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Maze Voucher 04
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Maze Voucher 04: Materialization Team

Maze Goal:Synthesize all requested items

In this maze, players have 30 minutes to synthesize the items asked for by the NPC Doledriq. To start, players are given a pickaxe, sickle and hatchet. These are special temporary items that cannot be broken. Speak to the Fabricant Idol to find out what you need to create the items you were asked to create.

To get synth materials, click on the harvesting, mining and logging points hidden in the maze. You can also get materials by killing notorious monsters inside the maze; each monster drops roughly three items.

Take the correct items to the Fabricant Idol to craft your item. You clear the maze by when Doledriq is out of item requests.

Item Requests

Item RequestIngredients
Bag of Sticky StarchFine Rice Flour x3
Crumbly Bonemeal x2
Fluffy Egg Powder
Black FluidCyan Fluid x3
Magenta Fluid x2
Yellow Fluid
Bristly Hard LeatherLustrous Black Leather x3
Smooth Argent Leather x2
Rough Gilt Leather
Gilt IngotCupreous Nugget x3
Leaden Nugget x2
Silvery Nugget
Grimy PlyewoodMildewed Log x3
Sodden Log x2
Blackened Log
Maze Monger AxeWarped Ingot x3
Maze Monger BanglesGilt Ingot x3
Viscous Cloth
Maze Monger BeltBristly Hard Leather
Mildewed Log x2
Sodden Log x2
Cyan Fluid x2
Magenta Fluid
Maze Monger Boots????
Maze Monger BoxViscous Cloth x3
Black Fluid x2
Leaden Nugget x3
Silvery Nugget x2
Gilt Ingot x3
Sticky Starch x2
Yellow Fluid x2
Magenta Fluid x2
Rough Gilt Leather
Smooth Argent Leather x2
Maze Monger CuffsViscous Cloth
Soiled Bone x4
Rusted Nugget
Maze Monger Earring???
Maze Monger EtherBlack Fluid x2
Bristly Hard Leather
Maze Monger HamBag of Sticky Starch x3
Lustrous Black Leather x5
Leaden Nugget x2
Cupreous Nugget x3
Grimy Plyewood
Maze Monger HelmViscous Cloth x2
Gilt Ingot
Warped Ingot
Maze Monger HoseViscous Cloth x3
Bristly Hard Leather
Maze Monger PieBag of Sticky Starch x3
Warped Ingot
Lustrous Black Leather
Maze Monger PotionBlack Fluid
Rusted Nugget x3
Sooty Nugget x2
Glossy Silver Thread x2
Shiny Gold Thread
Maze Monger Ring????
Maze Monger RobeViscous Cloth x2
Silver Thread x2
Cupreous Nugget x3
Leaden Nugget x2
Soiled Bone x2
Soiled Tusk
Maze Monger ShieldGrimy Plywewood x3
Viscous Cloth
Maze Monger SoupBag of Sticky Starch x2
Fine Rice Flour x2
Mildewed Log x2
Sodden Log
Lustrous Black Leather x2
Smooth Argent Leather
Maze Monger StaffGrimy Plyewood x2
Lustrous Black Leather
Sodden Log x3
Leaden Nugget x2
Smooth Argent Leather
Maze Monger Sword????
Odd Bone HandicraftSoiled Bone x3
Soiled Tusk x2
Soiled Horn
Viscous ClothGlossy Silver Thread x3
Shiny Gold Thread x2
Garish Black Thread
Warped IngotRusted Nugget x3
Sooty Nugget x2
Charred Nugget x2
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A slip of paper containing maze construction specifications. To order a maze, it must be attached to a Maze Tabula. It reads, "Materialization Team."

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