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# Sep 14 2004 at 6:01 PM Rating: Default
26 posts
Yes, thekmillion, a lv55 PLD could easily solo this. I'm a lv57 PLD myself, and I camped this sucker. Stayed there for about 5 days straight, got Mee Deggi 5 times...then I logged at the spawn area for the maintanence, got back on, and he was standing there, unclaimed. Got him and the kote...1/6. Sold for 450k on Caitsith, which is pretty decent.
# Sep 13 2004 at 5:04 PM Rating: Default
936 posts
damn price gougers on Diabolos, i've seen em all the way up to 800k on price history b4. well, my plan is: if u can't beat em, join em. it's good have jp friends ^^
tricky strat ^^
# Aug 31 2004 at 8:41 PM Rating: Default
I don't know if anyone has posted this or not but here it goes. THIS IS HOW YOU BEAT MACRO SPAM. If you can figure out the timing of the spawn...you dont have to worry about it as much but you gotta work in a duo. One guy stays camping the guy. the other one drags other yagudos into way of other campers. This keeps them from targeting the NM with F-8 and frees up your partner to be able to grab it ^^ This is a good way to beat the JPN advantage.
RE: tricky strat ^^
# Sep 30 2004 at 11:14 PM Rating: Decent
LOL god the ignorance of some people, whats gona prevent you friend from targeting one of the Yag you trained over Deggi eh? Trust me, people dont need to Macro spam, ive seen people get around those moronic trains all the time. Training mobs to ruin macros is somthing a sissy does, a sissy who cant get claims, and decides too "Mess with all those damn bots, since they must be bots since they beat me!"
RE: tricky strat ^^
# Nov 14 2004 at 1:50 PM Rating: Decent
says the bot farmer....
from the sound of it
# Aug 27 2004 at 5:09 PM Rating: Good
This obviously won't be anything I'll enjoy doing
but it's necessary nonetheless. I don't know which would be better in this case: farming or camping. I just know it's gonna be one of the hardest things i do in the game. btw there is a better way to beat the jp. This is a method that has helped my thf friend defeat these guys in so many nm.
The spawn time for NA may be slower but it shows up on the radar at the exact same time. So all you have to do is double click and hit your 'voke macro on the spot you think he spawned corresponding to the place he shows up on the radar. This method is way faster than the /targetnpc method. It just takes more skill and practice. I hope that helped some of you out ^_^
# Aug 27 2004 at 11:19 AM Rating: Default
-_- i hated when ppl badmouth jps. and no its not a 1 sec advantage. i'va pt with a jp who need this and i helped for free.

since he was a jp i ask him to test the rumors about jps see the mob 1 sec ahead of us. i dont know but he said pop b4 den voke it b4 i did but its was like 0.4-0.3 sec and i didnt spam voke so yea.

btw he speaks good english ^^ never seen him on after he reachs 50 i guess its true a lot of ppl give up some where between 50-60. /sigh

Edited, Fri Aug 27 12:27:52 2004
Eventual Payoff
# Aug 26 2004 at 4:21 PM Rating: Decent
I had the hardest time getting this thing. After no less than 40 trips to Castle Oztroja and fighting Mee Deggi four times, I finally got the drop. I could use an extra 600k, but for as hard as I worked on this, I'm never going to sell them. =)
# Aug 26 2004 at 3:48 PM Rating: Decent
Everytime i camp an NM with a jp, the guy trys to claim the NM as i see it starting to spawn..
Or start running towards it before it comes on my screen. So i guess its true jp see that stuff spawn before me. I live in Canada. Pretty unfair huh?
Fair Play
# Aug 26 2004 at 9:28 AM Rating: Decent
It really disturbs me about how many people here dislike the Japanese players. Why can't ya'll look past your prejudices and just enjoy the game? This and every other game was designed because it's a way for all of us to escape reality and have fun. So what if the Japanese players are better equipped, and know the game better? That's like them coming here and saying they don't like baseball because they don't know how to play, or football. Look at the Japanese as friends, not enemies, I have partied with quite a few of them and they are all cool to me. Just think about if you were in their shoes and someone was disrespectful to you, woulnd't you be a little hateful towards them? No one can get through life without help, why should racial/color boundaries get in the way of playing the game? It is stupid in my opinion.
RE: Fair Play
# Sep 02 2004 at 7:23 AM Rating: Decent
1,349 posts
ummm japenese dont know baseball???? LOL they have their own pro-league and a much more avid fan base. Ichiro, Kaz, Godzillia 3 players in MLB from japan. and they play in large markets. Seattle, NY and NY. Ichiro has a chance to break the single season hits record this year and Godzillia (hideki matsui (sp)) plays for the Yankees

i know its not the point of the post but come on.

and no its not racism my search message is JP/NA PT OK ^^ but people want a level playing field on camping money drops and that doesnt exist. The servers are in japan so they win
and no its not my connection i play on T1 but ive seen a JP player draw his weapon before the mob spawns on my screen

#REDACTED, Posted: Sep 04 2004 at 5:49 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) wow you are just RETARDED to say japan has a more avid fan base than the USA. so if JP has such an avid fan base AND IS SO GOOD at baseball, why are there barely 10 players even in the minors/major leagues? last i checked there are only a handful of good jp players in the majors if that. please know your facts before you talk all ignorant, thanks.
RE: Fair Play
# Aug 27 2004 at 10:41 PM Rating: Excellent
No one is saying that they hate the japanese, they are saying japanese players see monsters before NA, and that is a fact. Also, the fact remains that there are many bots, including japanese bots. Everyone I know thinks it's unfair, but we are smart enough to know it's not the japanese players' faults, so we don't hate them; we dislike the game's system, that's all. Oh, and not all NA are unknowledgable of ffxi, so speak for yourself.
RE: Fair Play
# Aug 26 2004 at 9:43 AM Rating: Default
280 posts
Well put!! Besides, if you look down you will see that there are plenty of ways to beat the so called JP-"Bots". I have done it successfully MANY times and I am no "bot" nor Japanese.


Edited, Thu Aug 26 10:45:56 2004
knucks r ghey
# Aug 25 2004 at 2:23 AM Rating: Decent
ok.. here's the deal w/the JP ppl.. they see the NM's pop about a second or so before the NA players so that in itself is already a huge disadvantage for us.. neway.. i've camped this NM a few times.. i killed it 5x got stupid knucks all 5 times .. i guess i am just unlucky >.<

golden bat 1/1
valk emp 0/1
mee deggi 0/5
# Aug 17 2004 at 1:55 AM Rating: Default
Camp for these the other day with two LS budies. Two japanese player where also camping for them. We are there for about 30 min when he spawns. The two japanese players get. That taru mnk with chi balst. It was so fast. ;_; He had three in his bazarr for 500k each. They claimed every spawn. oh well.
# Aug 20 2004 at 8:24 PM Rating: Default
hey man ill join u in the hunt for these.I need revenge either way for those Jps.Im also on fairy my characters name is Reugeubond and i'de be happy to hunt him with u^^
# Aug 22 2004 at 12:58 PM Rating: Decent
651 posts
Count me in as well. Name's Bigandbeefy. I'll attempt to be in touch with the both of you. Trying to get together a party to pull a fast one on the JP campers.
# Aug 22 2004 at 3:31 PM Rating: Decent
BigandBeefy haven't we met before???
# Aug 23 2004 at 10:07 AM Rating: Decent
651 posts
lol, probably. Name sounds familiar.
# Aug 13 2004 at 4:55 PM Rating: Decent
attack=will hit a little higher but much more stable like i have a pretty high attack i hit almost constantly for 40 but if i had a lot of strength the variation on hitting would differ majorly. i would hit for 35 then maybe for 79 who knows! but that is what str and att do
# Aug 09 2004 at 8:15 PM Rating: Decent
183 posts
My eyes burn from the digits on these things ><

Wow, when I heard my friend (a drk40 when I last saw him) cry because he'd need about 1 million G for the next 20 or so levels, I winced.

So I got Sam to 20 and encountered Gunromaru, worth about 20k on Asura. So I skipped it ><

These things are so pricey, still about 500k on Asura. I want them as soon as I can get them, but I guess I can't afford these, not when I hit Lv.34, anyway =/

Congratulations to all of you who got these without a bot, or by farming. Wear them like a badge of honor ^^

/ja "Level Whm and Raise/Teleport your *** off" <me>
Camping on Leviathan
# Aug 09 2004 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
194 posts
I too would like some help camping this thing when I get back on in a few weeks. I'm on Leviathan, name's Sayre. Only level 30 ATM, but I would love any help to get these Kote. Thanks!
# Aug 03 2004 at 5:20 PM Rating: Decent
This glove sure is popular on my server. A lot of people have it too, and it is expensive. I got exited when i saw the mob was 36, im 56 DRK 20lvls ahead of it. I just hope i can get around to it and not get aggro. and with stun this would be easy to get, epcept JPs game is ahead of ours by like two seconds they can see it before we do and react to it quicker.
Bots can be beat.
# Jul 29 2004 at 8:45 AM Rating: Default
280 posts
Look there are a couple few factors that help you gain the advantage or these "bots". Again I will not spill all but I will give you some of the factors.

You must have a /targetnpc macro made.

You have to figure out the clock of the NM. It IS on a clock almost to the exact second so when you figure this out it will save you alot of macro spamming.

You need to recognize the NM's placeholder and set the time off of him.

Positioning- I wont tell you much about this but I have found that this is one of the most important factors for this NM.

Also, bring a trustworthy partner with you to camp so you can have one of you one the exact opposite side of you so you can cover the entire platform.

I hope this helps a little, I intentionally left out certain details to figure out like I did. Once you learn the "variables" the only thing you have to worry about here are the Japanese Monk's and thier damned Chi Blast.

I highly recommend lvl 50 for you and your partner so you can make the most outta this and farm in between spawns.

Edited, Mon Aug 2 09:33:20 2004
Bots can be beat.
# Nov 01 2006 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
/Targetnpc ist that like /<t> ???

Ist /targetnpc special for NM or all Mob's ?

The Macro should be thatn like

/ja "provoke" <t> or /ma "flash" <t> ???
RE: Bots can be beat.
# Sep 02 2004 at 7:29 AM Rating: Decent
1,349 posts
Dragoons are good for one thing ... shileding.. their little bird blocks out target NPC macros so always get a drg buddy to tag along on over camped items (see stroper)
Finally got 'em
# Jul 29 2004 at 5:32 AM Rating: Excellent
Being a Ps2 user, I am proud of myself for finally getting enough money for the kote. I never tried camping for these, figuring that I'd never beat the bots. Btw, the price jumped from 580k to 650k on Pandemonium (>.<), so I waited until it lowered back down to 580k. In total, it took me about 3.5 weeks to get enough gil (started from about 13k).

Here's how I did it:
Sold Utsusemi: Ichi and Tonko: Ichi:
Sold old equipment:
Mined <-- three weeks of hard work (Gusgen Mines)

I had full mining gear, and my pickaxe price was down to 180 an axe. Let me tell you, you have to be patient if you want the good items. I know this is no big surprise, but I hope it's motivation for some of you out there to keep on truckin'.

Now, onto those sniper rings...and after that...
heh...Haubergeon which is up to 2mil on my server. Good luck to all!

Notorious Monsters
Geyser Lizard: 1/3
Golden Bat: 0/1
Valkurm Emperor: 0/4 << m(_ _)m
Need this Bad
# Jul 22 2004 at 9:26 PM Rating: Default
hi, i really could use this for my MNK, and its to expensive in the AH, if some one would like to help me camp this out for the gloves, i will pay for the help, never been to castle, my characters name is Seijurohiko, and im in the Phoenix server, plz send me a tell, thnx!
hope u read this!
# Jul 22 2004 at 12:50 AM Rating: Default
I plan to camp this NM so wish me luck ^^
btw BOTS??? I dont think people use bots to camp NMs. I know that they use bots to fish because their names are so plan and funky. For Ex. James
Who would name a character James? Especialy if they have no LS and always catch a fish for some reason they are a total bot. All I'm trying to say is that i dont believe in Bots that camp NM.
Heres what I used and got the name BOT ^^
thats all i can tell u newbs if u hadn't know it yet

N: Pinta MainJ: thf/nin
S: Odin
Mule: Rocco 50rdm/25blm
RE: hope u read this!
# Jul 27 2004 at 9:37 PM Rating: Decent
obviously you dont know what botting is, because botting involves a lot more than in game macros. Even fishbotting is more complicated than that, you get an app to run outside of FF, which YES will use in game macros, but it will also replace broken rods, auto-sort your inventory, and replace bait. this is possible because the Third Party program doesnt care what macros are in FF, it just presses buttons, like an autosort macro could be.. <crtl+I> <numpad +> <return> <up> <return> <esc> <esc> or something to that effect, it doesnt use a macro in ffxi, it just "pushes" buttons.
I need these badly O.<
# Jul 20 2004 at 10:43 AM Rating: Excellent
21 posts
ive gone insane trying to camp Mee Deegi for the kote :(

The Valkurm Emperor is a walk in the park compared to this.

Heres a little trick to thwart the greedy bots:

Either yourself or a friend cast heal on everyone
on the platform, this will ***** up their targeting
and perhaps increase your chances ;)

If anyone on Quetzalcoatl wants to camp with me for the kote, id be glad to return the favor
camping empy. (ive got empy down to a science,
4 camps, 3 drops)

Damn i want Ochiudos Kote


RE: I need these badly O.<
# Jul 27 2004 at 9:40 PM Rating: Decent
This is a good trick, but it really fu*king pisses me off when people do this to me. I think it would be ok if you could somehow *FIND* the botters only, but it friggin pisses me off soooo much.

Especially when i'm NOT EVEN HUNTING!! quit slowing me down, i'm WALKING HERE!
RE: I need these badly O.<
# Jul 23 2004 at 8:51 AM Rating: Decent
280 posts
I can never seem to find you on Asiamise. When I do I will talk to you then. I am on your server and am sure I could help you get one sometime or at least give you some sound advice for it.

I know the secret.
# Jul 20 2004 at 10:10 AM Rating: Decent
280 posts
If you are on Quetzacoatl send me a /tell I will give you some hints but can't expose the entire secret as I am still busy raking in my millions. Trust me if they are using bots, they dont work against me 90% of the time. Usually when I do get beat out its from a Monk with Chi Blast. No others can compete. I feel your pain but through time and paying attention I was able to get the clocks and strategy that has proven successful for me over and over again.

I use my THF/WAR to kill NM's in the Castle and my MNK buddy usually comes with me.

Edited, Tue Jul 20 22:34:09 2004
RE: I know the secret.
# Aug 16 2004 at 6:26 AM Rating: Decent
70 posts
I was wondering if you might help me out with "The secret". I am on the shiva server, and so I cannot send you a tell. This server is rampant with bottters, making items very expensive and difficult to get. My email is [email protected] Please e-mail me with some help!
RE: I know the secret.
# Jul 25 2004 at 8:30 PM Rating: Decent
I am not on Quetzacoatl, But Alexander, and maybe if you could Reply to this post, Or send me an e-Mail, That would be great, Becasue I am very desperite to get these Kote. ([email protected])
RE: I know the secret.
# Jul 20 2004 at 10:47 AM Rating: Decent
21 posts
I will definately find u ;)

I dont want anything to do with the $ making aspect,
I just want the kote to wear!

Thank you in advance ;)
Camp Bots
# Jul 20 2004 at 8:22 AM Rating: Excellent
With my static pt being stuck at lvl 50 for a while, i decided to camp for the Kote last sunday. I stock up on a few hi-potions and head over. About an hour into the exercise Mee pops in front of me. Claimed. I've read a lot about advanced JP pop times and bots, so i decided to continue waiting. The high level JP player who got the claim, just left to fight the other NM and came back 5 mins before the second Mee pop. Once again, it pops in front of me claimed.

Being a patient guy, i decide to just let it slide and hope he leaves. By that time, an extra 4 or 5 campers come into the picture and that little ring starts to become quite crowded(up to 10 ppl at one point). Being determined to get Mee this time, i make a quick fix to my Chi Blast macro and i decide to start mashing my macro button at the estimated time for the Mee pop. Pops in front of me. Again. Claimed. Again. Knowing that this was bull**** seeing that i was an inch away from it when it popped, i decide to do some button mashing on regular yagudo pops.

I managed to get one in two hours, and on that one time, a bewildered samurai cried out: "Hey, my thing didn't work!". This is where i started thinking: "Shananigans!"

To make a long story short, 10 hours later and 5 lost Mee pops i decide to vent my frustration out on my LS mates. My drk friend replied quite casually: "You'll never win it. They have illegal software that spams the voke command 10 times a second" Disgusted, i left the Castle. I decided to check the user agreement before filing a complaint against half a dozen people that i've seen pulling faster than the eye can see only to discover that it doesn't cover alterations to code, only "unacceptable behavior". In other words, GM's don't want to hear whining about bots even though they are officially banned from the game.

Not only am i angered by the fact that i can't even get a chance to fight Mee to get equipment that i'll actually use (as opposed to certain players boasting about their 5/8 records for Kote drops), but i'm also extremely disappointed at SE for allowing this kind of crap to continue. An easy fix would be to make certain NM drops rare/ex or questable(like the mnk belts), but i guess i'll just have to farm for the next few weeks and buy the damn Kote's from someone who probably doesn't deserve the drop.

Edited, Tue Jul 20 09:23:50 2004
RE: Camp Bots
# Jul 21 2004 at 3:07 PM Rating: Decent
It's pretty sad that people do this -- far worse that Square allows it (esp. in a game that has a monthly fee.)

I've had so many people tell me that Square really ins't gonna boot or suspend any accounts because frankly they'd rather have the income.

Of all the complaints I've heard about, I only learned about one that actually resulted in the player getting booted from the game. That player (the one who had been booted) apparently made certain threats which were actually of a pretty violent nature.

RE: Camp Bots
# Jul 27 2004 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
Do you realize what a lie this is? recently I read on the squenix/POL site that they have over 1000000 registered copys, or something like that, so guess how much money that is? lets assume that everyone has ONE character, for argument's sake, they are raking in a cool 13 mil each month, not to mention the fact that most of these accounts are JP, and that most JPs have 3-4 content ID's, and nowhere is Tetra Master added in, which is surely neglible compared to the main FF subscriptions. so i figure with the JP's extra characters, and with TM added in they are easily making more than 15 million a MONTH.

i bet they are in the red ink still, too ;D
Level Needed?
# Jul 19 2004 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
218 posts
Do you think that a Lv40 SAM could solo Mee Deggi? or would I just get destroyed by 100 Fists?
RE: Level Needed?
# Jul 19 2004 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
Youd get slaughtered, from what im told you need at least level 55
# Jul 17 2004 at 11:11 PM Rating: Decent
218 posts
Camped for 7 1/2 hours...popped 4 times and got it once with help...but this was after the THF with TH2 left, so I didn't get the drop -_-. Any help would be cool! (Siren Server)
# Jul 15 2004 at 8:52 PM Rating: Decent
Muahaha. Just got the Emperor Hairpin this morning, so these will be mine, hopefully tonight sometime! Whee!
RE: Yes!
# Jul 16 2004 at 12:16 AM Rating: Decent
Yup. Just got 'em. I am a happy little Galka.
# Jul 14 2004 at 10:29 PM Rating: Decent
218 posts
Can a 55PLD solo this? And also can a 32SAM and 41PLD party kill it?
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