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Time Frame
# Dec 10 2008 at 1:55 AM Rating: Decent
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Ok, so at 3:20 AM on 12/10/08, on Watersday, I planted 4 Wildgrass Seeds into 4 Earthen Flowerpots. How long will it take before I can feed them a crystal? When I'm able to feed it a crystal, I plan on feeding it a Water Crystal. How long after I feed it the crystal will it be good to harvest? Now, as a heads up, I'm planning to feed it the crystal on Watersday and harvest on Watersday when ready.

I'm hoping that I can find out the time frame between each thing so I can document my results. Thanks in advanced for those that help.
Wildgrass Month test
# Jun 09 2008 at 8:37 PM Rating: Decent
Here's a month-long test I did in March 08:
Purpose: To harvest Toko/Sha/Azo greens and sell to NPC.
10 character, 10 pots each: 15 Porc, 5 Cerm, 5 Earth, 75 Brass.
Water crystals only used (farmed, not bought).
No specific day planted/fed/harvested, all random.
520 seeds (-320 gil/ea) yielded (20 plants died):
2138: Fire Crystals (100 gil/ea - average)
1219: Azouph/Sharug greens (225 gil/ea)
2160: Tokopekko greens (450 gil/ea)
Didn't count: Gyshahl greens
Total profit: 1,290,475 gil
High's / Lows per harvest (1 character):
112/109/102:--Fire Crystals--:0/0/10
49/49/42:--Azouph/Sharug greens--:0/8/9
94/90/74:--Tokopekko greens--:9/14/15
Hope this info helped.

Edited, Jun 10th 2008 12:43am by Svt
earth crystals + wildgrass = flop D<
# Jan 24 2008 at 10:40 PM Rating: Decent
Oh man.. today I finally got to harvest my crop.
I had 5 Ceramic and 5 Brass pots with Wildgrass seeds.

I planted on Watersday, Fed on Watersday and harvested on Lightsday.

The first 3 ceramic and first 3 brass I fed Lightning crystals, the last two of both pots I fed Earth crystals.
I checked them all at LEAST 10 times a day, cause I'm a loser with no life..

EVERY pot that I fed earth crystals turned out a stack of little worms..
Thats 4 stacks of uselessness.
(The earth crystal pots also were ready for harvesting about 8 hours before the others, hmm.. )

From the Lightning crystal pots, I was so relieved to see turned out
65 Sharug greens, 16 Azouph and 12 Water crystals.

So, Brass/Ceramic pots + Wildgrass Seeds + Unrequited love + Earth crystals = Terrible yeild.
Please don't make the mistake I did, it sucked.
Wildgrass seeds and gardening
# Nov 15 2006 at 10:04 AM Rating: Decent
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I have 6 ceramic pots, in sandoria

planted wildgrass seeds on different gamedays (2 pots at a time)

Ceramic pots 1 & 2
planted on Darksday (Thursday)
examined on Darksday (Friday, Saturday)
fed dark crystal on Darksday (Sunday)
examined on Darksday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
harvested on Darksday (Thursday)
result: 3 X LaTheine Cabbage, 12 X Azouph Greens

note: Dark crystals usually take longer to reach harvest, thus the extra day of "examine"

Ceramic pots 3 & 4
planted on Earthsday (Thursday)
examined on Earthsday (Friday, Saturday)
fed earth crystal on Earthsday (Sunday)
examined on Earthsday (Monday, Tuesday)
harvested on Earthsday (wednesday)
result: 11 X little worms, 1 X Yellow Rock

Ceramic pots 5 & 6
planted Watersday (thursday)
examined plants on Watersday (Friday, Saturday)
fed water crystal on Watersday (Sunday)
examined on Watersday (Monday, Tuesday)
harvested on lightsday (wednesday)
result: 12 X fire crystals, 8 X Sharug Greens

I tried a second experiment, different pots, different city, but the same general rules (plant-examine-feed-examine-harvest on regular days)


3 X Porcelain pots
5 X Brass pots

planted on Earthsday (RL Friday)
examined on Earthsday only (Sat, Sun, Mon)
fed earth crystal on Earthsday (Tue)
examined Lightsday (Wed)
harvested on Lightsday (though that shouldn't make a difference)(THU)
(Porcelaine pots)
1 X yellow rock
11 X vomp carrots
6 X lightning crystals

(Brass pots)
8 X little Worms
6 X Vomp carrots
4 X Lightning crystals
11 X little worms
9 X little worms

"examined" days are once every 24 hours, always after Japanese midnight (10AM local time)
all pots were fed immediately upon getting message that "this plant is not doing too well".

Edited, Nov 16th 2006 at 9:11am PST by capcanuk
# Sep 26 2006 at 12:20 PM Rating: Decent
i personaly read....
Earthen pots X10
water crystals X10
wildgrass seed X10
and plant/feed on wtaresday... this worked for me
i happened to put the pots in on water, so i planted em right away

2 days later(i belive) feed it water crystal on waterday

another 2/3 days(i think if i remember right was lvling and have had to work, but u dont care)

12 azouph greens
10 sharug greesns
11 azouph greens
9 tokopekko greens(idk name exact if u havnt noticed)
12 gyshahl greens
8 gyshahl greens
11 sharug greens
12 sharug greens
8 tokopekko greens
13 tokopekko greens

and that was grand total of this:

23 azouph greens
33 sharug greens
20 gyshahl greens
30 tokopekko greens

so... if u need the greens, do this
Gardening Results
# Sep 24 2006 at 3:47 PM Rating: Decent
Ok.. So I've been using up a lot of Wildgrass seeds and I've been experimenting a lot. I just want to add that all my harvests, feeding and planting are at different times and days.. so I have no clue what's better for what. Plus,
So here it is:
Fire:Gysahl Greens, Garidav Wildgrasses, Sharug Greens and Ice crystals.
Ice:Gysahl Greens and Wind Crystals.
Wind:Gysahl Greens
Earth:Little worms, Vomp carrots, Yellow stone and lightning crystals. New: Gregar Worms.
Thunder:Azouph Greens, Water crystals and Sharug Greens.
Water:Fire crystals, Sharug Greens, Tokopekko Wildgrasses and Gysahl Greens.
Light:La Theine Cabbages ( ; ; )
Darkness:Light crystals and Dark rock.
and finally
with no crystal at all: Little worms and La Theine Cabbages.

I hope with may help whoever wants to feed their choco.. I haven't got those "special" worms nor the mental-affecting carrots.
Happy gardening!

Edited, Sep 24th 2006 at 7:49pm EDT by LiquidBlaZE

Edited, Oct 7th 2006 at 4:40pm PDT by LiquidBlaZE
Gardening Results
# Oct 07 2006 at 5:11 AM Rating: Decent
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I got the same results with the earth plan as the above poster (plant on earthday, feed on earthday, harvest on earthday), but only one pot gave me vomp carrots, the others gave rocks worms and lightning crystals (I guess as long as one pot gave me what I wanted, I'm happy).

The next time I tried, I missed out on the feeding day (these plants take FOREVER to grow, but it seems you still only have a 24-hour window to feed it in, and heaven forbid you miss the precise hour you want for any element-day). Anyways, so I grew them without feeding them, and got tons of latheine cabbages and gysahl greens, and a handful of sharug greens. So you can get the greens without the crystals, but not the carrots, it seems.
wildgrass seeds
# Sep 14 2006 at 6:55 PM Rating: Decent
just to the guy with elem queries im sure wildgrass sedds r water elem as best produce i get is with water crystals (tokopekko sharug nd azouph have all grown with water) BUT cupid worms etc u need light
Please fill in missing Wildgrass Seed Element, And Others
# Sep 04 2006 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello Everyone, I am hoping to expand the moderate amount of Gardening knowledge that I have learned, thanks to www.allakhazam.com Gardening Guides, as well as other sources. I would really appreciate the help.

In general, you must look at the elements of everything that has to do with the elemental properties of gardening, including the pot, seed, crystal, plant day(s), feed days, harvest day, the relationship between Moon Phases and their affect on the elements of these properties. You must look at how all of these elements relate, through each items strong element, or the element the item is strong against like Fire to Ice, as well as through their weak element, or the element that item is weak to, such as Fire to Water. It is usually easy to tell if you completely mess up a gardening attempt. As a general guideline, if you "over-fertilize" your plant, it will be infested with the vermin, and you will get a crop of little worms. If you "Under-fertilize" your plant, the potting soil will undergo salinity, and you will get a crop of rock salt. Getting a crop other than that for which you were aiming does not mean you failed. My empirical evidence suggests that at the very end, when it comes time to harvest, even if you know every elemental and lunar property that affects gardening, and you completed the growing properly, the ultimate result is still based on some kind of sick random generator Square-Enix put in to determine the final result. In other words, the ultimate outcome, assuming you did everything right, is at least partially random. I believe with proper gardening, this randomness is usually reduced from between 2-5 crops, and the percentage of each crop is affected by how you set up your garden, as well as a hindered different variables we will most likely never know. As an example of these rules and how the days affect the crop, here is another very important general guideline: You will almost always end up with little worms if you harvest on the day whose elemental attribute is weak vs. the elemental attributes of both the seed and the feed crystal. For example, if you planted grain seeds and then fed the plant with a fire crystal, you will most likely be fishing for moat carp (you will most likely get a crop of little worms). Smiley: banghead This is because the elemental attribute of grain seeds is fire.

With all this being said, it is important to keep in-mind the elemental attributes of the seeds and pots. So for those of you that do not know, here they are, and for those of you that do know, please tell me the element that belongs with the '?' mark, in this case, wildgrass (which was the main point of this article):

The elemental breakdown for pots is this:

Brass = Fire
Earthen = Earth
Ceramic = Water
Porcelain = Wind
Wooden = ?
Arcane = ?

The elemental breakdown for seeds is this:

Grain = Fire
Vegetable = Earth
Fruit = Water
Herb = Wind
Tree Cuttings = Ice
Tree Saplings = Dark
Cactus Stems = Light
Wildgrass Seeds = ?

* As you can tell from the chart above, I do not know the elemental attribute for the Arcane Pot, the Wooden Pot you can fish in a quest, and the new wildgrass seeds. So if anyone knows this, please post it.

The reason for knowing these elements is because they not only allow you to have a better chance of growing the plant you want, but you can figure out easier ways to grow plants you can normally grow so easily. For instance, because the original seeds' elements are Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire; and the original pots' elements are Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire as well, it makes it much more of a pain and contribution of time to grow a Purple Rock than an Yellow Rock , for example. And you can grown more Yellow Rocks at a time than Purple Rocks. This is just a very basic example.

So please, help me out on the elements, and I promise when I complete the first draft of my notes, I will write a very good Gardening Guide for Everyone. And I WILL give credit to everyone that has help me in any of my information gathering. And as far as Information Gathering, if you are like me, and keep a chart of all the gardening attempts you make, along with the results you achieved, and you are feeling generous, please email these results to zaldor@infchaosdrd.net, or infchaosdrd@sbcglobal.net, or to my PlayOnline Email, which is infchaosdrd@pol.com. It would be nice to get an email on that server that is not in Japanese. Also, if you have it in a file of almost any sort like Excel, Access, Text Delimited, etc., go ahead and attach that as well, as that is the important stuff. And I would also love to read emails of Gardening theories, especially from other Gardening Pros and Semi-Pros, even if there is no data to go along with it. Thank you all a million, and send me a tell if you can find the time--I would be overjoyed to hear from you. I have all my characters on the Alexander Server. Zaldor is my main battle/everything but gardening character. And I have one gardening mule named Xane, who has a Bastok Greenhouse--10 pots with 150+ Overflowing Earth Energy, which help to grow plants. I would recommend dedicating a Greenhouse to one of the three cities. Certain things will grow better depending on which city your greenhouse resides in. Well, Good Luck!

Happy Gardening! Smiley: yippee

Thank You,
Zaldor of Alexander, Citizen of Windurst
Feel Free To Send Me a Tell Anytime!

Please fill in missing Wildgrass Seed Element, And Others
# Sep 19 2006 at 8:19 PM Rating: Decent
62 posts
As a follow-up to my own posting, I wanted to pose an experiment to determine the elemental attributes of wildgrass seeds, and with your help, and possibly with data you friends of gardening have already collected, we may be able to logically deduce the element of wildgrass seeds. I have a suspicion that they are going to be Lightning Elemental, partly because that is the only seed element left, but also, after going down the lists of all of the wilgrass formulas/recipes, putting wildgrass seeds in an earthen pot seems to have similar results to putting a seed that is week against the element of the pot.

Anyway, here is my way to logically deduce the element, which is important. If wildgrass seeds really are Lightning Elemental, purple rocks, and lightning crystals will be amazingly easier to harvest. Here is the premise:
1) Plant a seed in a compatible pot.
2) Do not fertilize. This leaves the elements just for the seed and pot.
3) Go for a colored rock, i.e. purple rock.
4) Whatever colored rock you harvest will tell you the element of the seed.

* Assuming you do not fertilize, and that you do harvest a rock.

So, if anyone is willing to help me out, I will in this divulge the secret to getting rocks more often/as a more likely harvest. And for grain, vegetable, and herb seeds, those are the most expensive items you will get.

So, the secret to getting rocks is that you must fertilize a lot for that rock, or none at all, which is what we are doing, but either way, to keep from getting little worms, I have noticed rocks usually require a dark or light mix.

For those thirsty to try this, you can get an almost guaranteed yellow rockx2 in one harvest. However, without fertilizing, it will take longer. With fertilizing, you will only get one, don’t ask me why, so it’s worth it.

The 6 Things that any good Gardener should keep track of and make a major difference in what you get are these 5 things (I suggest a chart):
1)Pot Used [Not Extremely Important, but will determine what type of crop you are more likely to get. And if you are going for crystals, you WANT the pot you use to have the same Element as you Target Crystals, i.e. if you are going for Wind Crystals, you want to plant those veggie, or herb, or even fruit and grain seeds in a Porcelein Pot, since it has a Wind Elements. It will double the Wind Crystals you get.
2)Seed Used [This is important because first of all, if you are going for crystals, your target Crystal Harvest will vary depending on what seed you use, because they have elements, too, correct. Secondly, the Pot Element/Seed Element will get along in certain ways, and you can only get certain harvests that way.]
3)Plant Day [Different depending on whether or not you are going for crystals or items]
4)Crystal Fed [This is your fertilizer and main determinant of what you may get]
5)Day Fed [This is the Day you Feed your Crystal to your plant. When one plants on the day with the same element as your crystal, your chances of harvesting items in the end increases. Planting on the Day that is the Weak Element of the Crystal, i.e. Lightning Crystal on Water, will increase your chance of crystals.
6)Harvest Day [If you are going for crystals then Harvest any day but the Elemental Day of the Crystal you are after. In other words, if you are after Fire Crystals, harvest your plant any day other than Firesday. You want to make your Water Crystal Feed Strong, and do not Harvest on a day that makes both you seed and you pot weak, or a day whose element make both you seed, and feed crystal weak.
6a) Good to keep track of yield
6b) Most importantly, keep track of what you actually harvest.

So down to the point, this is a sure method of getting 2 yellow rocks. I think depending on the moon, there’s about a 75% to get the 2 yellow rocks each time, otherwise its some flower, or maybe a woozyshroom, as I am developing a theory that there must be some dark in the mix for shrooms. Anyway, here it is->

1) Pot Used [Earthen(Earth Elemental)]
2) Seed Used [Vegetable(Earth Elemental]
3) Plant Day [Dark Day] (Goes to my theory that rocks are more likely with a little dark or light in the mix) Yellow Rocks Definitely Dark.
4) Feed Crystal [None] (Keep watching over plant so it doesn’t wilt and accepts its no feed crystal status)
5) Feed Day [N/A]
6) Harvest Day [Dark]
6a) Yield will always be 2 if you get rocks
6b) Yellow Rockx2

In this Above Recipe, you see that, dark to dark help the rock come out. Other than that, there was only tons of Earth Element, such as seed and pot, involved; no fertilizer to confuse the situation. And the above recipe does not necessarily have to have Earthen Pot, just Earthen Seed. For Example, there is a recipe to use a Porcelain Pot (Wind Element) with Vegetable Seeds (Earth Element). In this situation there is nothing but earth element, and i figure at least a little dark element, 1 day of plant or harvest on dark, or maybe both, and no fertilizer, yellow rock.

* So here is my point, if anyone has grown a rock of any color using wildgrass and no fertilizing crystal whatsoever that color rock must be the element of wildgrass, and learning the element of it will all advanced gardeners to make oh so many cool things, trust me. And I will pass that info to you in a full, very full guide, easy to learn, and I will leave Credit, where credit is due. I have no shame saying someone else figured this out for my. Gardening is unbelievably complicated. So, please help me. Send me in POL email to me at infchaosdrd@pol.com with your discovery, or zaldor@sbcglobal.net, or send me a tell or message if you happen to be on Alexander as I am.

Happy Gardening! [:yippie:]

Thank You,
Zaldor of Alexander, Citizen of Windurst
Feel Free To Send Me a Tell Anytime!

How long?
# Aug 30 2006 at 3:01 PM Rating: Decent
64 posts
Does anyone have estimated growth period from seed to harvest? the other seeds take about 2-3 days.
How long?
# Aug 31 2006 at 2:08 AM Rating: Decent
18 posts
5-6 days. :)
Started growing these
# Aug 04 2006 at 10:00 PM Rating: Decent
I've started to grow these and can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Btw saw it in the ah in windurst I think. going for 100k for a stack. lol some ppl have more gil than sence.
Garidav wildgrass
# Aug 04 2006 at 7:39 AM Rating: Good
23 posts
One harvest from feeding a Fire crystal to this plant was "Garidav wildgrass" (Desc: A type of wildgrass, used as feed to keep chocobos healthy.)

So far the only crystals I had any success with in feeding were Wind (for "Gysahl Greens") and Fire (for "Garidav wildgrass"). Other results were various crystals and little worms. I'll update as I get more info.
Growing Plants
# Aug 03 2006 at 10:37 AM Rating: Good
23 posts
I've just barely started planting these, but one interesting thing is that the time it takes to grow these plants is heavily dependent on the crystal...

I planted 10 on the same day, and used 2 crystals each of dark, fire, earth, wind, and water, all at the same time. The ones with the wind crystals bloomed quickly and were just now ready to be harvested (resulting in gysahl greens). But the earth, fire, and water, just now bloomed...and the dark hasn't changed since I fed it the crystal!

Once I have more data I'll post what results I was able to get with each crystal.
Sold by npc?
# Jul 30 2006 at 9:38 AM Rating: Decent
What a rip-off...sold by npcs! And here I thought it was cool that I had been killing saplings and gotten one of these. Where did I put my shovel? I'm going to go bury my head in the ground.
Sold by npc?
# Jul 30 2006 at 11:19 PM Rating: Decent
Well dur, these seeds are used to grow food for chocobos, and as SE doesn't wish to lose paying customers. As they have said they want all players to be able to get and raise chocobos. Thusly, the seeds would need to be able to be gotten by anyone. Anyone who can get to Whitegate, or knows someone, who can. But still, if they had had a mob be the only way they would be dropped, first off, everyone and their mother would be farming said mobs. Then selling them for way over cost, and need. Since no chocobo raising yet. (check time stamp if you disagree)

It's best this way, less hassle for everyone.
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