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Bastokan Knuckles
(Hand-to-Hand) All Races
DMG+5 DLY+86
HP+2 MP+2
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Guild Level: Recruit

Exceptional Results can be: Republic Knuckles

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# Aug 03 2007 at 1:24 PM Rating: Excellent
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Information from someone who makes these
# Jul 07 2004 at 12:24 PM Rating: Default
The recipes on this site are correct for Bastokan gear. The price to get skill level to make Bastokan gear if you are lazy and want to buy all compents is roughly 50K. (If you sell everything you make at AH price). It is about this point that GS will start to turn a profit. I made this gear when I hit GS skill level 18 at roughly a 1/15 failure rate with advanced synthesis support. If you want me to make if for you for a reasonable price I am on the Pandemonium server. E-mail me at Spytotheboy@excite.com. The exception result for all Bastokan gear is Republican gear. (Hence why they have the same recipe.) Had one exception result ever. After making 15 brass hairpins, I made a +1 hairpin on the 16th one. I made a Bastokan Subligar (GS skill 23) at GS 18. So it is possible to make gear that is 5 levels higher than your own at least. Only made one so don't know the failure rate. Any other questions?

RE: Information from someone who makes these
# Sep 01 2004 at 11:02 AM Rating: Decent
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The recipes on this site are correct for Bastokan gear.

Yes, the recipes are correct, but I have yet to find one with the correct skill cap on this site. The cap for this item, as well as a few of the other low level ones is 25. This includes the subligar you said was 23. Note also that not all bastokan gear has the same skill cap (good luck making Bastokan Cuisses at your level.) Generally speaking if the item involves an upgrade with BRASS the cap is 25.
How to get
# Jul 04 2004 at 12:58 PM Rating: Decent
You talk to guards that would cast signet on you, they are found at the exits of town, use your CP to obtain Leggionaire's Knuckles a Rank 2 Bastok item (costs 2000 CP if you're from Bastok, 4000 if you're from Windurst or San'doria) You make Leggionaire's Knuckles into Bastokan Knuckles with the recipe shown at top:
Fire Crystal
Brass Ingot x1
Legionnaire's Knuckles x1
or you can buy the completed item from the AH.
RE: How to get
# Sep 08 2004 at 2:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Legionarie's Knuckles are a rank 1 items, so price is 1k/2k for them.
# Jun 23 2004 at 3:31 AM Rating: Decent
I have a question, I'm a lvl 16 Galka Monk and I can't chose between the San d'Orian cesti and the Bastokan knuckles. Do you know which one is better for my character?
RE: Question
# Jul 04 2004 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
I like Sandiorian Cesti myself, but it is preference. They both work fine.
Ive got em
# Mar 04 2004 at 10:42 AM Rating: Decent
I bought mine for AH for like 3,000gil. The work great.
# Jan 30 2004 at 8:42 PM Rating: Default
I kno that 2 STR epuals 1 ATK but how do u measure damage?
The Set
# Jan 05 2004 at 8:32 PM Rating: Default
It'd be a nice to have a set of Bastokan Armor - the level requirement is so low and the boosts you get from them are great. As a newbie - I doubt I'll sell enough crystals to pay for the 20k Body Suit.

Might as well try though, this armor would last me for a while.
Where to find Bastok/SanD/Wind Items
# Jan 05 2004 at 9:13 AM Rating: Decent
209 posts
These Items are crafted. This is the only way I know of to obtain them. I've never seen them for sale anywhere other than the AH and a person's bazaar. I've not a clue what the crafting recipe is, but I have seen high levels synthesize them in Jeuno.
not cp
# Jan 04 2004 at 9:53 PM Rating: Default
conquest points isn't how you get them.
# Jan 04 2004 at 9:52 PM Rating: Default
why doesn't anyone know where to get these? i've seen one on the AH but can't find any other info on them.
# Dec 20 2003 at 11:30 PM Rating: Default
i think u can trade them for your Conquest points at the gatekeeper
where to get
# Nov 20 2003 at 5:40 PM Rating: Default
where do you get the bastokan, sandorian, kingdom items?? is it from drop for certain enemy? where and what kind? or can you buy them other than AH?
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