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Champion's Galea
[Head] All Races
DEF:24 HP+15

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Augment Information

Any two of the following augment sets can be added to the Champion's Galea's base stats.

  • Haste +3% "Snapshot" +2%
  • STR+4 WS Acc+15
  • DEX+4 Crit Hit Damage +2%
  • VIT+4 Shield Skill+5
  • AGI+4 WS damage +2%
  • INT+4 MAcc+2
  • MND+4 Cure potency +3%
  • CHR+4 Waltz ability delay -2
  • Acc+10 Att+5
  • R.Acc+10 R.Att+5
  • Evasion+10 Store TP+4
  • Magic Accuracy+3 hMP+3
  • Magic Attack bonus+2 hHP+3
  • Magic Damage taken -2% Enmity-4
  • Magic Critical Hit Rate +10% Enmity-4
  • Fast Cast+3% Blood Pact delay -3
  • STR+2 Haste+2%
  • DEX+2 Haste+2%
  • VIT+2 Haste+2%
  • AGI+2 Haste+2%
  • INT+2 Fast Cast +2%
  • MND+2 Fast Cast +2%
  • CHR+2 Fast Cast +2%
  • Acc+3 Pet: Haste+5%
  • Acc+3 Pet: Critical Hit Rate +3%
  • Attack+3 Pet: Adds Regen effect
  • Attack+3 Pet: Damage taken -10%

Background Information

The ceremonial helm of the Royal Guard, distinguished by its stately crest in the likeness of a coxcomb. Its design pays homage to the traditional headwear of the Chattif, the ancient warrior clan of legend whose members wore no other armor, trusting instead their own battle-hardened physiques. They are fabled to have stayed the advance of a Windurstian host numbering in the tens of thousands with a band scarcely one hundred strong. Painstakingly recreated from a mural by the order of King Acheufagais, the contemporary model is forged from tempered iron rather than the original bronze.

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