Vana'diel Bestiary: Lamia No. 13  

Found in:Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Based on Water
  • Weak against Lightning
  • Strong against Water
Involved in Quests:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

Lamia No. 13 has an AoE charm called Belly Dance.

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Easy points
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Everyone should know this by now, but 3 dispellers is the way to go.

BRD's and RDM's are your meal ticket, can be done with three people.

Just stay the hell away from the Lamia and your good, Subbing WHM for Blink and SS or NIN for Utsu Ichi and Ni is a plus, but not required as long as you can take a few hits and have some way to... well, not die.

The Lamia will have 3 imperial soldiers under its control, you have to run around the map to find her, there shouldn't be anything in the area but her and her 3 charmed soldiers.

Find her

Dispell her charmed help, and watch them go to town on the Lamia.

She will Dance to re-charm them again, just dispell when you get the chance.

Assign someone to a soldier and have them keep priority on dispelling only that one... otherwise you get threee people dispelling the same soldier and one mistake like that can cost you the run (Cool down timer on dispel/finale sux on this mission, especially if she uses her charm-ga twice in a row, which she sometimes will, although not common)

If at all possible, this can be donw tieh a combination of BRD's and RDM's for the easy 3 man team for maximum points, if by some chance you want to be a good samaritan, then you can take in a BLM/RDM in there since the skill cap should be high enouh to allow dispel to land, but it does get resisted a few times (As was told by a fellow BLM dude I know)

Or... if your really nice... you can invite a 4th to the dream team (5th and 6th...) to stand there and leech the points, but this does lower the points you get, so be warned.

If not then you can invite the horrible MNK/RDM or THF/RDM as i've seen MANY struggle trying to get an invite to this easy assault. I guess they all want their Pln. Khazagands that bad huh? XD

Expect high resists tho if you decide to take in the latter... However now you can bring in a COR and have him Dark Shot the charmed soldier, from what I hear this works too, but then there's that horrible 1 minute (50 sec merited) recast timer... so that may be a problem...

As a BRD and COR 75, i only took BRD because the recast timer was low, subbed WHM to cure the soldiers i Finale'd (Yes, they can die, lowering your chances to beat the Assault... so Cure them!)

and Finally... DON't Engage... I'm sure many people tried... but unless you want to get charmed... dont get close to her... and don't fkkn engage... just stay back and dispel and finale... please... this run is so damn easy... don't play the hero by doing something stupid...

What should take only about 18 runs or so (armband).. took me 22 because of a Stupid RDM i Went with wanting to see the action up close and got charmed hisself... lolrdm...

(Note: writing during class watching a documentary, sorry for the hasty writing, see ya all later)
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