Vana'diel Bestiary: Water Elemental  

Found in:La Theine Plateau
Level:18 - 20
  • Aggro
  • Not Linking
  • Appears during Rain / Squalls
  • Detects by Magic
Updated: Fri Apr 25 19:10:55 2008

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water clusters
# Jun 17 2006 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
clusters are used for making Water tanks to get distilled water.....
NM elemental
# Sep 26 2004 at 3:08 AM Rating: Decent
415 posts
One time i was in the secret room leveling, and someone goes up to the Strange Apparatus and suddenly the Apparatus thing is like "Error, System Overload" and a Water Elemental comes out, and it cons Impossible to Gauge
it kills the guy that made it spawn, and just stands there, then dissapears.
it was wierd...
o and for everyone that was in my pt that night... i still apolagize...... really..... im really sorry about what happened ; ;
RE: NM elemental
# Aug 10 2005 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
You can solo these at level 20 as a Red Mage with a Black Mage Subjob. I was farming them yesterday.
RE: NM elemental
# Nov 22 2004 at 11:08 AM Rating: Decent
407 posts
Yes! I saw this the other night too. A level 72 NIN (at least - he was anon) soloed this thing while my pt sat and watched terrified he'd die and so would we. Well, he didn't die - he got down to about 50% life and stayed there the whole time, slowly beating away on the elemental. It was a sight to behold. He was Japanese, so we really couldn't talk to him about it, but it was interesting to watch.
RE: NM elemental
# Feb 11 2005 at 10:34 PM Rating: Decent
442 posts
From what I know of the Strange Apparatuses, you can trade an Infinity Core (dropped in dynamis or bought at AH) and a coloured chip (sold by Goblins in Bastok, Sandy and Windy) to it to obtain an item. If you use the wrong coloured chip on the wrong machine, you spawn the uber NM elem corresponding to the colour you were SUPPOSED to use. I've done this 3 times so far. Since I did my research before-hand, I never spawned an elemental. Over-all, I've lost about 7K while trying to make money on these damn things. Sucks when you pay 31K for the core and chip and end up getting a water cluster. :P
Wtr clusters
# Aug 29 2004 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent
My friend and u got 20 water clusters in less than an hour at La Thein'e plateu, (Correct me if i spelled that wrong :/)... It was pretty cool...
#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 25 2004 at 6:38 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) La Theine Plateu. hehe, i dun tink anybody cares, but u said correct u if u spelled it wrong so i did. :P
RE: Wtr clusters
# Oct 04 2004 at 12:17 AM Rating: Excellent
217 posts
I'll correct you both: La Theine Plateau. >:)
The best place to get it
# May 24 2004 at 4:07 AM Rating: Good
The best way to get this water cluster is just to go to La Theine Plateau cuz it always is rain there and i have farmed 8 or 9 in just under 2 hours. they spawn near some water ponds on K-11 and 10-L u can solo dem as a whm lvl 30 with no problem. =)
cats to cast
# Jan 29 2004 at 1:48 PM Rating: Decent
Under description, cats should be cast :) figured I'd help.

Oh, not sure if this is a flag, but they best appear around lakes (from what I have seen so far).

Edited, Thu Jan 29 13:51:11 2004
RE: cats to cast
# Jun 22 2004 at 5:12 PM Rating: Good
27 posts
It could be referring to a Mithra with a Mage job...
Just kidding.
# Jan 03 2004 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
Use a water cluster to get 12 water crystals.
# Dec 27 2003 at 11:26 AM Rating: Default
anyone know the purpose of the water cluster?
About agro....
# Dec 02 2003 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
These, like all Elementals, are only aggressive once a spell is cast near them.
RE: About agro....
# Jul 16 2004 at 3:47 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
If they con as "Too Weak" they will not aggro though ^^
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