Vana'diel Bestiary: Silverhook  

Found in:Ship from Selbina to Mhaura
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Not Linking
  • Truesight
  • Based on Earth
  • Weak against Fire
  • Weak against Light
  • Strong against Darkness
  • Strong against Ice
Stolen Items:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

Silverhook Picture

Silverhook is able to cast most TierIII + IV nukes and Freeze. He has a very high resistance to status effects. Although the mob isnt that hard to tank, to kill him is tough solo due to the limited time time scale.

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Silverhook bites the dust
# Mar 26 2008 at 10:57 PM Rating: Good
452 posts
soloed this guy with bst 74 and 2 panzer galahads. with the help of new reward time and snarl it was a breeze. I brought him with me and my beetle to the far tip of the boat (away from the cabin).

When I got in yellow from AoE's I go down bellow and buy a ton of pots from the vender then get back to full and start to melee again. Buy the time I had to call bst again silverhook had 20% hp.

The next beetle finished him off and got the cudgel.
99 blm, 99 thf, 99 rng, 99 whm, 99 drg, 99 pld, 99 bst, 99 war, 99 nin, brd 99 , 99 rdm, 99 smn, 99 pup, 99 drk, 99 blu, 99 sam, 99 mnk, 9 cor, 61 dnc, 99 sch
Bard put him in a coma.
# Jan 19 2008 at 8:58 AM Rating: Decent
374 posts
Bards sleep this guy hard. It shouldn't even be called Lullaby on this guy, it should be called Forced Coma.
# Dec 05 2007 at 1:44 PM Rating: Default
omg i lost vs this sucker as 75 RDM/whm.
was inactive for some months and actually playing wow - so my skills dropped imo^^

so i logged in and ride the boat he popped with the pirates.
First Silence wasnt resisted from him but didnt last long.

Buffed up, forgot phalanx and EN-Spell... didnt knew his weakness, needed time for right speel to find in the list and stuff like that.

Meleed and nuked by time but later in the fight i couldnt disengage with bind/sleep to rest or convert safely.

Finally he castet Freeze while i was nearly out of mp and 3xxhp left i tried to silence with 295 skill capped + hq Stuff and warlocks tabard, but of course he resisted and his freeze killed me.

Shame on me^^

He cast ancient magic which hits really hard and is partially high resistent to sleep and silence, keep that in mind when you engage him.
He is around lvl 70 i guess.
hope this helps
# Jul 10 2007 at 2:14 PM Rating: Decent
44 posts
I finally got both the drops. It took over a week of non stop camping but it's over thank Altana I never have to ride those boats again.

Some usefull info for people thinking about camping it. I'm sure it can be solo'd by a whm/nin but you would have to be flawless and get lucky on the spells he cast. If you can get a outside healer/haster/refresher, thats all the help you need(cough rdm). That makes the fight oknp. I tried soloing him several times and I am a fairly good soloer(sp), but could get him between 10-20% then either time would run out or I would lose.

Second, if you camping your first club, just ride the boat back and forth. Camping just one really makes no sense unless you just want one. Once you get your first, then focus on the other. If your super lucky and have a blm with you all the time set your homepoint in the port you need. If not use the screen loading trick. After camping it for week straight, I can confirm it works 100% of the time. If the screen loads up right away and you can't click anything, no pirates. Tele either mea or holla, which ever you need, and walk back to port. You should have bewteen 3-5 mins before the next boat arrives by the time you get to port. If the screen stays black for a few seconds after the ferry leaving the port CS, and you can click on everything, bingo pirates.

Third, patience. If your not willing to be patient, these are the wrong NM's for you lol. I went days without seeing any NM's. The payoff was worth it but it can be disheartening(sp).

Good luck to everyone!

Silverhooks level
# May 09 2007 at 6:29 PM Rating: Decent
ok now that everyone and their mother has told death stories about this guy that most of us dont care about what so ever, does anyone have any USEFUL information about this NM like an educated guess on what his lvl is or anything else directly related to surviving in a fight against this guy?
# Mar 30 2007 at 9:36 AM Rating: Decent
To Mjnvegeta, I read your post and am very inspired by it. I have recently fought Blackbeard and gotten my Sea Robber, as 75 WHM/NIN and I was glad to have a friend with me. Now I've been focusing on Silverhook, I was wondering if you camped him by taking each boat, i/e when no pop Teleporting Dem then choco back? How long did you do this? I want him so bad I can taste him, lol.
how was i to know
# Mar 05 2007 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
126 posts
As a rdm round lvl 10 i made my first trip on the ferry and met Black beard, I dont need to tell you what happened Dead galka in 1 hit. So I have been playing a while now and am now a lvl 52 pld. On my way to Mhaura to do some fishing I see pirates, i do a quick look no Black beard, Good, time for me to kill some pirates. I was wearing fishing gear choco whistle no other armour except my sword and shield.

i engage the closest pirate run towards him screaming dieeeeeeeeee

Plo hits Silverhook for 0 damage
(wait a sec who's Silverhook and why cant i hurt him)
plo checks
plo panics
Silverhook's spikes deal 14 points of damage
Silverhook hits plo for 84 points of damage
Silverhook hits plo for 235 points of damage

i hit him twice more another 0 and a 7 (plo's sword skill rises 0.4)
then a few more hits and i'm dead
waited on the dock in Mhaura for 20 mins for a raise then forced to home point to get on with fishing. On a plus note got up to lvl 15 fishing /cheer

Edited, Mar 5th 2007 10:03am by Plorith
# Feb 04 2007 at 12:53 AM Rating: Default
Zomg FINALLY got this guy to drop, months i've been after him and blackbeard ( 0/6 ). Soloed Silverhook a few times with no drop as Whm/Nin.

So i was just takin the boat from Selbina to Mhura to get on the boat for the Nin AF NM, and to my shock pirates showed up!. Wasnt holding my breath for NM, but when i saw that Vermy cloak pirate, my eyes lit up!. Quickly slapped on my Solo gear ( Reverand Mail / Optical or W. Turban / Purgatory mace + Darksteel / Aqua Rings x2 / etc etc. ) and quickly claimed as there was a few others after him. He started with a WatergaIII, which quickly droped my shadows and SS, put me down to about 300 HP aswell, wasnt my plan to start the fight like this, but it was better then him castin ice spikes at the start. So i quickly recover, and start getting to work on his HP. Get him down to about 65%, some random Jp Mnk asks if i need help, well i didnt need help, but figured it couldnt hurt. Invite and we go to town on him, SC Hexa > Dragon Kick = light, droped him fast. So he dies, and i see the little treasure box show up ontop of my name!, however i didnt get too excited as i've got a crystal or a bone or both many times before, but whe i saw " Silverhook drops a Seawolf Cudgel, my heart stoped...... quickly slaped on QM and made sure i had room, then lotted and got the club ( the mnk was just helping, had no intrest in it and i wanted to make sure the club wasnt lost some how. )

So, i'm so happy to be done with this NM, he's a real pain in the ***, and can be very nasty to solo. If your going for him, hope ur ready to put in the time to camp, and try to bring a friend if ur not prepared for a difficult fight. O and dont hold ur breath for the drop, its not the rarest drop in the game, but he doest give it out like candy either, I'm 1/4 now though i've heard of others going 0/20+ . Best of luck my whm friends.
easy prey
# Feb 02 2007 at 1:27 AM Rating: Decent
fought this lil skelly about 10 minutes ago as 75MNK/WAR, hes got suprisingly bad acc but hits hard, especially with hell slash -.-; probly could have solo'd him if i had'nt used my 2hr to rape Sea Horror on my last trip, died at 13% but a random Bst that was on the boat helped me finish him off ^^ no drop on either=/
Hopefully some useful advice
# Dec 27 2006 at 7:15 AM Rating: Decent
Trick of the trade: Camp each on their own. Those who complain about camping these suckers (BB and SH) for hours on end, myself included, have nothing to complain about if we are just staying on the same boat the whole time. There are two ships that always cross each other. Camp one at a time as somebody has mentioned below.

Instead of ******** here is some useful info (if you didn't know already) on how to tell if pirates will spawn or not: After the cs of the boat leaving the harbour, you will zone into the boat. If you zone in right away and CANNOT target anything (door or people), then pirates will not spawn. If you zone in and you see the text, the screen stays dark for a few seconds longer and once you see the inside of the boat you CAN target anything (door or people), then pirates will spawn. This works 100% of the time. Without fail.

For the boat from Selbina to Mhaura: If no pirates, you have enough time to teleport-dem and run back to Selbina (no need for a chocobo) with 4mins to spare to buff up and such.

For the boat from Mhaura to Selbina: If no pirates, you have enough time to teleport-mea and run back to Mhaura (no need for a chocobo) with 4mins to spare to buff up and such.

From experience, camping both ways is useless, unless you have movies to watch, laundry to do, dinner to cook and cleaning up around the house, like I did for 9 hours yesterday. I don't have the clubs, but give me till the weekend and I will see about posting a pic with me fighting each one...hopefully the clubs will drop. ;)

nice pic
# Dec 18 2006 at 7:26 PM Rating: Decent
150 posts
omg nice pic talk about HD
Got my cudgels
# Nov 08 2006 at 9:52 AM Rating: Decent
I actually just got this cudgel yesterday. Took me 3 days to get them both.

Sunday I grabbed my brother and my boyfriend and they rode the one ship back and forth with me from Mhuara to Selbina, Selbina to Mhaura. We were 75WHM(me),75NIN(bf), and 61COR(bro) We rode the boat a total of 35 times and we only saw pirates 5 times. On the 21st ride (from Mhaura to Selbina) my LS mate Vorpal(65War) hopped the boat with us, Blackbeard spawned and we killed him and got the drop 1/1.

Monday I went to Selbina and only took Selbina > Mhaura boats. If I saw pirates were not going to pop I teleported-dem and caught the next ferry. I only brought my level 75 NIN boyfriend with me this time we rode the boat 26 times and on the 12th ride Silverhook popped, we killed him and no drop.

Tuesday I took the Selbina > Mhaura boats only again, rode the boats 13 times, on the 12th ride my buddy Vorpal hopped on again and on the 13th ride Silverhook popped, we claimed and killed him and got the drop 1/2.

I'm convinced my buddy Vorpal is lucky, I'm never going on an NM hunt without him from now on >.>
My Lucky day
# Nov 02 2006 at 1:44 AM Rating: Decent
181 posts
Just got on the boat to take a few rides with a 75 RDM friend on mine, second ride I see the vermy wearing SMN, and He pops, So we took it down pretty easily. And he dropped the beloved Cudgel all on my B-Day what a present to get. 1/1 mind you.
Lucky Me
# Oct 18 2006 at 4:36 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
75 whm/nin - I was camping this bad boy last night for about 3 hours and was about to give up when a friend of mine (another whm/nin) logged on and said he would help me camp it.

So I figured why not, only goin to be on another hour or 2 anyways, told him to meet me in selbina since we were just leaving Mhaura.

He gets on and we ride for 3 times with no pirates (hadn't seen them since I got on boat now about 4 hours ago).

Told him I would ride one more time, then prob. go ahead and get off seeing as no pirates in 4 hours = no pirates tonight :P.

So we jump on boat and wooot wooot pirates ahoy!!!

I run and look and see the Vermy Cloak, tell whm friend that NM is bout to spawn. BAM there is Silverhook so I start fighting and then I notice....my friend went AFK /cry!!!

I start <call> back to back and he finally shows up, buffs up, and we get to fighting. He would Black Halo @ 100 TP and I would follow with Hexa Strike. NM died fairly quickly.

Low and behold got club on first drop and since he was helping me camp clubs and wasn't there for himself he passed on club..

1/1 on Seawolf Cudgel (now to camp blackbeard) ><

Thanks again Endtanis for the help!!
Pirate Hell
# Aug 21 2006 at 10:04 AM Rating: Decent
822 posts
I was a 70PLD/WHM at the time and was fishing on the boat the other day and first Sea Horror popped.I flashed him off a low level Dragoon. I fought hard but died in the end.

I got a RaiseIII and hopped back on the boat. As soon as my weakness weared off I saw the pirates. Usually they are no big deal, so I didn't panic. Then I noticed one of the pirates had a Vermillion Cloak. I was like "that’s cool" and out of nowhere I was hit by a BlizzagaIII. 1.2K dmg DEAD in one shot!

I never seen Silverhook before so I didn't know I should run like hell when I see that pirate with the red cloak. Got another R3 and got back on the boat. Again Silverhook popped again! Thank god I was on the stairs this time. Pretty strange I never saw him in years of playing and have him pop back-to-back. The Japanese WHM who raised me twice told me he gotten his club from Silverhook. It's a pretty cool drop BTW if you can kill him, but BECAREFUL! He said it took him and a 75NIN to kill him.

Edited, Aug 21st 2006 at 11:11am EDT by mkriss
# Aug 19 2006 at 7:48 AM Rating: Good
This guy is ******* evil. I was bored so I was riding the ship hoping for the Sea Horror to spawn when I noticed the pirate ship approaching. I started cracking the Crossbones when a 75Sam/thf sent me a team up tell and pointed at him. With no healer this guy is tough. We ended up dying at about 32% when he used Blood Saber.
# Aug 07 2006 at 10:53 AM Rating: Good
290 posts
I spotted him on the boat as a 72 BRD/WHM, and decided "Why not". But it seems he's not sleepable, and he cast sleep several times. I was ok for a little while, but I wouldn't try him again by myself. At least not if I wasn't prepared.

I would guess he'd be pretty easy if you had a second person to duo him with.
# Jul 25 2006 at 6:47 AM Rating: Good
722 posts
I was camping this guy after maintenance yesterday (WHM75/NIN37), and on the third pirate attack, as I was getting ready before the pirates showed up, I noticed that I had forgotten to bring my shihei toolbags. >.< The pirates showed up, and I was hoping to god that Silverhook wouldn't spawn, so that I could warp and pick up my toolbags and teleport back out. When the summoners ran out on deck, none of them were wearing a V.Cloak, but just as I started to let out a sigh of relief, Silverhook popped on the deck. >.< So I figured, "what the hell, I'll give it a shot." The fight started off well enough... Sleepga II and Sleep II were annoying, but other than that I wasn't really having problems. My self-light chain with Holy MB did 2,348 damage, which was a big chunk of his health. However, towards the end of the fight, I started running low on MP, and had to use Benediction. And wouldn't you know it... he cast Waterga III immediately after my Benediction, hitting me for 668 damage and basically totally negating it. Still, I had him down to 1%, hit him once, still wasn't dead.... then he scored a critical hit and killed me. >_< And since the pirates left... he went after a couple people that had nicely cast Cure III on me during the fight, then depopped just as I got up (with Reraise III). ; ; Looking back now, I realize if I hadn't cast that Holy MB (which only did 222 damage, dispite 281 divine skill... about the same as 2 physical hits), I may well have saved enough MP to have killed him. :(

EDIT: Camped him after another maintenance this morning. He popped on the first ride, and I easily killed him. All he dropped was a damm Bone Chip. ~_~ Time to wait for another maintenance. x.x

Edited, Jul 26th 2006 at 7:30am EDT by KyrialArthian
# Jul 13 2006 at 6:46 AM Rating: Decent
521 posts
I've been on the boat for over 6 hours and still haven't seen a single pirate attack... what's the deal? Did SE cancel the event or something? @@
im sry but..
# Jul 06 2006 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
this is the only mob on boat that i am afraid of ><;
i saw him take down 2 75 rdm/nin's
so im thuraly frigtened of him
# Jul 01 2006 at 11:12 PM Rating: Decent
This guy was a lot easier than my friends made him out to be. A friend of mine and myself wanted to camp him and BB, but sadly we wasted several hours with no Pirates attacking at all. Well, when we finally did get Pirates, SH decided to pay us a visit, he pops near a group of Fishers and I toss a Silence right at him ( note, out of the 17 Silences I tossed at him, the very first one was the only one to stick... but only lasted maybe 9 seconds)and the fun begins.

Now, me being a Rdm75/37nin and my friend I think around 70 Whm/Nin, we figured it would go rather easy, and it did. He never even attempted to do any Sleep spells (If this one does too >.>) but he really enjoyed spaming Blood Saber, but luckily the fishers stayed on one side of the boat and left him alone with us. Sum it all up, he was a push over, I never droped bellow 950 HP, out of the 1,100. His bloody Ga spells and constant Aoe crap was making a mockery of my Shadows though >.>

Meh, no drop... he will be sorry ^-^

Edited, Jul 2nd 2006 at 12:32am EDT by Gance
Yea Me
# May 23 2006 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
just soloed this bad boy (75WHM/37NIN...and just got nin to 37 Sunday morning;) boy, what a mean SOB. Got my Seawolf Cudgel, but it was very close. 144HP/31MP left at the end, and zoned right when I killed him. Used a wing, but screwed up my solo Light SC; no other meds or juices used. My heart is still racing.

1 down, 1 to go^^
# May 08 2006 at 3:38 PM Rating: Decent
i would say these weps are for mere fun, or do they have some hidden effect.
RE: hmmm
# May 14 2006 at 8:10 PM Rating: Decent
if you call some of the highest damage, "normal", clubs that give +5 to both mods of hexa strike, and also give +10 to ATT and ACC when both are equipped mere fun, sure!
revenge can i have it
# May 01 2006 at 10:43 PM Rating: Decent
first time they came today, this NM poped, good thing cuz i was camping him. he poped and i claimed him, he has TONS of HP, i was whm/nin so the AMs were no prob for me. a lvl 30 smn also wanted to help so i invited her, her AF missed every time :0) so me, 30 smn, and a 57 sam were takeing this NM.

the only thing that sucked in this battle was his ice spikes para me. other than that the battle wasn't bad. i had to use bena but i got him to about 10% HP and we docked ><

what i wana know is the spawn time on this NM, i herd a rumor it was 24hr, but i never seen anything other than that, i thought it was 2hr. i got blackbeard (1/1 on him) and i REALLY wana complete the set. GL on this NM and if you take it i reccommend /nin just for the AM spells
Messed. Me. Up.
# Apr 26 2006 at 12:51 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
I'm a 75 DRK, and was riding the ship from Selbina to Mhaura so I could (finally) get my butt to the new Aht Urghan areas. So pirates attack, and I swagger around like it's no big deal, because 99.99999999 percent of the time it ISN'T, and it's just stupid Crossbones that I can waste very easily.

I had no idea who the fudge this big *** skele named Silverhook was until I walked up and started whacking him.

I know now.

He laid me out in only a few hits, 100+ dmg PER hit, and I had to stun Flood twice. I don't understand how a 53 DRK got half his life off, I was doing 200+ per hit and barely nudged about 1/6 of this beast's life bar off. And don't tell me he 2hr'ed because as we all know you can't Drain or Aspir the undead.

So I land in Mhaura after getting killed so badly that I died from it, and got R1 from a friendly 75 RDM. The irony of the story is that I didn't know that I needed a boarding pass to take the ship to Al Zahbi, so I had to port back to Jeuno and do the damn quest first anyway. Hehe. -_-o

EDIT: Oh btw it doesn't list his lvl but my LS on Titan server told me he is lv. 75. Believe what you will, I think he's closer to 77-78...

Edited, Wed Apr 26 00:47:11 2006
Messed. Me. Up.
# Jul 24 2006 at 7:53 AM Rating: Good
722 posts
lol, well... if he's the same level as Blackbeard (which I'm fairly sure he is), then he's only DC at 75, and low DC at that. When I soloed Blackbeard, he gave me 50 exp, so that puts him around level 68-70 if I'm not mistaken. He is an NM, of course, so he's a bit stronger than a normal skeleton that level, but a 75WHM/NIN would not be able to solo him in the time given if he was EM or higher.
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