easy, only problem is when he charms you during pet swaps. I really like to use rdm sub to dispel the Ice spikes. Just take some pet food and find a T or VT cave antlion and it should be cake. GL to all future camper. (Plus I like him because almost no one camps him)
# Jun 04 2006 at 5:58 PM Rating: Default
1,137 posts
I just soloed this guy as thf!

It can be done...I didnt think I could do it, but I pulled it off! woot!

Drops were only the slops, but I was just relieved my farming partner didnt die in vain (I accidentally got him killed RIGHT after we claimed ><).
# Apr 06 2006 at 7:38 PM Rating: Excellent
25 posts
MNK/NIN and WHM/SMN at 75 can duo this
harpe mob
# Oct 15 2005 at 6:09 AM Rating: Decent
just out of curosity.. how hard is he? i heard ppl on here say a bst can solo it cause the mob cant charm pets, so what about a thf and rdm combo? thf doesnt have utsu ni yet.. only like lvl 68.. friend of mine and wants the dagger for herself, so i agreed to help.. anywys, wondering if i cant backline as rdm/nin until he charms her and then sleep her and take it for awhile myself until her charm wears, then let her continue to take it while i keep her alive and keep him debuffed and what not

if anyone actually knows if thats gonna be doable or if I should recruit a 3rd person to help please let me know
Tricky little bastard
# Sep 11 2005 at 1:42 AM Rating: Excellent
490 posts
Fought him down to 10% hp, then after a pet switch while I was letting new pet take hate, he charmed me then disappeared since I was fighting it all through night and into the day.

This guy has crappy hp and vit, but nasty eva. EM pets were missing 5/6 times.
# Jul 16 2005 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
oh, stop, don't tell me.. this guy is overcamped right? tsk.
RE: !
# Jul 25 2005 at 10:47 AM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Heh actually....

Yesterday was on my way to meet up with an LS to help fight Tiamat. On my way to camp... passed Citipati. There was no one there camping or plotting to kill him. over 30 lvl 75's just a stone's throw away gearing up to fight the dragon and poor Citipati left neglected. By the time i noticed was 3:00 am gametime, but the time i notified alliance and we decided 'sure, let's pull him before the dragon fight to warm up' it was 4 and he disappeared. so yeah... kinda wanted a chance at him, but at the time there were more important things to do ;)
dancing skeleton -.-;;
# Jul 13 2005 at 12:32 AM Rating: Default
its kind of weird for a skeleton to dance and to charm player ;; thats kind of stupid so i took a look myself and it was a bad experience i went there and wait like 4hour then he spawn and i started attacking him then he started doing dance of the dead thing and charm me then made me attack those white looking scorpian guy -.- i delv for that
"i always learn the hard way ; ;"
drop rate
# Jun 24 2005 at 6:02 PM Rating: Decent
89 posts
Extremely lucky?

I have now gotten 3 harpes and 3 druid slopes in about maybe 12-15 kills (kind of lost track).

edit: updated drop/kill rate

Edited, Fri Jul 8 00:09:59 2005
Harpe do you need it? <Siren>
# Jun 06 2005 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
An alliance of nine of my friends and have been camping Xotolo<sp>? for the last 4 days and each day we happen to catch this NM on widescan, he actually is really easy, I lvl 70 smn another smn and two bst actually have beaten him. Well out of the 4 kills we did get the harpe ^^. we couldnt decide on who was going to keep it so we decided to sell it, if you are interested send me a tell or a msg, Harpe = 10 mil obo ^.- <SIREN> <Midan>

Edited, Mon Jun 6 17:00:42 2005
RE: Harpe do you need it? <Siren>
# Jul 11 2005 at 6:43 AM Rating: Decent
WOOO! i'm on siren too! lol but my thf is only lvl 34 so i don't need it ; ; lol
the Druip Slops
# May 01 2005 at 9:58 PM Rating: Default
What's the drop rate on the Druid Slops?
#REDACTED, Posted: May 01 2005 at 9:57 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Anyone know the drop rate on the Druid Slops?
druid slops
# Apr 12 2005 at 2:59 PM Rating: Decent
yes this also drops druid slops...i just got that today... >< no harpe but still worth it

0/22 harpe...dunno is it still worth it?

edit... 1/44 -.-

i guess i should edit this up...i have since about stopped playing the game...and even in the past 4 months ive only killed citipati about 30 times...my record is roughly 2/79 harpe 11/79 slops...but i haven't got a single drop (harpe or slops) in about the last 22 kills...i have about the worst luck on server on this NM so dont get too discouraged...after teaming up with almost everyone who had camped and asking them their record...i would have to guess that the drop rate was about 1/17 or something...i haven't camped recently so i dunno if updates have changed the drop rates

Edited, Mon Sep 19 00:19:05 2005
druid slops
# Apr 10 2005 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
696 posts
This also drops Druid's Slops, correct?
#REDACTED, Posted: Apr 05 2005 at 9:51 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) <Insert information about Citipati and Greek Mythology here to recieve rate ups.>
RE: gimme rate ups lolz
# Jun 08 2006 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
150 posts
its because we find it interesting.. believe it or not, fair enough you dont care, so just ignore it and move on its not like anyone is forcing you to read these posts about mythology eh?
Buddhist origin
# Mar 21 2005 at 11:51 AM Rating: Excellent
93 posts
from Exotic India

The Citipati are two skeletons, one of a man and the other of a woman, represented with arms and legs interlaced, dancing the Tsam dance. They are considered to be masters of the cemetery. The Citipati are one of the seventy-five forms of Mahakala and are visible reminders of the impermanence of everything worldly. Their mouths are parted in a large grin, showing all their teeth. Each wears a long scarf.

According to a Northern Buddhist legend, the Citipati were, in a former existence, two ascetics who were once lost in such deep meditation that they did not notice that a thief had cut off their heads and thrown them in the dust. Since that time they have been ferocious enemies of thieves, having vowed eternal vengeance. This legend is somewhat similar to that of Yama.

In the cemetery, the Citipati are supposed to perform a skeleton ritual dance during which they blow the Tibetan long horns. In most monasteries the dance, symbolic of the cycle of life and death, is performed in the monastery cemetery once in summer and once in winter by monks wearing masks.
RE: Buddhist origin
# Aug 31 2005 at 2:34 PM Rating: Default
490 posts
so am I the only one who thinks its funny that they drop one of the best weapons for THFs which they hate so much?
#REDACTED, Posted: May 23 2005 at 12:45 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Thanks for the pointless info =)
RE: Buddhist origin
# Jul 10 2005 at 11:30 PM Rating: Excellent
16 posts
Thanks for the pointless info =)

Um... Excuse me, but don't you think that comment was, oh, I don't know, a little pointless?

I personally enjoy learning the histories of these things, and where SE got their ideas. It's actually kind of cool to see the details of certain things, such as the Citipati, woven into the game. That little bit of history was FAR from pointless, and your outright denounciation of both it and its author's attempt to give us a little window into the developer's mind is both rude and thoroughly unnappreciated. Please keep such comments to yourself, and please refrain from discouraging those who share these insights with us from continuing to do so.
Citipati in mythology...
# Feb 13 2005 at 8:28 AM Rating: Excellent
485 posts
In Tibetan Buddhist belief, citipati are demons of the graveyard that are protrayed as dancing skeletons. The name means "lord of the funeral pyre" in Sanskrit. The corse monster family has a WS called "Danse Macabre", the name of which translates to "Dance of Death" (this is the notorious player-charming attack) and of course are skeletons, so it's easy to see how this particular name was given to this monster.
pop wtf!
# Jan 17 2005 at 3:39 AM Rating: Default
camped for 4 hr no pop, corse only spawn at night
# Jan 15 2005 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
1,983 posts
I don't see my post up yet...but when it comes up--correction. Relic dagger is 32 dmg.
# Jan 15 2005 at 10:12 PM Rating: Decent
1,983 posts
RARE/EX version of the Harpe? You mean the relic dagger? It looks nothing like the Harpe, but it has the same base dmg and attack+20 and gives the special relic WS. If that's not what you mean, then explain, cuz I'd love to know.

Other than that...really rare drop huh? I wonder what the spawn time is. Maybe worth camping this if you have A devoted BST and THF with a lotta TH+ items, and maybe some other devoted friends.
RE: .
# Jan 16 2005 at 6:45 PM Rating: Decent
He means Perseus' Harpe.
RE: .
# Feb 15 2005 at 6:34 PM Rating: Decent
1,983 posts
Yeah, I was noob and didnt know about that when I wrote this, lol.
RE: .
# Jan 16 2005 at 4:38 PM Rating: Decent
3 hr lotto pop
# Jan 15 2005 at 8:36 AM Rating: Decent
Whoever wants to get harpe, good luck.
Like.... 1/100?
My BST friend needed over 50 kills(mostly with someone from LS for treasure hunter) to get the harpe for his thief.
On top of that, I think that thing has a WS which -charms- you. So duh... It's preferably done with a BST solo, and just someone to finish it off with Treasure Hunter. Since charmed pets cant be charmed by the mob, it works fairly good but takes a fairly good amount of time.
I'm not sure how many 75 you need considering charm, and that it hits really hard at lvl72 with JSE earring on+yellow HP(-20% damage in yellow HP)
it hit me for 230ish per hit...and not particularly slow as well =/.
It has ancient magic and -agas as well, stonega3 etc.
On top of that there are EP skeletons around(lich+mummy, but stronger than eldieme)
and scorpions as well.

Edited, Sat Jan 15 08:36:49 2005
Druid Slops also?
# Jan 13 2005 at 8:56 PM Rating: Decent
I heard it also drops Druid Slops, does anyone know the Pos of this NM? I would like to camp it with some friends.
# Jan 12 2005 at 4:23 AM Rating: Decent
546 posts
had my harpe 3weeks now, I cannot sell it for the life of me!

Listen to this jewel. A guy buys a Harpe for 10mil. 2 weeks later, His is the last harpe sold (for 5 mil) now everyone is expecting them to drop in price....grrrr. Can you say Scam?
RE: :(
# Jan 14 2005 at 10:48 AM Rating: Decent
388 posts
Any info on the position and maybe approx level of this NM? Did you solo him as bst?
RE: :(
# Jan 15 2005 at 12:15 AM Rating: Decent
It was G-8 or G-7 (can't remember exactly), but I found the camp, it is dangerous, and those Corse hit very hard, have fun, he can charm
RE: :(
# Feb 08 2005 at 9:52 PM Rating: Decent
G-8/G-7 is not exactly part of the map, there any way you can double check ???
# Jan 11 2005 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
924 posts
drops Harpe, 10 million gil on Odin. This is the second highest damage knife in the game behind teh rare/ex version of the HArpe.
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