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Mercenary Camp Entry Slip
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A form permitting entry to a top-secret mercenary training camp. The Salaheem's Sentinels logo can be seen when held to a light.

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The Sixth Serpent
# Mar 25 2008 at 8:30 PM Rating: Decent
Allows 6 players to enter a level capped BCNM at the Stellar Fulcrum.

60 cap, no sub-jobs, 15 minute battle against the 5 Aht Urgan Generals

This fight is similar to the Promyvian Vazhal boss fight. The 5 Generals line up against the back of the arena. Upon entry the BLM will begin to buff himself with ice spikes or similar spells. After selecting a general to pull you will engage in combat until approx 10-20% health remains at which point another random general will join the fight. This will repeat throughout the battle unless an AOE links other Generals and adds them into the fight early. Defeating all 5 Generals grants you a humorous cutscene, a brief fantastic screenshot opportunity (get your camera ready), and the title of Sixth General.

We did this fight twice. Party setup was PLD,NIN,MNK,WHM,RDM,RDM. The mobs are immune to sleep, but can be bound and gravity kited, so we opted not to include a BLM. We had a dedicated RDM for kiting the adds, and a second dedicated RDM to keep the WHM and PLD refreshed and to back-up cure. The NIN was for a back-up tank/DD, and the MNK for pure DD. Reraise earrings helped and no XP is lost inside or outside the arena.

***Round One***

The first fight we chose not to use 2 hours as a "dry run". We pulled the BLM first to minimze surprise -aga spells mid-battle. It was a tough call whether to do this or pull the MNK to get Hundred Fist out of the way. The BLM went down quickly, and only had the chance to -aga once which was stunned by the PLD. To our luck the MNK came second with all HP in the white and plenty of MP. RDM gravity kited until BLM was finished off, then brought MNK General in to engage.

Hundred fist went off early and PLD kept hate fairly well and hp rarely dipped with 3 healers on duty. The party MNK was starting to pull hate and held back on WS's during this General.

WHM came next and immediately dia'd the party. MNK had TP built up and greatly deminished WHM HP in the first few seconds with WS.

At 10% RNG General joined as WHM hit Benediction. Since RNG could not be kited, we endured damage from ranged attacks while killing off WHM. It may have been better to switch Generals at this point and kill the RNG while kiting the WHM. WHM went down after a few WSs but not before the MNK was ko'd by WHM General's WS.

Focus turned to RNG General. EES went off right as the NIN pulled hate and was absorbed by Utsusemi. With RNG at 10% PLD joined in and was kited. With RNG down, PLD was mobbed by the party. PLD General's WS's actually did dmg in the 600s, but his HP dropped faily quickly after Invincible wore off. MNK rejoined the battle weakened when it was apparent the PLD would drop before the 5 minute timer was up. Battle ended with 30 seconds left on the clock, and only a few deaths (MNK, RDM, WHM) during the 15 minute battle.

***Round Two***

Looking to beat the 11 minute record we re-entered intending to use our 2 hours. Same strategy we pulled the BLM first. Immediately this time was much more of a challenge as the -ga spells were spammed. The party ate several tier 3 -aga nukes in a row dropping HP to yellow and orange across the board. This was the turning point of the fight (and immediately refreshed memories of how this played out at Fanfest). The RDM's spammed cures on party members getting them out of yellow while the WHM rushed in to Benediction. If provided a do-over, the WHM should not have done this and cure spammed instead, even if it meant losing party members.

Benediction grabbed the hate of both the BLM and PLD who had joined the mix. Party WHM went down quick and hate bounced around as the RDMs tried to recover the party and kite the PLD General out of danger range. Hate was regained by the party PLD but not before the party MNK ate a PLD WS and dropped and one of the RDM was taken down as well. PLD and NIN built hate on PLD General, as the MNK and RDM reraised and ran to the corner to rest. WHM had reraised, cast reraise and went down again when hate was still bouncing around. Reraised a 2nd time and was hit by AOE. Weakened RDM raised her for 3rd time before finally getting to safety. P

LD at 10% linked the WHM who immediately cured the PLD General to full. Party MNK joined back in the battle weakened to try and speed up taking the PLD back down again. Weakness wore off, but before any cures landed the PLD General one-shotted the MNK. MNK reraised again, rested weakened HP and rejoined again. (Time was running out)

PLD General dropped and MNK General linked next. PLD/NIN/MNK took out the WHM while the RDM kited the MNK General using Bind instead of Gravity which worked very very well. At some point however, the RNG General linked and we had 3 mobs at once.

WHM General dropped and the call was made to take out the RNG next and continue to kite the MNK. The party PLD was defeated by the RNG and the NIN took over tanking. EES went off on the NIN again but missed completely this time. Party PLD reraised, rested weakened HP to full and rejoined right as RNG was finihsed off.

NIN kept tanking and grabbed the MNK General. Party PLD and MNK had arranged to Cover + Invicible and Hundred Fist even though both were weakened. Cover wore off well before hundred fists was up and Invincible was not enough to hold hate. The party MNK and MNK General both hit hundred fist at same time and 2 hour'd each-other. Party MNK actually survived tanking hundred fists while weakened due to RDM support cures and well placed counter attacks. Party MNK was ko'd however right at the end by a WS before the MNK General went down. Time remaining: 14 seconds.

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