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Omniscience Damage

  • Level 90 - level 95 - Increases Omniscience's damage by 15%
  • Level 99 - Increases Omniscience's damage by 30%

Historical Information

This sacred relic is said to bear the very inscription of divine will itself. Balrahn took it for his own as a trophy of war following a successful campaign against the Mamool Ja tribes. However, even the most spirited of efforts by the empire's foremost scholars has yet to shed any light on the weapon's true meaning or significance.

In Mesopotamian mythology, the Tupsimati was the Tablet of Destinies, a clay tablet inscribed with cuneiform writing, also impressed with cylinder seals, which, as a permanent legal document, conferred upon the god Enlil his supreme authority as ruler of the universe. In other stories, the Tablet is possessed by Enki or Marduk.

Final Fantasy XI

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# Oct 05 2008 at 9:14 AM Rating: Decent
Ugh, the way the description is written makes it very confusing to tell how the effects are played out.

Are the additional effects under weather bonus only active after the Relic WS has been used? Or are they always active if you have a weather spell up?

# Oct 12 2008 at 11:40 AM Rating: Decent
Take the first 3 lines of the effects on the Tupsimati and place them at the end, that way you'll see what this thing can really do w/o the Aftermath effect of Omniscience.

DMG:62 DLY:402
Same elemental magic as weather: "Magic Attack Bonus"+20
Same elemental magic as weather: Accuracy+30
Same elemental magic as weather: Enmity-20
Same elemental magic as weather: Magic Accuracy+10
Aftermath: Increases Mag.Acc/Mag.Att
Occasionally Attacks Twice

So as you can see, the weather bonuses take effect even without using Omniscience. The "Occasionally Attacks Twice" part I'm not so sure about- it appears after the Aftermath part of each Mythic so I assume that is another bonus from using the WS.
re: tupsimati
# Aug 06 2008 at 8:46 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
you obviously don't know what are you talking about
# Jun 10 2008 at 7:20 PM Rating: Decent
Bah just a regular staff. Sch get screwed all the way around this update.
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