Vana'diel Bestiary: Warder Euphrosyne  

Found in:Misareaux Coast
Found at Location:I - 11
  • Quest Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Linking
Involved in Quests:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

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# Jan 27 2007 at 12:35 AM Rating: Decent
30 posts
I think what he was taking about is only doable for pet jobs. If you get argo and have an avatar take hate with AOE and release they will lose argo. Since he targeted 1 with thunderspark he got some hate on just that 1.
Can't Sleep
# Aug 06 2006 at 9:22 PM Rating: Decent
This was weird, I was gonna try to solo these as 74 BLM/WHM. I casted all the usual buffs (Blink, Stoneskin, Aquaveil, Ice Spikes, Reraise, Protect2 and Shell2). I used Elemental Seal and Manafont just before I popped them because I popped them before and was gonna sleep then but they interupted every spell and cleaned me out fast. So now that I can't be interupted, I pop them and cast Sleepga II. Text says all 3 of them are asleep so I start running away because one of the posts under this one says if you run away, only one will come. So I run a good distance away and turn around to see all three of them nail me with a quickness. Of course they kill me. I look through the log to see when they woke up and there is nothing. So in case you are wondering, it will say your sleep spell worked but they aren't really asleep. Is this a glitch or what? I have never seen this before.
# Mar 09 2006 at 7:48 PM Rating: Decent
137 posts
from the 1k chi blast i did to one id say they have 5k hp. Thus I know know mnk/nin can't solo this lol. was hoping chi + ws at start would take 1 down...
How to solo these as a SMN
# Sep 21 2005 at 11:57 PM Rating: Decent
156 posts
These can be soloed as a SMN. I did it at level 75. But I'd think any 70+ could do it. I didn't use anything that required 75. Two me 3 tries to get the strategy right (only died once).

First I buffed up. The usual assortment: Protect, Shell, Stoneskin, Blink, Aquaveil, Reraise.

Got full mp and then got out Ramuh. Then I popped them. They will immediately aggro you, sneak does not stop this (I tried this on the 2nd attempt). Immediately use Thunderspark on the claimed one and run away a little more than the normal distance for carby kiting.

Release Ramuh and cast Fenrir. Only one detector will come to you. Now this may seem odd because when you popped them all of them aggroed on you and attacked you but they seem to forget you if you run away. My guess is this is a way to prevent people using these guys to MPK (intentional or not) by dragging them away from the gate.

Fenrir may have trouble getting hate. Use Eclipse Bite. For me this did between 1600-1700 damage. In my case the sole detector never killed Fenrir after he got hate and I didn't need more than one Eclipse Bite.

After the first one is dead. Release Fenrir and recast Ramuh. Run up to the gate again and assault one (doesn't matter which) and Thunderspark again. Make sure you have Blink and Stoneskin up again before doing this and make sure your timer is read to Thunderspark.

Run away and repeat the release, Fenrir, Eclipse Bite process.

For the last one you can just run up and Eclipse Bite it.

Never needed my 2 hour, only used one Yag drink twoards the end. You can safely rest for a bit between killing each one. I'm not certain how fast you have to kill them to stop them from despawning or if you have to kill them all for sure to get the CS. But it's really not that hard to do solo.
Ch 6
# May 17 2005 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
148 posts
This is one of three detector type NMs that is triggered by examining a dilapidated gate in CoP Ch 6. A 75 rdm and I duoed these (they're pretty weak). I took one and let Fenrir tank it with eclipse bite as his provoke. The rdm took one and slept the other (these are light based so sleep works well on these). They have a really annoying move called electromagnetic field which is an AoE and knocks you back quite a few feet and takes enough hp to be noticeable. I'd imagine a full party of 60+ that have cleared the previous areas of CoP should have no problems with these.
# Mar 03 2005 at 10:33 AM Rating: Excellent
Catholic Saint Euphrosyne-
'Daughter of Paphnutius, a rich citizen of Alexandria, Egypt, born in her parents' old age due to the prayers of a monk who was a friend of the family. When she was grown, her family arranged marriage for her to wealthy young noble, but she preferred religious life. While her father was on a retreat, she gave away her possessions, then became a nun and spiritual student of the monk who'd prayed for her birth. To hide from her family, she wore men's clothes, and became a monk, using the name Smaragdus. She became famous for her holiness and wisdom, and became a spiritual teacher of her father, who did not recognize her. On her deathbed she revealed her true identity to her father who then became a monk, and lived in her cell the remaining ten years of his life.

Modern scholarship indicates this was probably pious fiction that was mistaken for history, and that Saint Euphrosyne never existed.'

Not sure if it relates... but take it for what it's worth.
Storyline Reason
# Mar 02 2005 at 11:00 AM Rating: Decent
The detector is a scouting and security device used by the Zilart. Therefore, connecting the dots one can assume that because the Arwathrwm Society, of Jeuno (Who are comprised of Zilart and Kuluu) have taken intrest in the Safehold and its surrounding areas, this device is acting as a scout.
Bomb Arm?
# Mar 02 2005 at 7:14 AM Rating: Decent
Is not a bomb is a Detector, ok.... but Detector drop Bomb arm ?
RE: Bomb Arm?
# Mar 02 2005 at 7:28 AM Rating: Good
It's currently classified as Bomb, which is an initial submission thing. All bombs drop Bomb Arm, etc. As such, the item Bomb Arm is mapped to drop from the bomb family.

It doesn't mean they drop it. It's just because it's classified as a bomb right now.
# Mar 02 2005 at 4:32 AM Rating: Decent
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A PLD75 friend of mine was running through Misareaux and saw this thing beat down some folks in errant and such. Decided to give it a try. Made it to the zone with 150-some-odd HP o_o
# Mar 01 2005 at 6:52 PM Rating: Good
575 posts
O_O That's not a bomb... That's a Detector-class enemy, Previously only found in Sky!

Ed: That is frightening, I want to know the storyline reasons why it'd be there.

Edited, Tue Mar 1 18:59:03 2005
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