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# Jul 06 2005 at 12:02 AM Rating: Decent
107 posts
These go for about 1.8 mil (you read that right) on Pandemonium. I don't think I will ever get a pair...
i want it
# Jun 30 2005 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
i want this SOOO bad how did ou guys get it like what did u farm etc. plz help i need to get the gil for this bad

Edited, Thu Jun 30 17:56:55 2005
# Jun 30 2005 at 1:15 AM Rating: Default
You know what? This is bull sh**. If everyone keeps selling items for BIG prices like this, then itd make there partners in partys CRAPPIER and is their OWN FAULT.
2million plus
# Jun 28 2005 at 2:57 AM Rating: Decent
2million + and steady on diabolos
# Jun 22 2005 at 7:22 PM Rating: Decent
What level should you Be to fight this NM?
gil sellers
# Jun 20 2005 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent
its kinda funny, they say that in feb 800 accounts were banned i was glad to see when 3 specific people were no longer on my server. < happy moments, praising ffxi & S.E >

then to my disappointment last month all 3 were back on and in the same party set and same map wtf, was it a fluke they took 3 months off or did they get banned and then allow em back on???

or conspiracy theory : someone at S.E let em know that hey take a break cause your my buddy and i dont want to see u loose your character cause of selling gil!!! < just speculation>

# May 25 2005 at 3:46 PM Rating: Decent
Imma SAM 34 and i really want these kote if theres any1 in Gilgamesh Server willing to help send Bruiser a /tell please.
Beat the Gilsellers
# May 11 2005 at 5:41 AM Rating: Excellent
I got this item last night.. i didn't buy it either. Camped the thing and beat out 4 gilsellers to the pop ^^. Just trying to give some hope to ppl, if you really want the item that bad camp it. There is a post under Mee Deggi the Punisher that gives the gilsellers strategy to camping the mobs. Just follow that and you'll at least be on even terms with them. Take a couple friends with you and harrass them non-stop too, just for kicks. You can imagine how much I rubbed it in their faces after i got the drop, stuff like "Oh I kinda feel bad now that i'm gonna put their families on the street" lol. Good Luck all ^^
RE: Beat the Gilsellers
# May 11 2005 at 2:41 PM Rating: Decent
i have GOT to get around to camping that fetid pile of gilseller glutony... i don't particularly care if i do get the drop -'specially considering i already wear them. what i do want is the satisfaction of ruining a bit of a gilsellers time; to strike a blow for the little guy, if you will.

sure, it won't fix anything. it won't end gilselling as i know/loathe it. but for a brief moment i can bask in victory... however moot it may prove.

so get yer gameface on, 'seller, i might just be coming to ruin YOUR day. /grin

Edited, Wed May 11 15:45:26 2005
# May 09 2005 at 4:58 PM Rating: Default
its all these F*****G gils sellers and also the pansy ppl that cant cut it, buying the gils that make these prices like this, The worst ones are the Gil BUYERS, they are so stupid that they dont know that they are raising the price of items which in turns make them want to turn around and buy more gils which raises the price of things again, lol what a bunch of moorons, how stupid can you get.

oh by the way thinks to the gil buyers and selers (but then again there would not be sellers if it was not for the dumn A$$ buyers adn prices would atleast be 60% cheaper) these iems are going for 1.7mil.
RE: fools
# Jul 26 2005 at 9:46 AM Rating: Decent
This can go either way. I mean think about it. If you were to stumble across an O. kote and didn't need it / already had it, You'd want to sell it right? Would you A) Sell it on the AH for the going premium; B) Bazaar it for less than the going premium; or C) Sell it to someone you know whom needed it for less than the going premium?

Be honest now. Hell, I know I'd choose A). People that camp NM's for profit are whom I think he's referring to. They're almost as bad as the Gilsellers as they help them keep inflation at it's best.

RE: fools
# Jun 18 2005 at 4:57 PM Rating: Decent
123 posts
yo its not the gilbuyers. or the sellers. its us who raise the prices cuz we r greedy and see that if we get almost impossible claim cuz of the gilsellers, so we raise the price in the ah. they just go along with the raised prices. i garuntee you that ochuido;s kote wouldnt be as high as it is now if no one jacked up the price i mean look at Leaping Boots they were like 200-300k now 800-1 mil and thats cuz of the players. since its so hard for ppl to get gil then they buy it so everyone is just keeping the gil sellers there.
RE: fools
# Jun 30 2005 at 8:30 AM Rating: Decent
um...how do u know that gilsellers aren't raising prices on items? the truth is that the messed up economy(sky rocketing inflation) is due largely to gil buyers.
RE: fools
# Aug 28 2005 at 11:49 AM Rating: Decent
74 posts
Everyone who plays the game is at fault for the prices...

Gil Sellers wouldn't exist if there weren't Gil buyers...

And everytime a regular player pays that extra 50k because it's, "Just an extra 50k" they're to blame. Just as much as the gil seller AND the regular, greedy player who raised the price another 50k.

If you don't like the prices, don't buy the items. Camp it, or go without. It's what i have to do.

Short and sweet? stop whining about the prices.
RE: fools
# Aug 06 2005 at 1:04 PM Rating: Decent
If you go to the price history on some of gilseller camped items you will notice that the price will mostly stay the same, then jump up 50k when its sold by a gilseller. We may be buying them, but they raise the price up eeverytime they sell an item.
Unstoppable Inflation!
# May 07 2005 at 1:19 AM Rating: Decent
495 posts
I keep considering selling my Ochiudo's Kote to fund crafting since they are at 1.5 million now! Then I realize that if I sell them now, i'll be buying them for 3 million a couple months later when I've regained the gil. I worked my butt off at level 35, raising 500k farming lizards in Valkurm dunes for weeks (making like 10k an hour at the time ><) to get these and bought them for 530k about 5-6 months ago.

Best thing i've ever done, i've tripled my money if I choose to sell them, but I don't think I ever will since i'm too paranoid i'll never make enough to re-buy them later, lol.
holy hell
# May 06 2005 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
damn things are up to 1.4 million on Pheonix now. there is no chance in hell i'll be paying that much for them.
Emp pins
# May 05 2005 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
me and a linky are ganna grab and sell some Emp pins to pay this kote 1.1mil is rediculous but i need em so what can i do.
gil sellers
# May 02 2005 at 3:44 AM Rating: Decent
well im on seraph and we have some lovely annoying gil bots...

if anyone is on seraph type..

/sea kiss all

and ull see about 6 but there is 8 in total, although there was only 2 on the other day
# Apr 30 2005 at 6:50 PM Rating: Decent
theres an easy way to stop gilsellers..
waiitt for it

stop buying gil....wow its so @#&*ing complex

EDIT: after a little thinking im retracting all [email protected]#$% the gil sellers

Edited, Sat Apr 30 21:15:34 2005
# Apr 24 2005 at 9:26 PM Rating: Decent
i am sam 37 and i want these goddamn o. kote, goddamn gilsellers just make me lose hope when i do a /sea oztroja and see a guy named "ACCEPT" always there, 24/7.
when i see the ******* im like ********** the o. kote, ill never get them" plus there are other gilsellers there as well.
oh well, ill just get many friends with TH2 and hopefully they can help me get these ; ;

GL camping this ***** mee deegi everyone, i know how everyone wants the o. kote
RE: kote
# Apr 25 2005 at 9:23 AM Rating: Decent
i had posted in this string back in November about wanting a pair of O Kote. taking another look at that post made me nearly spew my coffee.. i'd forgotten how 'cheap' they used to be priced -in Nov '04 they were 500k on Cerberus. i have since attained a pair back in January via the AH for a 975k steal, the average was 1mil+ in P Hist. (1.5mil/1.8mil and rising again currently) it was a joyous occasion, to be sure. i felt like i had finally attained REAL Samurai status. actually i managed to get a bunch of sam gear at 50th that made me feel kinda leet. ^^

yes, 50th.. no Kote for me until then. spent about 2mil reequiping from gear i'd used since the early 30's. felt real swank too, actually got props from a Drk on the damage i was putting out.

i certainly dont make gil hand over fist. didn't then, dont now. since i REFUSE to fall into the Gilbuyer category, i did the only thing i could manage to make a huge profit in a 'short' time. i went NM hunting in January. January 12th, 2005, best day of my FFxi life to date. jobbed Sam/Thf, i actually managed to get Emp Hairpin, Night Cape, and Leaping Boots [ a well timed 'Steal' beat out 2 War's voke-spamming] drops in an astonishing 8 hours total time. voila!, sold drops and reequiped.

56th Sam now (yeah, only 6 levels since January. lol) and the O Kote are becoming less and less a useful tool to me ["WHAT?" you say]. i'm finding i need to gear more towards Dex and Acc. it's becoming far more important in the 50's just to HIT a mob consectively than it is for me to deal out damage. Samurai are NOT the premier DD's. don't let some of the gear fool ya.

i will probably end up selling the O Kote when i can get around to wearing the Haubergeon. with price ratio's between the two, selling the Kote should net me half the gil i'd need for the Haubergeon. yay... that only leaves me 1.5mil to acquire. >.<

did i mention i am a Craftless twit? ^^!
# Apr 23 2005 at 3:59 PM Rating: Decent
I'm a lvl 44sam atm and was wondering if i could kill the nm that drops these or do i need help? I'm on Ifrit if anyone could help me get these u would be my new bestfriend ^^.. my name is Ellesedil. hopefully i should be lvl 46-47 by sunday morning.. well ty
# Apr 13 2005 at 9:00 PM Rating: Default
These thing are 850-900K (still nothing compared to my horomush kot{2.5mill} and riseing in Titan.
Titan is being over run by gill sellers and gill buyers. Im thinking of camping these cause i have good luck i go as my NIN/WAR for lizzie and im 4/7 on the drop but im 0/8 on stroper Chyme, now thats over camped. I talked to this JP he said thats his only job is selling gill and he only makes $100 a month. But im sure we got a god player compared to all of your severs.
Lavish maxed out his money and he has money on his mules. he has been playing since it came out.
so expensive
# Apr 08 2005 at 10:20 PM Rating: Decent
these are between 1.6-1.8 on my server (fairy) its my goal to have the best posible gear I can without waiting till 75 to get it, im currently a 43 samurai(highest job) and have abotu 1 mil saved up, anybody that has these and wants to sell them (less than ah please? XD) send me a /t, demonsephiroth
# Apr 05 2005 at 3:54 AM Rating: Good
4,511 posts
I was in the area so i figured, what the heck, i could try to get the NM. did a /sea, reveiling 19 players in all of the castle. everyone was /anon, including myself. Everyone was in a party too, besides myself. I almost crapped my pants when i saw it spawn in a corner... followed by 16 flees o_o;; increadible sound, even though i never stood a chance, it was fun to see. Too bad they were using entire alliances of lv60+ people (noticed by the armor) to obtain their goals. Doesn't realy leave anything for us common folks. ;-;
[XI] Surivere of Valefor
[XIV] Sir Surian Bedivere of Behemoth
# Mar 18 2005 at 9:24 PM Rating: Good
441 posts
Saw one go for 3.4m in Jeuno on Garuda. Inflation {You can have this.}

RE: Garuda
# Apr 02 2005 at 5:56 AM Rating: Default
3.4? that is unbelievable.
RE: Garuda
# Apr 29 2005 at 8:43 AM Rating: Decent
169 posts
that was probably a GS, and a mule or something trying to jack the price up... glad no one caught on, i checked yesterday and the price was 1.3-1.5mil on Garuda
Mee Deggi
# Mar 09 2005 at 2:04 PM Rating: Decent
983 posts
Fought this bad boy as a THF42/RNG21, whew it was scary taking this and an interrogator. Thank god for bloody bolts :p. No drop, though, but I'm going to camp this thing with the 24/7 gilseller on Remora until I get it, as I am a broke a$$ thf.
Prices... and luck
# Mar 02 2005 at 12:29 AM Rating: Decent
Wow... I'm starting to feel lucky about prices on Quetz. Sniper's are 550k I think, Jujitsu is around 300k and Ochuido's are 800k.

However... I was goofing around on the AH as people sometimes do. Ya know, the whole bid low on high priced items and pray. Then I see..

You buy Ochuido's Kote for 75,812 gil.

Best day on FFXI EVER!!! I was so excited... and now I have enough money to keep lvling and crafting.

Price... are extreme
# Feb 28 2005 at 9:44 AM Rating: Decent
35 posts
Midgardsormr has rocketed in all sorts of ways...

i remember when i was just starting out...
Jujitsu Gi... 200k MAX...
O. Kotes... 240k MAX...
Brown Belt... 250k MAX...
C.Counters... 1.5M MAX...
P. Charm... 900k MAX...

and todays standards...
J GI 700k
O Kotes 1.5M
Brown Belt 600k
C Counters 4.5M
P Charm 15M

i would blame Gil Sellers for it cause it would take a long time to get that much slaying beastmen

Edited, Mon Feb 28 09:47:14 2005
RE: Price... are extreme
# Mar 03 2005 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
Tell me about it -,- I am lvl 32 samurai and have every intention of hitting 34 in the next day or two. I had a high lvl friend give me Verneer Ring, but wtf. Someone please tell me WHO is going to have 1.5mil gil to spend their first time past lvl 30?! *sigh* well, not me atleast. Looks like I'll be getting these about same time I'm getting AF armor >.<

On a second note im on migard and I want to try lowering prices at AH by beating out Gil sellers at NM sites and then selling them in AH for lower prices. I was shouting last night in jeuno and got met with a mix of emmotions. Anyone that reads this and wants to help send a tell to Uthar. Im usually on after 5pm east coast time. Thanks and happy hunting
RE: Price... are extreme
# Apr 17 2005 at 9:53 PM Rating: Decent
well actually ive been saving up nd im only 20sam....i hav bout 3mil which is y i still hav low lvl sam :(...but anyway i hav enof for jujistu nd ochiudos
# Feb 27 2005 at 1:24 PM Rating: Decent
Im on diabolos and ive always wanted these for my Samurai, so 9 days ago today I started camping Mee Deggi, on Diabolos i think most of the gil sellers who hung around Mee Deggi were banned so it was normally just me and a couple other people.

Well after going 0/9 on drops i was pretty irritated and ive been camping him for 8 days at this point (Yesterday). And then it finally happend... i see the message:

You find a pair of ochiudo's kote on Mee Deggi the Punisher!

And that was the best day of my FFXI life!
# Feb 23 2005 at 8:07 PM Rating: Decent
I just bought mine on Migardsormr for 1,358,000 gil, a 42k-142k deal.

Then I asked the guy I bought them out of the AH on, how much did you buy these for when you got them, he said "470K". :O I couldnt believe it, inflation has it Migard so bad its not even funny.

More examples of items I need:
Valk's Mask was 400k about 2 weeks ago, now 600-700k

Jujitsu Gi was 400k about 2 weeks ago, now 600k.

Snipers rings have been a steady 900k for a while (loweing a bit).

Then I bought some other things for my SAM:
Federation kyahan: I bought them for 75k, the next one that sold for 100k everyone since has been 100k (12 after mine).

Republic Subligar ( /cry Im using it until lvl 55 ) I bought it for 69k next pair for 80k, 6 after that were all 80k.
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