Vana'diel Bestiary: Saehrimnir  

Found in:Einherjar - Brunhilde's Chamber
Einherjar - Gerhilde's Chamber
Einherjar - Grimgerde's Chamber
Einherjar - Helmwige's Chamber
Einherjar - Ortlinde's Chamber
Einherjar - Rossweisse's Chamber
Einherjar - Schwertleite's Chamber
Einherjar - Siegrune's Chamber
Einherjar - Waltraute's Chamber
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Not Linking
  • Detects by Sight
  • Based on Lightning
  • Weak against Fire
  • Weak against Light
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General Information

  • One of four possible random mobs that spawn after a certain period of time in the initial nine Einherjar chambers.

    • After a certain period of time, Saehrimnir will despawn, regardless of whether or not he is engaged at the time.

  • Failing to defeat Saehrimnir before he despawns will cause the remaining monsters in the chamber to not randomize hate as much, including the Guardian of Asgarth.

    • If Saehrimnir is allowed to despawn, a message stating that the creatures in the shadows have become restless.

Saehrimnir Special Attacks

  • Roar: AoE Paralysis effect.

  • Razor Fang: Single target critical hit physical damage.

  • Claw Cyclone: Frontal cone AoE two-hit physical damage.

Historical Information

In Norse mythology, Saehrimnir (meaning "the blackened") was a giant boar that was killed daily by Aesir cook Andhrimnir and cooked in the giant cauldron Eldhrimnir to feed the Einherjar. It was resurrected the next day to serve as the meal for the Einherjar again.

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