Vana'diel Bestiary: Field Manual (K. Highlands)  

Found in:Konschtat Highlands
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What is a Field Manual?

Field Manuals are books scattered across areas of Vana'diel that allow players to participate in Fields of Valor training regimens. Fields of Valor is a quest system that rewards players with experience, gil and tabs for defeating specified enemies.

Konschtat Highlands Field Manual

This table shows detailed information about the training regimens and rewards offered by the Konschtat Highlands Field Manual.

Konschtat Highlands

Page # Rec. Level Target Mobs Area XP/Gil Gained Tabs Gained
1 8-11 4 Strolling Saplings, 2 Huge Wasps Konschtat Highlands 340 34
2 9-12 4 Huge Wasps, 2 Mist Lizards Konschtat Highlands 360 36
3 10-12 3 Rock Eaters, 3 Mist Lizards Konschtat Highlands 330 33
4 9-15 6 members of the Quadav familyKonschtat Highlands 380 38
5 12-14 2 Goblin Ambushers, 2 Goblin Tinkerers, 2 Goblin Butchers Konschtat Highlands 400 40

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