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Auction House: Armor - Head

Anwig Salade
[Head] All Races
DEF:21 HP+10 MP+10
Subtle Blow+3

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Augment Information

Any two of the following augment sets can be added to the Anwig Salade's base stats.

  • Haste +3% "Snapshot" +2%
  • STR+4 WS Acc+15
  • DEX+4 Crit Hit Damage +2%
  • VIT+4 Shield Skill+5
  • AGI+4 WS damage +2%
  • INT+4 MAcc+2
  • MND+4 Cure potency +3%
  • CHR+4 Waltz ability delay -2
  • Acc+10 Att+5
  • R.Acc+10 R.Att+5
  • Evasion+10 Store TP+4
  • Magic Accuracy+3 hMP+3
  • Magic Attack bonus+2 hHP+3
  • Magic Damage taken -2% Enmity-4
  • Magic Critical Hit Rate +10% Enmity-4
  • Fast Cast+3% Blood Pact delay -3
  • STR+2 Haste+2%
  • DEX+2 Haste+2%
  • VIT+2 Haste+2%
  • AGI+2 Haste+2%
  • INT+2 Fast Cast +2%
  • MND+2 Fast Cast +2%
  • CHR+2 Fast Cast +2%
  • Acc+3 Pet: Haste+5%
  • Acc+3 Pet: Critical Hit Rate +3%
  • Attack+3 Pet: Adds Regen effect
  • Attack+3 Pet: Damage taken -10%

Background Information

Fashioned by Captain Schutz, the inaugural captain of the Iron Musketeers whose unrivalled fencing prowess and graceful mien earned him the moniker "The Diamond Musketeer," this headpiece boasts a perfect unity of elegance and utility. The tanned leather chinstrap is no mere restraint, but rather serves to enhance the wearer's powers of concentration by stimulating key pressure points on the face. Historians have detailed its checkered past, which saw multiple bans by presidential decree after stories came to light of its popularity in unsanctioned duels to the death.

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# Jan 29 2010 at 4:41 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts
If I decide to augment with (+4 Str, +15 Ws acc) and (+5 attack +10 Acc) does the Acc stack? How about the Haste Bonus?
# Aug 17 2009 at 8:52 PM Rating: Good
917 posts
Whether or not you agree with the way SE implemented this item(personally i don't but that is another post...), I think everyone can agree that this head is a very good piece that bridges the gap between normal and high-end head pieces. The possible augments make for a fairly customizable head option.

*STR+4 WS Acc+15


*Acc+10 Att+5

Thats what i went with.

Annoying as MKD missions can be(not as bad as ACP but still annoying), i highly recommend getting one if you have jobs that can use it.
One of my server's brightest minds... wrote:
Not to make too extreme a comparison, but Rog is like Nelson Mandella...

Quite possibly the DUMBEST thing i've ever read.
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