Vana'diel Bestiary: Big Jaw  

Found in:Beadeaux
Phanauet Channel
Phomiuna Aqueducts
Sea Serpent Grotto
Yhoator Jungle
Yuhtunga Jungle
Level:37 - 39
  • Aggro
  • Not Linking
  • Detects by Sound
  • Based on Water
  • Weak against Ice
  • Weak against Lightning
  • Strong against Water
Stolen Items:
Updated: Fri Dec 28 16:26:12 2007

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# Jul 28 2005 at 11:21 PM Rating: Decent
I been wondering.. it says you can get big jaws at Sea Serpent Grotto, Yhoator Jungle, Yuhtunga Jungle also.. but I don't see them around.. you guys know the spawn area? or is it a fished mob?
big jaws
# Jul 26 2005 at 5:31 PM Rating: Decent
do the big jaws in beadeux drop the silica also since i need 6 of em for 1 glass sheet.

and 1 silica is going for 380k on quetz server

Edited, Tue Jul 26 18:31:41 2005
RE: big jaws
# Jul 27 2005 at 2:20 AM Rating: Decent
6,424 posts
Only known source for silica right now is Big Jaws in Phomiuna Aquaducts. If it dropped in other areas as well, the price would have been 1/10th at most of what it is now...
no aggro
# Apr 27 2005 at 12:22 PM Rating: Decent
These are not aggressive in the Phomiuna Aqueducts.
# Jan 29 2005 at 2:33 AM Rating: Decent
243 posts
Thes little beauties are called "Jagil" on the island and they have some very nice attacks. At lvl 38-39 they conned as Decent Challenge to Tough and they are, in my opinion, the most beautiful pug I have seen in the game thus far. (I have piccys and will submit them as soon as I know how lol).

They have the following TP Attacks:
Spash breath
Water Shield
Water Wall
Recoil Dive

There is only one on the first beach where the dock's are but the farther you go in you will find up to 3 per beach area.
# Jan 11 2005 at 12:27 AM Rating: Decent
I don't think this enemy is in Purgonorgo Island...
It has different colors like pink and blue and stuff, I have a screenshot myself... Yes.
Fishing mob
# Nov 26 2004 at 4:39 PM Rating: Good
358 posts
These enemies are also caught through Fishing in Rolanberry Fields
not aggro to me.
# Oct 04 2004 at 12:26 AM Rating: Decent
didn't aggro my Lv.30 MNK
# Oct 02 2004 at 9:05 AM Rating: Decent
44 posts
I also saw one of these spawn in Sauromugue Champaign the other day in the Northern part of the zone. I picked it up on Widescan only, so I didn't go and check it out to see if it was fished up or how it spawned.
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