Vana'diel Bestiary: Scylla  

Found in:Beaucedine Glacier (S)
Job:Black Mage
  • Notorious Monster
  • Aggro
  • Truesight
  • Strong against Fire
  • Strong against Water
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General Information

    • Respawn time is about five hours after its last ToD or despawn.

  • Has a draw-in effect that will pull all members of your party/alliance that are in the zone to it, as well as party members that are dead.

  • Has a moderately high intimidation rate.

  • If all members of the party/alliance that have acted upon Scylla are defeated or leave the area, she will immediately despawn.

  • Grants title: Scylla Skinner

Scylla Special Attacks

  • Poisonga II - AoE Poison effect (Circle of effect originates from spell target).

  • Bindga - AoE Bind effect (Circle of effect originates from spell target).

  • Aqua Cannon - AoE Water based magic damage with additional Defense Down and Knockback effects.

    • Scylla will follow up Hydro Wave with multiple Ice Guillotines or Aqua Cannons.

  • Hydro Wave - Frontal cone AoE Water based magic damage. Will de-equip any random piece of equipment on all targets hit.

    • For a certain period of time following Hydro Wave, Scylla will absorb any Water based magic damage dealt to her.

  • Frozen Mist - AoE Ice based magic damage with an additional Terror effect.

    • Scylla will receive a physical shield effect for a certain period of time following the use of Frozen Mist that cannot be dispelled. Sufficient physical damage can "break" this shield.

  • Severing Fang - Single target two-hit physical damage with an additional Defense down effect.

  • Sub-Zero Smash - Conal AoE physical damage with an additional Paralysis effect.

    • Will only occur when sufficient hate is drawn while behind Scylla.

  • Ice Guillotine - AoE Ice based magic damage with an additional HP down effect.

    • Scylla will follow up Hydro Wave with multiple Ice Guillotines or Aqua Cannons.

Historical Information

In Greek mythology, Scylla was a creature with twelve tentacle-like legs, a cat's tail, and six vicious dog-heads atop incredibly long necks jutting out from around her waist. The daughter of the sea god Phorcys and either Hecate, Crataeis, Lamia, or Ceto, she was originally a beautiful nymph that drew the wrath of the sorceress Circe, who was jealous of sea god Glaucus spurning her in favor of Scylla. Circe created a powerful poison and filled the pool of water that Scylla always used to bathe in with it, causing her to transform into a grotesque sea monster.

She resided along the side of a strait of water within an arrow shot's distance of Charybdis, another sea monster that took the form of a giant mouth that would suck in and spit out enormous volumes of water three times a day. Ships passing through the strait would have to decide between passing close to Scylla's domain to avoid Charybdis, or vice versa. They would almost always choose the Scylla side, as while passing by Scylla would ensure that some of the crew would be killed, passing near Charybdis could result in the destruction of the entire ship.

It is believed that this myth is the origin of the phrase, "Between a rock and a hard place", referring to being forced to make a choice where both options are difficult.

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