Vana'diel Bestiary: Mushussu  

Found in:Labyrinth of Onzozo
Level:51 - 57
  • Aggro
  • Detects by Sound
  • Based on Earth
  • Weak against Ice
  • Weak against Light
  • Strong against Darkness
  • Strong against Water
Updated: Thu Feb 21 07:04:46 2008

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# Jun 24 2005 at 8:58 PM Rating: Decent
While leveling BST/WHM I have fought 5 of these in Crawlers' Nest. I have come out with 5 scorpion shells and 10 scorpion claws. Each one dropped 1 shell and 2 claws! It may just be luck but if your on the scorpion item part of Bonecraft and you are able to farm these solo or with a couple friends, I would suggest hiking here for some game.
# Apr 11 2005 at 1:12 PM Rating: Default
incredibly tough for a lvl 45 warrior

i would have taken it on but i woulda got aggrod by about 4 beetles which took down my lvl 44 monk/warrior mate in 3 hits smaking him for about 175..ouch
# Feb 01 2005 at 2:19 PM Rating: Decent
48 posts
I saw this last night in CN. My party was worried it'd come back because we thought it was an NM but when I went back to check the party was destroying it.
# Nov 12 2004 at 1:06 PM Rating: Decent
Faught this in the Nest yesterday with a full party of lvl 46-47 it showed up IT and we took it with very little problem. I have seen it a couple of other times. Once when I was lvl 43 the party next to me was fighting it. When it did its AOE I took over 500 points of damage. So just a note.. Dont stand near anyone fighting this.
# Oct 25 2004 at 9:26 AM Rating: Decent
I scanned it @ IT. Waltch a DRK in full AF solo it. It was cool!
# Oct 07 2004 at 9:17 PM Rating: Default
415 posts
Yeah i saw this thing when i was leveling in CN..
It checked impossible to gauge for me, too....
RE: hmmm
# Jul 18 2005 at 8:43 AM Rating: Decent
Unless that is some kind of a glitch, you may not be remembering this correctly. It checked out as an IT to me last night in CN as it slaughtered all of the parties in the hidden wall camp. Luckily, our BLM pulled of an excape just in time.

Replying to such an old post, but..., lol.

# Apr 26 2004 at 6:52 AM Rating: Decent
819 posts
Hmmm...earlier today I was in the Nest, saw one of these, Checked it, and it was Impossible to Gauge.

I know this isn't an NM...glitch maybe?
# Feb 02 2004 at 9:20 AM Rating: Default
Also drops scorpion claw, and...another scorpion item. Shell maybe? Just like most other scorpions.
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