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Auction House: Armor - Head

Selenian Cap
[Head] All Races
DEF:19 MP+20
Conserve MP+3

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Augment Information

Any two of the following augment sets can be added to the Selenian Cap's base stats.

  • Haste +3% "Snapshot" +2%
  • STR+4 WS Acc+15
  • DEX+4 Crit Hit Damage +2%
  • VIT+4 Shield Skill+5
  • AGI+4 WS damage +2%
  • INT+4 MAcc+2
  • MND+4 Cure potency +3%
  • CHR+4 Waltz ability delay -2
  • Acc+10 Att+5
  • R.Acc+10 R.Att+5
  • Evasion+10 Store TP+4
  • Magic Accuracy+3 hMP+3
  • Magic Attack bonus+2 hHP+3
  • Magic Damage taken -2% Enmity-4
  • Magic Critical Hit Rate +10% Enmity-4
  • Fast Cast+3% Blood Pact delay -3
  • STR+2 Haste+2%
  • DEX+2 Haste+2%
  • VIT+2 Haste+2%
  • AGI+2 Haste+2%
  • INT+2 Fast Cast +2%
  • MND+2 Fast Cast +2%
  • CHR+2 Fast Cast +2%
  • Acc+3 Pet: Haste+5%
  • Acc+3 Pet: Critical Hit Rate +3%
  • Attack+3 Pet: Adds Regen effect
  • Attack+3 Pet: Damage taken -10%

Background Information

A wide-brimmed, pointed mage's hat known as the favored headdress of the Star Sibyl Shanlili, preeminent sorceress and founding mother of the Crystal Era. "Moonseer" -as she lovingly referred to the cap- is adorned with a crescent moon of brass, befitting its mistress's zeal for astronomy. The slight upward curl of the brim was introduced so as not to impair the wearer's field of vision when gazing at the heavens. In the present age, its primary use is ceremonial, as an honor bestowed upon only the most accomplished students of magic on their graduation day.

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