icon Cream Puff  

Stacks to: 12
This item is Food that lasts 30 min.
Auction House: Food - Meals - Sweets

Cream Puff
[Inventory] All Races
A popular dessert the world round, this treat is comprised of sweet, fluffy cream injected into a thin, crispy crust.

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Food Effects

  • HP -10
  • INT +7

Final Fantasy XI

Category: Final Fantasy XI
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Gained from Quests:
Guild Level: Adept

Made from Recipes

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# Jan 21 2010 at 2:38 PM Rating: Decent
I have level 70 blm elvaan. Cream Puffs are definitely my friend.
Cream Puffs
# Jul 23 2008 at 10:38 AM Rating: Decent
341 posts
It doesn't say it, but Cream Puffs give:

30 Minute Duration
+7 Int
-10 Hit points

Cooking (81)
Yield: Cream Puff x4
HQ 1: Cream Puff x6
HQ 2: Cream Puff x8
HQ 3: Cream Puff x10
Fire Crystal
Patissier (Key Item)
1 x Bird Egg
1 x Distilled Water
1 x Maple Sugar
1 x Rock Salt
1 x San d'Orian Flour
1 x Selbina Butter
1 x Uleguerand Milk
1 x Vanilla

Tips for other cooks-
1. vanilla is sold by the cooking guild. That means you can't buy it on darksday.
2. Uleguerand milk is not available from vendors. So you're forced to get it off the AH and its not always there.

I don't have a high level black mage, but it seems like the +7 int would be very helpful for them.

Edited, Jul 23rd 2008 7:36pm by JobHop
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