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gone are the good days
# Aug 21 2007 at 9:28 AM Rating: Decent
I made my fortune on mining in the grotto for gold and darksteel ores... and i had fun knowing that an hour of my time would at least pay 100-150k with little effort while listening to the my tape recorded classes. Now! i can make more killing trash beastman mobs than what i can dig out in an hour... woe is me, damn SE for removing gil-sellers and ripping billions out of FFXI economies
# Apr 18 2007 at 6:22 PM Rating: Default
5k on Ifrit not even worth the effort to mines these for monkey peanuts that I can get faster doing tel taxi.
dark steel ore
# Mar 17 2007 at 10:29 PM Rating: Decent
i been mining for a few days and there is this same person there mineing he is there 24/7 i think he is a gillsler and if the price was that high on diabolos i would b rich :) 6-9k
# Feb 02 2006 at 5:03 PM Rating: Decent
You can get a choco in Yughott Grotto, I may sound newbie but it never allowed me to ride a choco in Ghelsba.
#REDACTED, Posted: Nov 30 2005 at 9:11 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) 30k now on Remora. Heavily camped mine points in everey mine make my leveling of smithing costly.
Bastok AH
# Sep 26 2005 at 10:33 AM Rating: Default
40 posts
Last I checked, which was a few days ago, it was 18k on Odin.
RE: Bastok AH
# Dec 26 2005 at 8:07 PM Rating: Default
50K now on Jeuno and Bastok AHs. <Bahmaut Server>
Gilfarmers and Darksteel
# Aug 15 2005 at 10:56 PM Rating: Default
435 posts
On Sylph, gilfarmers camp the Gusgen Mines mining points constantly. As a result, darksteel ore now fluctuates between 18-20k per piece as of 8-15-05.
RE: Gilfarmers and Darksteel
# Oct 01 2005 at 4:50 PM Rating: Decent

Edited, Tue Feb 28 17:40:48 2006
RE: Gilfarmers and Darksteel
# Oct 14 2005 at 10:23 PM Rating: Good
You say you "need get darksteel ore..."

In reality what you need to do is get a third-grade education. Grammar ***** suck ***, but you know what? I can't make any comprehensible sense of what in the name of Christ you said in your post. Please edit it and make what you are saying clearer.
RE: Gilfarmers and Darksteel
# Jan 20 2006 at 2:20 PM Rating: Default
242 posts
Odds are, he is an English as a second language type. Nothing wrong with that of course, but this may be one of his first attempts at communicating with this new language.
Darksteel Ore
# Mar 14 2005 at 7:26 PM Rating: Decent
I just want two ore for the darksteel quest in bastok. Last I checked, it was 20k an ore :( Since last post it went up 10k. 40k for fame is allot to pay for, im forced to mine when I really don't care for it. I haven't gotten anything in Gusgen mines as far as darksteel ore goes. Broke allot of pick axes maybe lol.

Anyone think you can just buy them at the Guild?
# Feb 27 2005 at 9:07 AM Rating: Default
i love these. once got 5 of them in a row. <3

edit: from mining that is. :)

Edited, Sun Feb 27 09:06:54 2005
# Jan 20 2005 at 9:57 AM Rating: Decent
242 posts
Is it just me or does it seem that the prices on these have gone insane? Not 3 months ago these things could be picked up pretty easily on Kujata at the AH for about 6k. I have been seeing these things sell for 12k, just for the ore. Is this just inflation or is the demand for these things that great? All I know is that if the price on the ore soars any higher, the price on the goods created from it will soar as well.
RE: Price?
# Dec 02 2005 at 9:39 AM Rating: Default
its funny you're complaining about the price skyrocketing to 12k, its a few months since you posted and the average price is about 35k each now on kujata. If u find any more for 12k let me know :P

Edited, Fri Dec 2 09:53:31 2005
RE: Price?
# Feb 27 2005 at 11:13 AM Rating: Decent
All the ore prices are gona sky rocket now that they gimped mining.... stupid SE. I used to make 25k an hour... now its more like 10k. IN one of their updates it said something like the more u mine in one area... the less of a chance u have of recieving items.
RE: Price?
# Feb 26 2005 at 9:30 PM Rating: Good
792 posts
Yeah, I'm also on Kujata - when I started making DS ingots these were 4k each, and are now as high as 15k. I think it's just the demand, because it's one of a very small number of profitable Smithing synths, and is the basis for a lot of higher-level equipment. However, it would be nice if they would start selling this in Tavnazia or somewhere to put a cap on the price the gilsellers can sell it for.
Magic aggro
# Jun 21 2004 at 10:23 AM Rating: Decent
61 posts
The bombs i believe aggro to magic so your best bet would be to use prism powders and silent oils, i guess you could use sneak and invisible spells but you'd be risking alot and you'd have to be really keen at it.
# May 20 2004 at 4:59 PM Rating: Decent
Can you find Darksteel in Pablo. Mines
where to find
# Mar 24 2004 at 11:42 AM Rating: Default
the best places to mine this ore is gusgen or ifrits cauldren... it is almost as easy as iron in gusgen, to get the DS in ifrits, but it is like a level 50+ area, only RDM or a WHM with invis, or like a level 60+ should try to mine there, and it takes a few picks, but you can also get adaman ore, and orichalcum ore, so its worth it (100K each in jueno)
RE: where to find
# Apr 15 2004 at 11:17 AM Rating: Good
3,032 posts
that post is not quite right

1 - Ifrit's has bombs and various other mobs that will aggro to level 75, the entrance may be used as a level 50 XP area if you like to fight Bees that does Final Sting and Bombs that blow up for thousands of damage.

2 - i've gotten one Adaman Ore there and not a single Darksteel, it certainly is not like Iron in Gusgen. the most common is Sulfur, Bomb Ash and Bomb Arms.
RE: where to find
# Mar 01 2005 at 5:38 PM Rating: Default
83 posts
*points up* He said exactly what I was gonna say ^^;;
# Mar 11 2004 at 8:46 PM Rating: Decent

Edited, Thu Mar 11 20:47:28 2004
Just dig it
# Feb 26 2004 at 1:11 PM Rating: Default
I dig Darksteel ore with chocobo :P
RE: Just dig it
# Feb 26 2004 at 2:25 PM Rating: Default
I've only gotten it by mining, didn't occur to me that you could even get ore via chocobo digging.
My limited experience with chocobo digging has mostly been in the Elshimo Regions (Kazham) and I usually get wood there, I suppose it makes sense that you could find ore around areas that yield ores (Yuhtunga yields some nice 3k gil logs sometimes).
Which area did you dig up Darksteel Ore in?
# Feb 08 2004 at 2:11 PM Rating: Default
Yughott Grotto, sells for 6,000 gil at Auction House.
where Do u find Black Steel?
# Nov 12 2003 at 7:49 PM Rating: Good
Where do u find Black steel?
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