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Mythril Sword
(Sword) All Races
DMG:21 DLY:231
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Found in Areas:
Sold by Merchants for about 31648 - 35776 gil:Notes:
Can be obtained by fishing in Qufim Isle.

Guild Level: Novice

Exceptional Results can be: Mythril Sword +1

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Used in Recipes:

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The Legendary Mythril
# Jun 23 2008 at 6:24 PM Rating: Decent
A definite improvement over Bronze and Iron Sword as it is made of the legendary mythril
# Jul 05 2004 at 4:14 PM Rating: Decent
can also be obtained by fishing - caught one in Lower Jueno
RE: info
# Mar 11 2005 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent
558 posts
what lvl fishing skill? or are u just lucky as hell?
RE: info
# Apr 27 2005 at 6:17 PM Rating: Decent
421 posts
I caught quite a few of these while I was skill up fishing in Qufim on the cliff to the left of the Jeuno entrance. I went from 54-65 fishing there, I need to fish more been busy with Alchemy lately.
RE: info
# Sep 19 2006 at 9:56 AM Rating: Decent
I also caught one of these while fishing in Batallia Downs as a lvl 18 fisher + fishing gear. I was fishing with a Halcyon Rod and Minnow lure. That being said, I fished for 3 game days and only got one.
Mythril Sword VS. Centurion's Sword
# Jun 17 2004 at 1:56 AM Rating: Decent
If you already have a Centurion's sword don't sell it for a mythril sword....cuz Ctr's sword is by far way better than a Mythril sword.
# Mar 22 2004 at 5:48 PM Rating: Decent
808 posts
bought it for about 7k on Quetzalcoatl
# Jan 09 2004 at 6:38 AM Rating: Default
how much for the myth sword
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