Maze Voucher 05  


Maze Voucher 05

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In this maze, players must train a goblin NPC named LFKDS to defend his village in battle. At the start you are transported into the village, where you can run around and talk to different NPCs. Talking to one of the moblins allows you to meet your NPC friend, who starts out at level 1.

After finding your NPC, talk to other moblins to receive quests that allow you to level up your NPC. There are various ladders that lead to different parts of the maze where the miniquests take place. You'll ultimately need to climb down a ladder to reach a final battle; a blacksmith moblin can make you the key, but he needs certain ingredients. These are also obtained by questing.

You can also arm your NPC with items sold from an NPC vendor. Items include bombs for bomb tossing, potions, hi potions, elixirs and remedies.

Completing the final battle causes you to be warped back to the original quest giver. Speak to him again to spawn your reward chest and exit the maze.

Final Fantasy XI

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Gained from Quests:Notes:
A slip of paper containing maze construction specifications. To order a maze, it must be attached to a Maze Tabula. It reads, "Actualization Team."

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