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Katana Strap
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Obtained with 20000 Imperial Standing credits
Gained from Quests:
Offered by Imperial Overseers:
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# Jun 17 2008 at 12:16 AM Rating: Decent
Just a little theoretical math.

Assumptions: Zanshin procs about the same rate as Double Attack (according to ffxicyclopedia) - 10% of the time. On missed hits, of course. Giving this strap the best case scenario (low acc = more Zanshin), acc is 80%. That means that 10% of 20% misses proc Zanshin, which equates to 2% extra swings.

Experiment: I will hypothetically give this item the astronomical boost of Zanshin + 10% proc rate (aka doubling its non-enhanced power). Doubling the previous Zanshin rate, that gives us a 4% extra swing count. This 2% boost in swings would be equal to the 2% Double Attack boost from a Pole Strap. Problem is, the assumption of 80% acc and the astronomical boost I gave it.

  • If your acc is higher than 80%, the Katana Strap would not outdo the Pole Strap due to lack of misses on which enhanced Zanshin would proc.
  • If the Zanshin boost given by the Katana Strap is less than doubling the potency of original flavor Zanshin, it would not proc enough to outdo Pole Strap due to lack of proccing ;)

  • Summary: Unless SE just released an amazingly potent Zanshin enhancer into the game, this is worse than Pole Strap.

    *Van Halen's 'Girls, girls, girls' plays in the background*

    To say nothing of what missing so much that you need an enhanced Zanshin would do you your epeen.
    katana strap
    # Jun 08 2008 at 11:54 AM Rating: Default
    this is a good grip if u need acc and lack the means of getting it
    also if your already /sam
    but this would not be a full time grip
    you would not even really be missing enough for it to help anyways
    # Sep 29 2007 at 8:33 PM Rating: Decent
    anyone have any idea what the benefits of this piece are...? right now im rockin a mythril grip +1 but im gettin bored with it... and wanna either get this, pole strap or sword strap.... and possibly considering getting the platinum grip +1... not so sure about that one though...

    oh btw.... ima 65 drg, with sam and war sub available... any info would be a great helps. thanks in advance
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