Vana'diel Bestiary: Mazween  

Found in:Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Found at Location:G - 7
Mob Functions:
Updated: Tue Mar 11 03:07:26 2008

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DRK Spells
# Mar 14 2007 at 4:55 PM Rating: Decent
Ditto Guardian, top 10 on these DRK spells on fenrir ^^
Agreed with the pwn thing...goos for duoing with someone else for little merit points.

So far highest Drain II was 400 and Dread Spikes effect was 52
# Mar 09 2007 at 3:26 AM Rating: Decent
As for the 2 new DRK spells, haha. I was one of the 1st few on Fenrir to obtain them for my DRK ^^. got a few more of each and sold them in AH. Suprisingly people were stupid enough to pay 50k for drain II and 75k for dread spikes lol. Kinda funny when you can walk 20 feet and make 25k profit off each two sold. Checked AH later on and it got flooded and price nerfed fast. Sold enough to get my dread spikes for free basicly, woot. All those people who dont have ToA guess your stuck w/ buyin from AH, price will go down soon, just like everything else does >:(

Note: Dread Spikes and Drain II so pwn. look them up on alla i got info posted on them.

Guardian 75DRK
Server: Fenrir
# Jun 11 2007 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
on Quetzalcoatl Drain II sells for 40k and Dread Spikes for 80k. There is one person who keeps spamming these and making a huge profit XD. i might have to join him soon.
100k for 2 spells?
# Mar 08 2007 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
1,705 posts
100 k for 2 spells? can I sell my abs dex back for the ******** of money I spent on it? I haven't used that spell since before lvl 50...
# Mar 07 2007 at 3:28 PM Rating: Decent
325 posts
You guys think this dude will sell Drain 2 and the new spikes, trying to figure out where they are gonna come from.
# Dec 24 2006 at 4:14 AM Rating: Decent
This guy is an arab.
# Jan 04 2007 at 9:28 PM Rating: Default
lol thats fvcked up
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